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Chapter 37: Collections

 Chapter 37: Collections

Translator: Nyoi_Bo_Studio Editor: Tennesh

"Anfey, what do you have planned?" Christian asked.

Anfey waved, suggesting that Christian follow him to the other side. Today's events were too sudden, so Anfey didn't have a plan prepared yet.

"Christian, take a few people to the lab and take as many things as possible. Here... It seems we cannot come back anytime soon," Anfey said.

"All of them?" Christian smiled. "Do you think we are all like you and have a one-of-a-kind dimensional ring?"

"Well, take the important or precious things with you, and be careful. There might still be some of Zeda's people left!" Anfey sighed. "As for the plan, we will talk about it when we leave the Sacred City."

"Okay." Christian nodded and then took a few students to the lab in the backyard.

"Zubin!" Anfey called, turning around.

Zubin strode over, looking inquiringly at Anfey. He was not used to talking too much, and now was no different.

"You go and get the carriage ready, and then take two people with you and bring Blavi to the carriage, ah... How many carriages do we have?" After all, Anfey had not been here too long, so he didn't know much about Saul's properties.

"Four. One belongs to the Professor, one belongs to Miss Niya, and the other two are-" Riska said.

"I know." Anfey nodded and interrupted Riska. Right now, he needed to make full use of every minute. He didn't have to know about all the carriages. "Four carriages, get them ready."

Zubin nodded and patted a student's shoulder, and they walked out of the living room with together.

"Riska, where are the housekeepers?"

"They should have been locked up."

"You take a person to find them, set them... free, so they will suffer from our involvement."


"What about me? You got me into trouble-" Troick barked. Before he even finished, Niya punched his heart. Troick squatted down in pain and couldn't make a sound.

Niya was really frightened. She was scared of a sudden reversal of fate. She was afraid of the ruthless Anfey, but she wouldn't be afraid of Troick in any way. When she saw Troick screaming for no reason, she certainly taught him a lesson.

At this point, from the backyard suddenly came a strong wave of magic fluctuations. Anfey shouted, "Sante, you take the rest and go help Christian immediately!"

"Come with me!" Sante called out, as he took the lead toward the outside of the living room with the rest of the students following behind him.

After experiencing this crisis, the students subconsciously considered Anfey to be the leader of the group. When they heard Anfey successively issue orders, no one raised any doubts. From the current situation, this small group was pretty stable.

"Christian will not have trouble, right?" Niya exposed a worried look.

"No." Anfey shook his head. Niya was their focus, so the strongest person in the group must be responsible for protecting Niya. The other people were nothing but small fries. Anyhow, Christian was a mage. Fighting against a group of small fries, he should be more than enough.

"Anfey, I... can I trust you?" Niya timidly asked. Looking very erratic, Niya avoided making eye contact with Anfey.

"This is also my doubt." Anfey smiled. In fact, he could've chosen to escape alone, disregarding the others' lives. His survival rate would be increased, but a man should always have some morals. Saul was very fond of him and trusted him. If he just ran away by himself in this case... he would be letting Saul down. How could he face Saul in person later on?

"You... what do you mean?"

"Miss Niya, to be honest, you are not a qualified swordswoman," Anfey said lightly.

"You! I was not ready, so I was caught by them! If I..."

"If you had worn those magic guards, you could beat the opponent, right?" Anfey shook his head. "If you rely on external forces, you will never become a master swordswoman!" Ernest and Anfey had previously held a conversation about Niya. If Niya could use every possible magic tool, along with her courage and combat power, she could compete with a junior swordmaster. But if Niya only had a regular straight sword, she would become an ordinary intermediate-level swordswoman. Winning was uncertain if she competed with opponents of the same level because she was lacking too many skills.

In Anfey's view, elderly people could be pampered, but if a child was too spoiled, he or she could be ruined! Niya was an example of this!

Niya blushed, lowering her head without a word.

"I am not trying to be mean. Please don't take it the wrong way." Anfey showed a smile.

Niya pondered for a long while with her head down. Then, as if she had made a decision, said, "Anfey, come with me!"

"Ah?" Anfey was a little surprised.

Niya walked outside without any explanation.

They went to Saul's bedroom. Niya bent over, searching for something behind the chair. With some gurgling sounds, a small tunnel appeared on the wall across from the bed corner. The tunnel would allow someone to pass through by crouching down.

