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A Stay-at-home Dad“s Restaurant In An Alternate World

Author: Whispering Jianghu

Lastchapter: 892 Its Not Just Luck

Updated: 2020-08-11 04:45

892 Its Not Just Luck
891 Do You Understand Now?
890 Duke Abraham
889 Such A Beauty
888 Looks Like I Have Some Killing To Do Tomorrow
887 Theres Only One Way To Do This
886 Hot, hot, hot!
885 Mmm
884 Youre Even Crazier Than Me
883 If Only I Could Marry Him
882 Big Brother Blour Would Look Gorgeous In Female Clothing
881 Big Sister Bean Sprout’s Breasts Are Too Small.
880 Eggplant With Garlic Sauce
879 No, Its Just Perfec
878 Its Much More Comfortable Sitting Here Than Standing In The Kitchen
877 Pikachu
876 I Trust Youll Also Look Very Beautiful in Female Attire
875 Do You Not Know How to Talk? Are You a Mute?
874 It Must be Because Fathers Smile is Too Handsome, Right?
873 The Princess Would Support Me, Right?
872 God of Cookery or God of Medicine?
871 He Always Looked Impoten
870 Go On, I Really Want to Hear i
869 Youll Grow if You Eat More
868 She Also Cooked Her Rice Using the Spring of Life...
867 But Her Chest is So Small
866 I Heard Youre a Very Famous Chef
865 Congratulations, Youve Been Hired
864 Boss Mag, Ive Got the One Youre Looking For!
863 Whats the Point of All This Unnecessary Rambling?
862 Er... I Dont Need One With a Huge Chest, I Prefer Flat-chested Ones
861 Youve Ruined Me, Boss Mag!
860 Completely Defenseless
859 Woah!!!
858 Is it That Serious?
857 Its Stinkiness is Just a Ruse
856 Is It That Bad?
855 The Parents Debt Must be Repaid by the Child
854 Do You Want to Become a True Giant Dragon?
853 Father Will Teach You Swordsmanship
852 Waaah, I Also Want to Become a Little Sister
851 What Are Those? Ugly Ducks?
850 Does She Have a Vendetta Against Alex?
849 Please Have Some Shame, Old Man!
848 I, Alex!
847 Do You Want to Become an Enemy of Our Entire Race?
846 If Something Happens to Her, Ill Slaughter the Entire Elven Race!
845 All Traitors Must be Punished
844 Ah Zi, Turn Around
843 You are the Traitors of the Elven Race!
842 The Goddess of Life and Her Majesty Chose Me
841 Abolish Princess Irina!
840 Wind Fores
839 So You Can Roast it Even Before it Becomes A Swan
838 Youre Just a Nobody
837 Wind Forest, Red-top Tricolor Duck Breeding Base
836 Do You Think Im an Idiot?
835 My Son is a Genius Businessman!
834 Barbed Confrontations!
833 Only Then Will You be Earning Your Keep
832 Do You Miss Big Sister Irina?
831 I Think We Climbed the Wrong Mountain...
830 But Doesnt Big Sister Aisha Live in the Restaurant?
829 System, Do You Take Me For an Idiot?
828 Of Course!
827 System, Have You Been Looking at Weird Stuff Behind My Back?
826 Can You Kill Everyone on Your Own?
825 Ill Kill Anyone That Dares to Touch You
824 Next Time, Ill Make Sure He Dies...
823 He’d Once Fought Alex to a Draw
822 Long Time No See, Mr. Mag
821 Different Editions of the Same Story
820 Big Sister Aisha, Did You Sleep With Boss?
819 Did You and Big Sister Aisha Sleep Together?
818 System, Get Me Out of Here!
817 Chaos City Will Protect Them
816 My Daughter is a Half-elf
815 Princess Irina Saved Us
814 Uncle Mag is the Best!
813 Dip It in Some Egg, Then Apply Breadcrumbs
812 Lock Boss Mag up in a Small Dark Room
811 The Mistress Gave Birth to Another One!
810 Were Not Idiots!
809 Can We Save Both?
808 The Adult or the Child?
807 I Can Sell Stinky Tofu Now
806 This is Chicken Soup, Get Her to Drink Lots of This
805 Shouldnt We Have a Drink Together?
804 Were Back!
803 Chaos City is the Most Interesting Place, is It Not?
802 And He Has an Adorable Daughter
801 System, Does God Truly Exist in This World
800 Meow... Howl~
799 This Crown Will be Yours
798 I Can Find You with Just a Phone Call
797 Can I Learn Decimal Form Calculation From You?
796 Ive Los
795 Youve Lost!
794 Shes Only Four this Year
793 Uneducated Chef
792 Sorry, Am I Late?
791 Should We Have Noodles or Rice for Breakfast?
790 I Thought She Would Spend the Night Here
789 All of You are More Like Demons
788 Whos Running Their Mouth Here?
787 Are You a Man or a Woman?
786 Remember That You Belong to Me!
785 Youre a Masochist!
784 Do You Want to Marry Father?
783 This is Probably What People Call Talen
782 Youre no Duckling of Mine
781 How Can You Eat Such Delicious Food by Yourself?
780 Have You had Intimate Interactions with Any Other Women?
779 Does it Feel Good?
778 How Long are You Going to Play Dead?
777 Ill be Back for Your Life
776 Leave Irina Behind!
775 I Should Eat I
774 Dont Let Him go Back
773 Heh, Pathetic
772 Give me an Ultra Beam!
771 Are You the Devil?
770 If She Dies, You Can Also Die
769 Die!
768 Who Dares to Touch my Woman?
767 There Might be Some Kind of Misunderstanding
766 This Time, You Wont be Alone
765 100% Probability of Death!
