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Chapter 36: Escape Route

 Chapter 36: Escape Route

Translator: Nyoi_Bo_Studio Editor: Tennesh

Anfey dashed forward with sword in hand, lunging towards the mage like a preying leopard. The mage's reaction was just as Anfey had expected-he stepped aside, levitated, and then shot a few dozen blades of wind toward Anfey. Putting aside the fact that this intermediate mage could consecutively cast two spells, the ability to generate that many wind blades all at once demonstrated his unique and powerful magical prowess.

Anfey, however, totally overlooked the wind blades and continued charging forward. Christian and the rest were cold with fear toward Anfey. Most of them were still stunned, but even the few that were able to wrap their heads around the situation couldn't help Anfey. The anti-magic bracelets had restricted their magic, so none of them could do anything.

When the wind blades were less than two meters away, Anfey bent backwards. The blades grazed his body and planted themselves in the wall behind him.

The mage did not seem to get worried after the blades missed their target. He started chanting a spell. Those wind blades were mainly to keep the enemy from getting close; his most threatening skills would be ready after the chant finished.

Anfey was still dashing forward and had reached his maximum speed. After dodging the blades, he did not slow down. He was used to these kinds of movements. Maintaining his momentum, he continued gliding forward while keeping his body close to the ground.

Although his speed now could not compare to his speed when he was running, it was still faster than the intermediate mage's levitation. As Anfey reached the mage, who only floated about a man's height off the ground, he jumped up and slashed the man's leg off, like a hot knife going through butter. No one could maintain control of their magic under such pain. The mage screamed in agony and fell to the ground like a stone. Anfey pulled his sword up and left a fatal wound on the man's neck.

Then he turned around and swiped his sword toward Niya's neck, as if he wanted to cut her head off.

The senior swordsman behind Niya was greatly frightened. He dragged Niya backwards while holding his sword up to fend off Anfey. But how could he foresee Anfey's cunning attack? In no time at all, Anfey changed from swiping at Niya to pointing at the swordsman. He grazed Niya's neck and planted the tip of the sword right into the swordsman's throat.

Zeda's men were horrified. They had seen killing before, but nothing like this. In the blink of an eye, the battle was already over. Their superiors were bloodily slain one after another by Anfey, yet no one could even recall exactly how they lost their lives. However, no one backed off. Zeda was still holding his face screaming in pain. They had to retrieve Zeda if they wanted to live.

The men were holding up their swords, forming a half circle around Anfey as they approached him. He was pleasantly surprised, as he had expected at least one would be sent away to fetch help. Had they done so, Anfey would have had more trouble going forward. Thankfully, the circumstances were favorable for Anfey.

Niya was still in shock, terrified by what Anfey had just done. She subconsciously believed that Anfey wanted to kill her because she had offended him in the past.

Anfey pushed Niya away and shook his sword, waiting quietly. Zeda's men had surrounded Anfey, and they were all staring at him. None of them wanted to make the first move, though; they were all hoping their peers would initiate the attack.

Suddenly a mage's chant echoed in the living room. Anfey was nervous for a split second before recognizing Christian's voice. He breathed a sigh of relief and took a few steps back. The anti-magic bracelet on Christian's wrist had fallen off. Niya was now busy with Riska's bracelet. Obviously, Niya was the one who had released Christian.

Anfey was used to being alone and had forgotten about how powerful a dozen mages would be. Luckily, they had not forgotten about themselves. After Niya had been pushed away, Christian quietly asked Niya to help to get rid of the bracelet.

Zeda's group looked desperate. Anfey himself was horrifying enough, and now he had an entire squad of mages with him. It was impossible to win!

Christian held Anfey's magic wand and pounded it against the ground. A half circle of lightning began spreading across. When the lightning was about to reach Anfey, it carved a gap for him, as if it knew him, and then closed the gap to stun Zeda's men. Luckily, although Anfey's wand was almost useless, Christian himself was a junior mage whose magic was powerful even without a wand.

