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Chapter 47: Collaboration

 Chapter 47: Collaboration

Translator: Nyoi_Bo_Studio Editor: Tennesh

"When did Anfey leave? Why did not you tell me?" Christian yelled at Zubin.

"He... He..." Zubin slowly fell on the table, snoring slightly. What Jesse had taken out was Spirit Red Wine, which tasted sweet at first, but had quite a punch at the end. Zubin was now drunk.

"You... Alas!" Christian sighed. After hearing that Anfey had left, Christian had sobered up a little. Looking around, he saw that most of students were drunk. They were either sleeping soundly on the table or leaning back against their chairs like dead people. This was ridiculous!

"Christian, you... I told you!" Jesse slurred, his eyes sleepy. He said, "Making friends... with you, it was Jesse's... honor! If you come to Tasha City later, do not... forget to come and see me. Come on, let's have another glass!" Jesse raised his glass up. He wasn't even able to hold his glass still, and his wobbling caused half the glass of wine to spill out.

"I cannot drink anymore." Christian shook his head. He had only drunk one glass so far. It was not because he didn't know how to drink or had no desire to drink, but because he could not drink. This situation did not allow him to drink anymore.

Jesse stopped persuading him to drink more when he saw that Christian was very firm about it. He threw himself on the chair with a loud banging sound, searching his shirt for a while. He took out a small crystal box. "Chri... Christian, we will be apart tomorrow. I feel... sad. I am only a little businessman. I do not have a lot of good stuff. If... you... do not... mind, please take this."

"Jesse, your thoughts are what count, I can't accept this." Christian smiled.

"It is a great magic tool for a mage." Jesse opened the box. "Look... take a look!"

Christian had decided not to take anything from him, but he glanced at it out of curiosity. It was a crystal with black and white stripes. It was a rare one and seemed to constantly give out swirling sparkles. After that one glance, Christian started to look confused.

Suddenly, a sharp pain behind his head made Christian sober up. Christian became alert and angry. He reached out for his magic wand, but he was whacked behind his head before he could do anything with his wand. He fell helplessly down to the floor.

"Hurry up! Move! Tie them up!" Jesse's drunkenness was gone, replaced with excitement and passion. "Hurry up, there are three more mages upstairs we have to handle!"

At this time, a student, who either felt the urge to pee or had a bad dream, shook his head and opened his eyes slowly. He saw Jesse giving orders and a group of businessmen and bodyguards holding weapons, standing there with vicious looks. He gasped with shock and was ready to yell for help. A bodyguard saw him waking up and tossed a fishing spear at him immediately. The spear struck the student's neck. That poor student fell upside down with his arms and legs swinging in the air. He struggled a few times and then stopped moving.

"Bastard! F*cking Bastard!" Jesse was so angry that he jumped on one foot and yelled. "Do you know how much money Philips offered? Each live one is worth 200 gold coins, but a dead one is only 100 gold coins! You f*cking made me lose 100 gold coins. I am going to kill you!" Jesse's honest and kind look became an angry and vicious one.

"But, he was just..." that bodyguard argued.

Jesse slapped his face. "But what!"

"Jesse, calm down. Our priority is to get the mages upstairs!" a businessman said with a trembling voice. If he were in charge, he would never think of having anything to do with mages. Jesse was a person who would do anything for money. The businessman had finally decided to follow Jesse, since Jesse depicted a bright future for him, which was really tempting.

"I will get you for that later!" Jesse gave that bodyguard a dirty look. He turned around and said, "Pierre, you take two people and watch them. Remember, do not let them use magic. If anyone doesn't listen to you, cut off their hands and feet, just as long as they still breath. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir!" A bodyguard leader nodded with an excited look on his face. A live one was worth 200 gold coins from Philips. How many gold coins could they get from these people? Even when he worked very hard for a year, he would only get three or four gold coins at most. This action was definitely worth the risk!

Not long after, everybody, including the unconscious Christian, was tied up. The businessmen's bodyguards were experienced with tying people up. They were careful not to wake anyone. There were only two students who woke up from their light drunkenness. The two students did not dare to make any sound when they saw the light reflecting off the swords on their necks.

"Boss, how about that woman?" a bodyguard asked.

"She is a princess. How could she drink with us?" Jesse gave a sinister smirk. "I did send her two bottles of wine. She should have passed out."