764 The Street on the Rainy Nigh
763 Focus on Making Your Cake
762 You Little Dwarves Sure Are Naive
761 Thats a Great... Pity
760 Unless She Comes to Like Me as Well
759 Can I Have Her?
758 At the Mercy of the Ants Who Could Once Only Look up to Him
757 Do You Dare to Battle Me?
756 A King
755 I Hope You Like I
754 The Most Forgettable Prince
753 Hurry Up, Idiot!
752 He Already Has a Daughter?!
751 Chaos City May be Small, but Its Still a City
750 Say Goodbye to Your As*holes
749 Keyboard Warrior Shen Mag?
748 I Have a Long Reflex Arc
747 I Guess This is What Discrimination Looks Like...
746 Is She That Fearsome?!
745 I Cant Stop!
744 Care For Some Four Times Insanely Spicy Grilled Fish?
743 Forging a Resounding Reputation
742 Does He Want to Take My Place as the Family Chef?
741 Big Sister Irina is Probably Going to Fall in Love With Father
740 The Chef Invited by the Second Prince Will Now be Offering His Dish to His Majesty!
739 Please Present the First Dish to His Majesty
738 Hes a Chef Today, Not a Mathematician
737 The World of Chefs
736 We Have to be Accepting of Him
735 Big Sister Irina Told Me
734 You Little Idio
733 That Really Scared Me!
732 Do You Think This Continent Should be United or Divided?
731 Your Acting Skills are Rather Shoddy
730 Shut Up!
729 Ive Won
728 Duke Abraham!
727 Why is it so Lively Here Today?
726 Do These Women Want to Die?
725 An Interesting Soul and a Thick Beard
724 Only One Per Person!
723 One Silver Coin Per Cube
722 Impromptu Mission!
721 Im Feeling a Little Too Flattered...
720 Are You Two Having a Staring Contes
719 Youre Not the King Ye
718 Are You Crazy?! Thats the Elven Princess!
717 Im Mag, and Now Im Starting to Panic
716 Please Board the Carriage, Princess
715 Did I Hit Him Too Hard?
714 Come on Out, Fatty Fatty Ugly Duckling!
713 I Didnt! Youre Lying!
712 Not the Face!
711 Did She Tell You Her Name?
710 I Should Just Kidnap Her!
709 Your Father Has a Very Good Eye
708 Is Someone Fighting in Here?
707 Master Says I Have to Run Fast!
706 Master, is it My Turn to Beat People Up?
705 Ow... Ow... Ow!
704 Who Would Dare to Stop Krassu?
703 Alright; Its a Pillar That Looks Like a Tower
702 My Hands get Itchy
701 Dont Underestimate Old Men
700 Stop Cooking Fish, Try Cooking Chicken Instead
699 I’ll Make Sure Your A*shole is in Constant Agony!
698 Care For Some Three Times Insanely Spicy Grilled Fish?
697 A Small Offering
696 The Awakening of the Sharp Tongue
695 There Sure Are A Lot of Colleagues Here
694 Alex, Long Time no See
693 The First City
692 Take-Off! Target: Rodu!
691 Representative of the Elven Race
690 Is Uncle Blour Going to Come Back?
689 Boom!
688 Negotiating Terms
687 Mr. Mag, Have You Made a Decision?
686 Is Snow White Made From Ice Cream?
685 Please Board the Train, City Lord
684 Youre Going to Hurt Me!
683 Do You Think Im Retarded?!
682 This is Super Expensive Steak
681 Delicious!
680 This is Absolute Sacrilege to Wine!
679 Heres Your Medium-Rare Black Pepper Steak
678 Ill Be Responsible for Eating!
677 Apprentice Chef Anna
676 Why is a Man Like You Trying to Friendzone Me
675 The Strategy for Picking a Chicken
674 Bro, Youre Really Good at Killing Chickens!
673 You Made me All We
672 Im Actually Just a Chef
671 Please Board the Train, Young Mistress Scheer
670 Your Ambitions Arent Limited to This Small Restaurant, Are They?
669 Unmissable Cuisine!
668 Rip!