Zeda's men writhed in the lightning. They had combat power to protect themselves, but Christian didn't intent to hurt them with magic. Anfey's target was Zeda, and Christian's job was simply to immobilize Zeda's protectors.

Anfey smiled with praise. He jumped up quietly, swiping across the men with his sword. As Anfey was on his way back to Christian, the men were already falling to the ground. The lightning magic had only delayed them for a few seconds, but it was more than enough.

Anfey dropped the sword, his eyes flashed, and he kicked at the sword hilt. The long sword pierced through the air and planted into Zeda. Finally, the world was quiet...

Anfey's movements were very graceful. He had not intended to show off. This was just how he would normally act. Usually, after an assassination, the assassin would take the weapon away. However, sometimes Anfey would leave the weapon, if it was necessary. If the police investigated based on the weapons, they would find that they belonged to someone powerful enough to be out of the police force's reach. Well, from that point on, it would not be Anfey's business.

Anfey didn't expect to hear Zeda after he dropped his sword. That was why he chose to kick the sword and finish Zeda.

The room was so quiet that a pin drop could be heard. Everyone's eyes were on Anfey. They didn't know how to describe what they had just witnessed or how they felt about it, so they simply remained silent.

"You're insane!" one of the students cried. "You killed the Palace Guards! Palace Guards! We're going to be wanted by the empire!"

"Troick, I've already done it. So what do you want me to do now?" Anfey replied indifferently.

"Anfey, this is your problem," Troick shouted. "Go, turn yourself in. I don't want anything to do with this."

"Move," Riska said, shoving Troick aside. "Anfey, well done," he said, "but I want to know, what on earth are you? A mage or a swordsman?"

"Both," Anfey smiled, looking at Riska. Christian partnered with Anfey well, and he was also calm. Riska talked to him like a friend even after witnessing him killing a dozen men. And Zubin went to one of the bodies, rummaged through the pockets, found his stolen ring, and put it back on his finger. Anfey could tell all three had stories he didn't know about. The other students were either still in a daze, shaking with horror, or looking at Anfey with horror. Anfey was surprised how those three had handled their emotions.

"Why didn't you do something sooner?" Riska said, turning his gaze to their friend, Blavi, who was huddling on the ground, unconscious.

Anfey walked over and put his hand on his neck. "He's still alive."

"Really?" Christian hopped over and placed his hand outside of Blavi's lips. "He's breathing. Someone get the doctor!"

"Wait," Anfey said slowly. "Ernest. Has anyone seen him?"

They glanced at each other. Niya said fearfully, "No, no one had seen him for a while."

Niya had changed a lot. In the past, everyone tried their best to please her and accommodate her, and she had never experienced anything like this. She would never forget how terrifying Anfey was.

"For how long?"

"Since noon," Christian said.

"Know where he went?"

"Not that I'm aware of." Christian shook his head.

Anfey pressed his lips together. "We must make a decision. I am leaving the Sacred City. Anyone who wants to tag along is welcome, but you don't have to."

"Don't listen to that crazy person! He's going to lead us all to death!" Perhaps because Anfey's disguise was too successful, Troick dared to yell at Anfey, thinking that Anfey wouldn't hurt him.

"Hurry," Anfey said, ignoring him. "I am not going to hang around much longer."

"I'll go with you." Christian was the first one to join.

"And me," Zubin said lightly.

Soon, everyone except for Troick had made the decision to leave with Anfey. Things were pretty clear already. After killing so many people, the Empire would not let them go easily. Except for Anfey, everyone knew who Zeda was. Staying meant almost certain death.

After seeing Blavi being struck down, everyone had been enraged. Although Anfey's way of killing was brutal and terrifying, it made them feel better and eased their anger. Plus, Christian and Melinda had always been the center of attention of all the students. After Melinda left Saul, Christian became the one and only focal point. Christian's decision had great influence on the rest of the group.

"And me," Niya said frightfully. Sacred City was her home, her safe haven, but now, she was frightened and unsure. She needed to leave, and it was best to do it with someone she knew!