"I see." A bodyguard looked out the side door.

"I am warning you," Jesse said, suddenly remembering something. "If I guessed right, that girl should be the daughter of Archmage Saul. Don't even think about it!"

"Boss, we wouldn't do anything to her. We just want to look at her and feel her skin. Is that okay?" that bodyguard asked without any shame.

"No f*cking touching! Go home and touch your mother, f*cker!" Jesse said angrily. "What kind of women can you not get when we get our rewards? I will cut off your hands and feed them to dogs if you dare to bother her!"

"Boss, I am just saying..." That bodyguard looked down sulkily.

"Okay, you guys stay here watching them, the rest of you follow me upstairs!" Jesse waved.

There were only four bodyguards left in the cafeteria. They knew about the huge difference in ability, so they didn't dare to slack. With their eyes wide open, they watched the students on the floor.

The two sober students received special treatment, but they could not do anything to help. A mage's hands were the necessary agents for turning invisible, moving elements into visible magic. A person without arms could still be a swordsman, fighting with two legs. However, he could never be a mage, because he would not be able to use magic. Senior mages and archmages might be able to use their mind power as the agent to turn elements into magic, but the students were only intermediate mages, they were too far away from being archmages. There was no way for them to use magic without a visible agent.

A cold air spread upward from Zubin. It had been humid in the cabin, so when it became colder, the moisture in the air froze into frost with an unnoticeable speed.

"How come I feel a little bit cold?" A bodyguard looked around.

"Yeah, I felt it too," another bodyguard said.

"You guys stay here. I am going to get a coat."

"You bastard! You are still thinking about that woman, aren't you? Don't forget the boss's words. We cannot bother her!"

"What are you talking about? I really feel cold," that bodyguard muttered and turned around, walking out the side door.

With the cold weather, the floor started to be covered by a thin layer of frost. The sleeping students started to wake up one by one, and even the unconscious ones frowned and struggled to open their eyes. When everyone realized they had been tied up, they were startled and tried to break through their bindings.

"Do not f*cking move!" A bodyguard held out a metal stick immediately, smacking the head of one student. Blood immediately oozed out from that student's head. "Did you not hear me? If anyone moves, I will cut off his hands and feet!" He finished talking but was still afraid the students didn't believe him. He lifted up that student's leg with one hand, threw away the metal stick, grabbed a sword with the other hand, and swung the sword at that student's leg.

He didn't use much strength, but the sword was very sharp and had already cut deep into that student's leg. Blood oozed out, and the student huffed and passed out. It was getting colder, but it still could not wake him up within a short period of time.

All the struggles stopped under the threat of the bloody scene. No one dared to make a move anymore. Everyone had different look on their faces. Some students looked desperate, some stared at the bodyguards with anger, and some looked around, looking for people or opportunities. Christian bit his lips hard in regret, like a knife stabbing his heart. How could regret help him at this moment? Riska and Blavi trembled slightly. They were not scared but were trembling with rage. To the right, a fellow killed by a fishing spear; in front, a poor guy laying in blood with only one leg left. All of this deeply enraged them.

"F*ck!" A bodyguard wiped the cold sweat off his forehead when he saw it was finally under their control. What just happened scared him. He did not understand why they started to wake up one after another. If the situation got worse, he would have to run into the crowd with his sword. Even if the rewards would be reduced to half, they had to kill these students. It was still better than being killed.

Those three bodyguards did not see the lid of the wine bucket quietly lift up. Anfey stepped out of the wine bucket without making any noise. It was not only Christian who was regretting, everyone wished they could go back to the time when Anfey recruited them into the legion. They wished they had agreed with Anfey on the plan and killed these businessmen and their bodyguards!

Due to the angle, everyone was able to see Anfey appearing out of nowhere. Most people instantly showed excitement on their faces. Anfey sighed inside. What were the odds of being able to train these immature kids into powerful people who could fight on their own? They did not even know how to work together! With so many people looking at him, they were sending a warning to the enemy!

"What do you really want?" Christian suddenly yelled out. "Money? I can give you money! A thousand gold coins? Five thousands gold coins? If you set us free, I can give you ten thousand gold coins. Ten thousand!"

Those three bodyguards were shocked by Christian and held up their weapons instinctively. After hearing what Christian said, they relaxed. Of course, their attention was on Christian, because ten thousand gold coins... Oh my god! These kids were rich!