667 Roast Goose is Very Delicious, But...
666 I Didnt Think That Alex Would Have Such Strange Taste
665 Alex Loved My Roast Chicken In the Pas
664 Big Round Mandarin
663 Its Probably... Sick?
662 Theres No Need to Explain, Run 10 Laps Around the Restaurant Firs
661 Youve Committed a Severe Breach of the Rules!
660 System, Where Did You Steal This Wine From?
659 Having a Flat Chest is Also a Disease!
658 Stay Away From Her
657 Is Your Wife Really Dead?
656 Mr. Mag, Id Like to Invite You to Rodu
655 Very Cold
654 How Can There be True Love in a Heterosexual Relationship?
653 There Are Some Things That You Cant Say to Children
652 Even Father Doesnt Know!
651 Five Years is Too Long, I Strive Only for the Presen
650 Red Rose and White Rose
649 I Said Something So Embarrassing
648 Hence, I Choose Mr. Mag
647 I Can Eat It For You to Hear
646 Torn Clothes!
645 Perhaps I Should Go Out More
644 System, You Bastard!
643 Magic Stove? Spherical Rotational High-Pressure Cooker?
642 Are You Serious About Beef?
641 May I Challenge You to a Cooking Contest?
640 Best-Dressed!
639 If You Dont Understand, I Can Teach You
638 Wow, Such a Big Black Cat!
637 The Counts Wife?
636 Are These Guys All Here to Steal My Biscuits?
635 So Much Delicious Food!
634 The Food They Make is Definitely Not as Tasty as Mine!
633 Life is Like a Movie, Acting Skills Are Paramoun
632 Do You Know What Love is?
631 Before She Comes of Age...
630 System, You Sure Are Embarrassing
629 Your Father is Very Proud of You, System!
628 How About We Steal It?
627 Dont Even Think About I
626 I Have Something Really Cool to Show You
625 The True Battle has Yet to Come
624 Would You Like to Try?
623 Father is the Strongest in My Heart!
622 Is Mr. Mag Here?
621 That Guy Came Into My Room Last Night?
620 Hmm...
619 I... I Wasnt Thinking About Strange Stuff!
618 Theres Not Much Time Left for Me
617 Tumultuous Times
616 Father, Am I Still A Three-Year-Old?
615 Im Going to Live Here!
614 Tie Him to A Stake and Burn Him to Death!
613 In the Name of the Moon, Im Going to Destroy You!
612 You Sure Are Efficient!
611 Work, Princess!
610 Seeing as You Insist on Inviting Me
609 Transmigration is No Big Deal
608 Should We Beat Her to Death?
607 Is There a Cure For My Condition?
606 How About We Invite Her to Sit Down and Watch Us Eat?
605 Ill Give You a Chance to Beg Me to Stay
604 Especially That Shifty Bearded Old Man!
603 Take It Apart and Sell It as Scrap Metal
602 System, Time to Recycle The Trash
601 None of You Know Anything About the Food in the Aden Square
600 I Hope This Basket of Eggs Grows More Quickly
599 Do You Know What It Feels Like to Be Ostracized?
598 Youll Really Die if Youre Not Careful
597 Thats a Secre
596 Josh Sent You After Me, Right?
595 Mag Alexs Forte...
594 Invincible Among Beings of the Same Tier
593 Eight and One
592 Killing Isnt as Satisfying When Drunk
591 Have a Drink Before We Kill
590 The Annoying Rats Came, After All
589 If I Dont Go to Hell
588 Please Begin Your Performance
587 The Great Magic Casters Performance
586 Its Him!
585 What Kind of Mooncake is This?
584 Youre Not Trying to Abduct Amy, Are You?
583 Go, Amy!
582 Is She the One?
581 In His Heart, All Those Seeds Are More Important Than Me
580 What An Adorable Little Rabbi
579 This is Fraud!
578 Come On Out, System...
577 Boss Mag, Do You Need Our Help?
576 Settlement for the Relatives of the Deceased Miners
