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Chapter 41: An Omnipotent God

 Chapter 41: An Omnipotent God

Translator: Nyoi_Bo_Studio Editor: Tennesh

Anfey was supposed to be happy after being saved at a dangerous time, but the one who did a nice thing for Anfey was anonymous. He disappeared in the dark with no desire for fame or wealth. It was a respectful demeanor. However, Anfey did not feel happy at all.

Seeing Zeda bullying and stirring things up on purpose, Anfey had a weird feeling that Prince Wester did not want to make the situation too serious. Judging by the way Zeda had acted, he must have been told to do so or been involved in some conspiracy. What Zeda did would anger both Saul and Wester, and he wouldn't be able to get anything from either side. Who would benefit from it if things became bad? There should be a third person! Being saved was not always a good thing. Who knew whether the person who saved Anfey came here by following him or the knights? Which side was he on? It even proved that the person who saved Anfey wanted to use Saul's students to do something.

"Anfey, did you see who helped us?" Christian quickly walked towards Anfey.

"No." Anfey shook his head.

Seven knights quietly laid there. Some of them did not even have the shape of a human body anymore. Even the mature and confident Christian became panicked. He frowned. "Necromancer?" His eyes were looking at the two rotten bodies.

Anfey walked up slowly, picked up a string of clothing, and moved back a few steps. He stopped breathing for a moment before bringing the piece of clothing close to his nose and taking a breath. The first scent was a slight cosmetic fragrance, followed by a disgusting rotting smell. Anfey didn't know that the clothing came from the rotten body not far from him.

Anfey was in thought for a moment. He tossed the piece of clothing away, walked to the carriage, and jumped into it.

"Anfey, do we... continue forward?" Niya asked in a low voice. She had been in danger several times today. Her heart was numb.

Anfey asked, "No, who is familiar with the nearby roads? We should turn to the south now."

"We should continue to Green City. There's a crossroads to the south that is not far from Green City. After passing the crossroads, keep going straight. There we will find the city of Baidah, where we can take a boat at the ferry. The boat will take us down to Lagan, which is only a few miles away from Forest Clarm," Zubin said.

Everyone's eyes were on Zubin. He never had the chance to talk that much in one breath. It surprised everybody a little bit.

Anfey did not hesitate for a bit. He nodded. "Alright, let's take the route Zubin told us. Zubin, do you know how to drive a carriage?"


"Can you take over the carriage to let Miss Niya get some rest?"

Zubin held out his hands without any words, and Niya quietly passed the horse whip to Zubin and went inside the carriage. She actually felt a little tired.

"Zubin, how long does it take to get to Green City?" Anfey asked.

"We can get there before dusk if we do not stop on the way."

"Can you get us there?"

"No problem."

"Then let's go." Anfey took attention away from the surroundings in the dark. His sensing ability was limited. If the nice "powerful" person chose to follow them, there was no way Anfey would know where he was hiding. Saul had said that one's sensing ability depended on how strong their focus was. He needed to spend a lot more time practicing his focus later on. He had read a lot of magic books about it, but never found any specific training techniques for it. Mages improved their focus naturally through meditation. Right! Meditation...


In the palace on Mount St. Brunswick, on the first floor under the arch, a man and woman lay together on a bed in a bedroom. Their position was flirty. The woman's long legs wrapped around the guy's waist. She moved like she could not take any more sensations, moaning quietly. The guy reached his hand into her shirt while squeezing her round and curvy butt with his other hand.

A maid walked in. "My lord, Mr. Brufit wants to see you."

"This stupid guy..." That man muttered and sat up. He was Wester, the prince of the Maho Empire. He got off the bed and grabbed the crystal ball on the end table. He shook his head and bent down to take out a cup from under the end table, slamming it onto the wall. The cup crashed into the wall. Wester yelled with full strength, "Get out! All of you! I do not want to see any of you!"

Wester sounded furious, but his face had a smile. He winked at the maid after the yell.

That maid stuck her tongue out and walked out obediently.

"Haha... my lord, this is my first time seeing your temper, like that of a little kid. It was fun."

"I do not care if you think I am a kid or not. I do care if Brufit treats me like a kid." Wester said flatly.

"I am curious, my majesty. Aren't you worried? Philip was irritated. If he had any conflict with Archmage Saul, the Maho Empire would be greatly affected. Your throne... might experience some changes."

"Are you trying to find out my secrets?" Wester laughed.

"No, I am just curious. I will take back my words if you do not want to talk about it."

"You think too much." Wester laid down on the bed, touching her hair affectionately. "I can tell you if you want to know."

"Sure," the woman said with a smile. She was very pretty, with long light-green hair resting on her fair breasts. This temptation could not be described with words. Her small chin, snow-white teeth, the blush on her cheeks, the fine sweat on the tip of her nose, and a pair of big and clear eyes all gave out an innocent feeling.

"I made a mistake with Brufit. I did not want him to have any suspicion of me so I didn't send anyone to watch him. I didn't expect him to become familiar with Zeda in such a short time. He was also able to ask Zeda to work for him. Haha... but there is no time for regret." Wester was saying something which should make him unhappy, but he had a big smile on his face, as if he wasn't aware of the serious consequences involved. He affectionately kissed the woman's forehead.

"You underestimated Brufit too much." The woman put her face in Wester's hand. She looked satisfied, but was very nervous inside. The more time she spent with Wester, the more mature, cunning, and shrewd she found him to be. She could not control her nervousness when she was alone with Wester. Even when the looks on Wester's face were full of love and affection, she could not believe what she saw. Men like Wester only loved themselves and only cared about power; they weren't able to fall in love with anyone. She was confident in her look, but she knew who Wester was.

"It is the opposite. I overestimated Brufit too much," Wester said in a helpless tone.

"Huh?" The woman opened her eyes wide. She did not understand Wester.

"I did something before, hoping to get attention from Brufit. In fact, I failed."

"What was it?"

"Miorich was asked to take command of the Sacred City Garrison. I spent half a day to gain his trust and convinced him to take my orders unconditionally. If you heard about this, how would you see me?" Wester smiled.

"I will watch you more carefully and reevaluate your ability," the woman replied.

"I told Brufit in a showing-off tone that Miorich was willing to take my orders. I thought he would realize that he needed be careful of what he was doing. That idiot only had that boring plan on his mind. It was so disappointing."

"But... it already happened. You have to fix it!"

"Fix it? Why would I need to fix it?"

"Philip is a master swordsman with a hot temper. Three of his students have also reached the level of master swordsmen. If he has any conflict with Saul, no matter which side has casualties, it would be a huge loss to the empire!"

"Haha... My baby, not long ago, we were discussing how to deal with your brother in the negotiation. Didn't it sound familiar?"

"Your majesty, are you... insulting me?" The woman's face changed.

"No, no, no, baby, you still have that problem, thinking too much. I was just stating a fact. If the ties of family members and friendships can be changed at anytime, would the relationship between teacher and student last forever?" Wester smiled. "You think there are four master swordsmen under Philips. To me, there is only one. This is the difference between us."

"Do you think... Philip's students would betray him?"

"Of course, the key is how much I can offer them and whether what I offered was worth them betraying their teacher. Huh... I sort of hate the word "betray." I think they might feel the same way. What if Philip became a traitor? They would become heroes if they could kill their teacher for their country!"

Wester smiled. "Baby, do you understand now? This is the advantage of being a king. If you have the ultimate power of interpretation, you are an omnipotent god!"