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Chapter 23: Shameful Opponent

 Chapter 23: Shameful Opponent

Translator: Nyoi_Bo_Studio Editor: Tennesh

"I never knew kids could behave like that as well!" Ernest sighed slightly and said, "In order to survive, people often maximize their potential, physically and emotionally. Kids your age are usually naive and innocent, but instead you learnt to scheme against each other."

Ernest thought of himself. After he had escaped from the trap set by Jerrofick, he managed to run for over one thousand miles with wounds all over his body. One day, he was so exhausted that he fell asleep on the way. When he opened his eyes, he found himself still walking, but with totally different surroundings from what he last remembered. He could not recognize where he was. He finally got the chance to ask an old farmer, and surprisingly found out he had travelled over 40 miles in his sleep!

He marveled at this experience every time he recalled it.

"Adversities leads to maturity." Anfey smiled.

"Then... how did you manage to be the last survivor? By luck?" Ernest asked slowly.

After a long pause, Anfey grinned. "Not completely by luck!"

"It seems that Saul and I were both deceived." Ernest let out a sigh. "However, I trust you. Want to know why?"


"When you found out you were set up by someone, you could have handed the magic crystal to me and let me handle the rest. That way, you could continue being this nice and innocent kid. You should know me well enough to believe that, knowing that you were framed, I would do whatever is needed to protect you." Ernest smiled. "But instead, you opened your heart to me. You showed me your other faces so I could understand you better. I am glad that I earned your trust."

"Uncle Ernest, the most blessed thing that happened to me in the past several years was coming across master and you!" Anfey beamed.

"If it was in the past, I would have believed what you just said. But now I have to question if you are flattering me or not." Ernest chuckled, shaking his head. "Anfey, whom did you learn your sword skills from?"

"Uncle Ernest, I am always honest with you. I learned them from the strange old gentleman in that little village." Anfey smiled rather wryly.

"And you forgot about where your hometown was?"

"I really can't remember. If I could, I would try everything to get back there." Anfey shook his head, "My mom is still there... I really miss her. As I get older, I feel more and more that it is very useful to master these sword skills, and it is the best choice for me to continue learning."

"Your true sword skills must be even better than what you showed me in the morning, right?"

"A bit better, but I don't know how to fight with combat power."

"I know. There is no way you could hide your combat power from me if you had any." Ernest smiled. "If you want to learn, I can teach you. But remember, even though there are quite a few people who practice both magic and the sword, no one has been able to break through and master both at the same time. One has limited time and energy, and it is too difficult to focus on both skills. Even a genius who practices both just turns out to be an average fighter."

"I want to give it a try!" Anfey insisted.

"Young man, you're quite confident, huh?" Ernest laughed, but then he switched the topic. "Anfey, about the magic crystal, do you plan to keep it from Saul?"

"I need to find the opportune time."

"Well then."

"Uncle Ernest, I have to go back now. They will find me soon. Trouble is coming."

"Sure. I will stick to the plan." Ernest nodded.

Anfey let out a sigh of relief; he'd been betting on Ernest's trust. Anfey took multiple factors into consideration. First, when he interrupted Saul, he noticed that the way Saul looked at him changed. Anfey didn't regret what he'd said, as he wanted to repay Saul for everything Saul had done for him. But if Saul started suspecting him, things might get out of control. Thus, Anfey had to reveal himself to Ernest ahead of time in order to gain Ernest's help.

Second, for Anfey's own sake, he also needed someone who understood him. He could not practice without help. Anfey needed a safe and quiet place for his training, which he couldn't secure in Saul's home. There was no such place in the Magic Academy either. Obviously, he couldn't leave Saul altogether. Therefore, Ernest was the best candidate for being able to freely take Anfey away from Saul's home for any reason.

Of course, Anfey would not confess everything to Ernest, regardless of how reliable he was. Anfey was well aware of what he could and could not say, and what he should and should not do. He knew he could share some of his secrets, but that was it!

After a while, the door was pushed open and Saul brought some students into Anfey's room. "What's the matter, master?" Anfey sat up, rubbing his sleepy eyes.

"Take it easy." Saul smiled softly at Anfey and turned towards a thin student who seemed to be very excited. "Maris, are you sure this is the room?" Saul asked.

"Yes, I'm sure of it! I noticed Anfey sneaking into this room when I was walking downstairs. I didn't think too much until I got to the lab, but then Melinda told me the Chasm Dragon Crystal was missing. Anfey is the suspect!" Maris got more and more emotional. "Master, why didn't anything bad happen before Anfey came here? It's only been several days since Anfey came here, and this crime occurred?"

"Are you sure it's him?"

"Yes, I am absolutely sure!"

"Ok, you guys carefully search this room," Saul ordered coldly. But when he looked at Anfey, Saul suddenly became soft and gentle. He winked at Anfey.

"This can't be right. Saul should have been outraged at me, but now he is winking at me? Why? There must be something going on," Anfey thought.

Maris got the go-ahead from Saul and went straight to Anfey to start his investigation. He hummed at Anfey, bent down and looked under the bed, and went on to flip open Anfey's comforter. Anfey rolled his eyes, "Such an idiot! How dumb do you have to be? Setting someone up is an art, not anybody can be good at it. How about you act a little more real? Come on, what is this? Going straight for my bed? Why did I even waste my time and energy on this fool? Even if I did nothing and just let them manage to find the crystal right here, I could still persuade Saul that I was innocent!"

Maris examined the entire room without any luck, and could not help but glance back at Anfey. He then pretended to move on to some other spots in the room. Other students also joined the search. However, they were much more respectful compared to Maris. They avoided leaving anything in disarray, putting everything back where it belonged once they had checked it out. Maris, on the other hand, was making a mess. What's even more ridiculous was that he came back to the bed and searched under the comforter three times. Anfey was so annoyed that he got off the bed and watched all of this while sitting at a round table.

Saul glanced at Maris several times. Every time he looked at Maris, the look on his face grew colder.

"You can't find it?" Saul asked icily.

Maris stepped forward, grabbed Anfey's collar, and started yelling at him. "You're such a bastard! Where did you hide the magic crystal?"

"Watch your manners!" Anfey caught Maris' hand and pushed it down. "I've never seen such a magic crystal," Anfey argued as Maris fell backwards in pain.

"It must be you that..."

"Maris, since you are wrong, you have to apologize to Anfey!" Saul ordered.

Maris hesitated and struggled. Finally, he lowered his head and said, "Sorry."

"Madelyn, didn't you say that Anfey went to the lab before?"

"Yeah, eh, yes."

Saul's words made Madelyn nervous, as well as Anfey. It seemed that Saul was talking to him too.

"Who else went to the lab other than Anfey?"

"No one else, Master."

"Who knew that such a weird situation could happen in my house!" Saul suddenly started to smile. "Well, it seems to me that it is necessary to search every corner of this house!"

Everyone, including Anfey, kept their silence.

"Anfey, please go ahead and get some rest," Saul said considerately, as he exited Anfey's room. The other students followed Saul out. Maris stared at Anfey ferociously for a second but had no other choice than to leave as well.

Rest? How could Anfey go back to resting without figuring out what on earth was going on here? He grabbed his magic robe and stepped out from his room.