575 Claiming the New Restauran
574 Boss, I Want 10 Roast Beef Kebabs!
573 Where is Alex?
572 Is This Not Worthy of Your Tears?
571 What are you doing, system?
570 Ding! Please Close Your Eyes
569 But... I Still Want to Have More Roast Mea
568 The Perfect Combination!
567 Wow! Boss is So Bold!
566 Ding! New Mission...
565 A Threefold Surprise
564 Its a Pity You Didnt Become an Artis
563 Boss is... so Awesome!
562 Its Over For the Owner of Mamy Restauran
561 Is He Revolutionizing Roast Meats?
560 Youve Got a Good Eye
559 Sharp-tongued Food Critic? Heh...
558 Are They All Waiting For Free Kebabs?
557 Sharp-tongued Food Critic
556 Dont Try to Take My Father From Me
555 I Dont Want Amy to Have a Strange Little Brother
554 Not a Single Drop of Blood
553 Why Do You Insist on Dying...
552 Oi, Big Brother Elf
551 Its No Big Deal
550 If You Lose, You Have to Call Me Daddy
549 The System Must Give You a Stern Warning
548 Delicious Beef Kebabs!
547 How Can Roast Beef Smell Like This?
546 I Definitely Wont Eat Rat Mea
545 The Truth
544 Ugly Duckling is Not Actually an Ordinary Duckling
543 Meow~
542 Go, Ugly Duckling!
541 You Have to Make Sure Big Sister Flat-chest Gets to Eat the Big Ra
540 Stop and Prepare for Battle
539 This Blade is Very Sharp
538 Are You Talking About Yourself?
537 Hey, Where Are You Going?
536 Irregular Weapons Are Strictly Prohibited
535 System, What Am I to You?
534 What Lavish Kebab
533 A Raging Bull
532 Stealing Popularity
531 Are You Seeing This, Grandpa?
530 Youre Free
529 You Deserve a Brick
528 All-in-on Service
527 Im Very Disappointed in You
526 Lets Go, Burning Legion!
525 Sargeras, Ive Got Business For You
524 The Feeling of Having Two Daughters
523 Please Give Me a Blueberry Ice Cream
522 Is It Really That Funny?
521 Is Your Master a Sissy?
520 Then Youll Have to Die
519 Hes Already Dead
518 Becoming a Star
517 Anna... Dont Cry
516 The Orcs and Demons Came
515 Eat My Ice Fire Bomb!
514 Suitable Partners
513 Piggies
512 Why Wont You Return to the Wind Forest?
511 Then... I Guess Ill Help You Eat I
510 Wandering Elves
509 When You Feel Like Youre Ugly, Poor, and Have No Redeeming Traits...
508 Theres No Way He Would Become a Chef
507 Ingredients Vendor?
506 The Cutting Edge Beer-Brewing Machine
505 Mother, Youre So Beautiful...
504 Where is My Mother?
503 Returning to the Sea of Stars
502 I Shouldnt Have Let Him Go Back Alive!
501 Irina Killed Him
500 The Moon Festival
499 About Freedom
498 All Thats Left is to Find a Man
497 Im Blour Baibilly
496 Sallys Blueprin
495 Its A Pity That Hes A Male Elf
494 Why Arent You Fighting Today?
493 Dont Go Anywhere
492 Shirley is My Little Sister
491 Hers Really Are Big
490 Tofu Pudding, Here I Come...
489 I Dont Care if You Dont Love Me
488 Ill Get A Jay Chou Music Pack
487 Be Careful of That Man Over There
486 Lets Split It 50/50
485 Boss, Youre Wasting These Ingredients!
484 You Have to Remember That Youre A Duck!
483 That Fried Rice Was Delicious!
482 I Definitely Wont Finish It!
481 Untitled
480 Holy F*ck, Holy F*ck, Holy F*ck!!!
479 She Sure is Beautiful
478 Are You Blind?
477 The Elven Queen
476 Sorry, Youre Too Late
475 Holy Light, Heed My Call
474 Im Here to Kill You Today
473 Where Are You Going, Your Highness?
472 Im Getting Changed
471 Let Me Protect This Smile
470 Kill Their Entire Family
469 I Havent Accepted That Verdic
468 Do You Concede?
467 Take This!