Anfey looked very calm. In fact, he had thought about it earlier. Yagor, who stayed alone on the island, had so many possessions that it took Anfey a whole week to bury them all. As a court archmage, Saul's collections should be way beyond Yagor's! It was a good opportunity for Niya to reveal a secret, as Anfey had sent others away on assignments, leaving her alone.

"Come with me and be careful." Niya turned her head and said to Anfey, then turned into the black tunnel.

Anfey also followed Niya through the black tunnel. The tunnel didn't seem too long, as the door appeared to be only six or seven meters away, but Anfey didn't reach the door even after taking more than 20 steps. There were numerous stars in all directions, and the tunnel becoming blurred, gradually being covered by an endless darkness which made Anfey feel like he was walking through space. If he couldn't see Niya's figure, he wouldn't have dared to move forward.

"We are here!" Niya opened the door, a light red radiance appearing inside. The stars gradually faded in the light, and the tunnel became clearly visible.

Anfey had done a lot of mental preparation, but he still felt shocked! On the desk, the Chasm Dragon Crystal exuded a mysterious light. It seemed that, after the last incident, Saul was worried that the magic crystal would be stolen again, causing unnecessary trouble, so he specifically hid it here. There was a row of silver frames similar to the supermarket on the left and right side of the room. The top of the left silver frame was filled with magic scrolls in good condition. From the turbulent and horrifying magic fluctuations, Anfey did not think he could escape from any of the scrolls' attacks. The bottom of the silver frame was filled with dozens of small boxes. Anfey walked closer and picked one up, finding that it was made of Magic-Concealing Crystal. Anfey opened a box and found a light-blue magic crystal in it. Anfey had learned how to identify magic crystals. From its color and magic fluctuations, this was a one of a kind magic crystal! In fact, he did not need to identify them. Obviously, nothing that Saul collected here would be worthless.

"Magic crystals of different elements should not be placed together, otherwise they will cause a chain reaction," Niya whispered.

Marvelous! Anfey praised from the bottom of his heart. After the death of Yagor, three to five unique magic crystals were left behind, but now, Saul really had even more possessions! Putting aside the magic crystals, if he just sold the crystal boxes he wouldn't need to worry about money for the rest of his life.

"What is this?" Anfey saw a magic scroll placed separately on the top of the silver shelf, wrapped in an unknown leather, which seemed to really stand out.

"This is the Vacuum Confinement Scroll. Be careful and don't touch it! Many years ago, there were only three Vacuum Confinement Scrolls left in the Pan Continent. Now, this is the only one, as the other two are nowhere to be found."

Anfey carefully took the scroll down, looking it over. The magic fluctuations were not very strong, but with a kind of hidden nature. Anfey suddenly found it familiar, like he should have seen it somewhere. Pondering for a moment, Anfey finally recalled that it was at Yagor's place! Fortunately, he was very cautious at that time and buried the things he didn't understand. Otherwise he would regret it if they were casually discarded.

No one would think Yagor also had some real goods ah! Anfey laughed inside his heart while he turned his eyes to the right silver shelf. There were all kinds of magic books: some thick, some thin, some very old which seemed to have not been read for many years, and some that were only a few sheets of paper. But from his analysis of Saul's attitude, the information recorded on those pieces must be very important.

In the center of the wall in front of Anfey, there hung four magic wands. The leftmost magic wand was reddish, inlaid with a red magic crystal. It was obviously a fire magic wand. The second magic wand from the left was a bit strange, covered with a black and white circle pattern that looked like a silver ring snake. The third magic wand looked a little bit better than Anfey's. The one Anfey had was made purely of wood, with no magic crystal, while this one was like a piece of a grindstone with a very rough surface, with no splendor or magic crystal. The fourth magic wand was translucent, a light glow showing from time to time, and the handle looked like a hideous monster, like... the dragon in the books Anfey read in the library!

Niya opened her mouth but didn't saying anything. She knew the value of the four magic wands. Each one of them was a priceless, eye-catching treasure. She was afraid... afraid that Anfey would become greedy.

There was a magic robe hanging on each side of the magic wands. One was pale yellow, looked very refined. The other one was dark, ah... more spiritual. Based on Anfey's current understanding, he could only make such an analysis. If he did not put them on and use a few magics, he could not understand the real power of these two magic robes.