466 Im Going to Make You Cry
465 One Attack
464 Ice Fire Bomb!
463 You Can Challenge Me Now
462 Am I Too Late?
461 We Havent Lost Ye
460 Lets Go Beat Up the Bad Guys!
459 Ill Throw Him Out Like A Dog
458 Dont We Have Another Team Member?
457 I Accept the Challenge
456 Pitifully Weak
455 Kebabs And Cold Beer!
454 Its Bigger Than Yours
453 Please Wai
452 System, Upgrade the Restauran
451 Go, Gloria!
450 Queen Amy’s Wand
449 Is This the Monkey Kings Golden Staff?
448 In My Name, Unseal This Wand
447 Hes Busy
446 Lowly Half-Breeds
445 Money is the Least of Our Concerns!
444 Stunning Features
443 New Spell
442 The Magus Tower Was the Most Powerful Force
441 The Second Strength Poin
440 A Plan
439 Outdoor Dining Area Construction Package!
438 Ill Die Without Ice Cream
437 10th-Tier Giant Dragon
436 Hairdresser Apprentice
435 Its Completely Different From What I Imagined As A Kid
434 Too Innocen
433 A Rental Fee of One Copper Coin
432 Love At First Sigh
431 He Must Be... Feeling Emotional
430 Insanely Spicy!
429 Gold is Faith!
428 Cutting Straight to the Chase
427 So Delicious!
426 This is the Savory Tofu Pudding
425 Dark History
424 Pay in Cash
423 This World is At Faul
422 If Youre Paying, Ill Come
421 If I Want to Kill You, No One Can Stop Me
420 Have Mercy!
419 Is There A Small or Large Disparity?
418 Youre So Adorable
417 To Be A Gentleman
416 No Refunds!
415 Menu Adjustment Package
414 I See You As A Friend, But You...
413 Longjing Green Tea
412 Glug... Glug!
411 Waaah...
410 Big Sister is Seducing Me!
409 Premiere of Gokuraku Jodo
408 Eating Delicious Food is A Pleasure
407 Little Birdie! Little Birdie!
406 Youre More Precious
405 Is That Really the Case?
404 What A Brilliant Wand!
403 But, Youre Ugly
402 Invitation
401 Presen
400 Hes A Hero
399 Why Are You So Flustered?
398 Were Innocen
397 Who Do You Think You Are?
396 Stones or People Like Stones
395 To be a Man
394 Are You Challenging Me?
393 That is My Money
392 What A Beautiful Little Girl
391 I Suggest You Go And Watch "A Chinese Odyssey"
390 This Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream Disgusting!
389 Splurging Will Make Your Stronger
388 Perhaps You Can Postpone It?
387 The City Lords Castle Wants to Reserve the Entire Restaurant?
386 You Only Have One Month
385 So, Youre Fired
384 What A Beautiful Big Sister!
383 Can I Give My First Time to You?
382 Money Doesnt Buy Omnipotence
381 Mamy Restaurant is Back on the Rankings Board!
380 May I Have a Drop of Your Blood?
379 What Is in These Dishes?
378 Rip!
377 Is She Here For Miya?
376 Outdoor Dining Area?
375 Im Sorry, I Can
374 Ill Get the Insanely Spicy Grilled Fish!
373 Stop! Stop right now!
372 Transition And Inheritance
371 Choice is a Type of Freedom
370 Are You Kidding Me?
369 Everything For Food!
368 From This Day Forth
367 President!
366 The Heir
365 Revolution
364 Thanks For the Meal
363 City Lord, What Are You Doing?
362 A Father
361 I Have A Reques
360 Dancing on a Knife's Edge
359 Born in the Wrong Generation
358 This Flavor is Amazing!
357 I'll... Get One of Everything
356 I Call Bullsh*t!
355 Isn't That Right, President Warren?
354 There's Nothing There!
353 A Smoking Red Tiger
352 My Eyes Sting
351 Your Daddy Will Always be Your Daddy
350 You Might Not Be Able to Afford I
349 I'm Reserving This Entire Restaurant Tonigh
348 Someone Has Jumped Over the Wall
347 Role Model Stay-At-Home Dad
346 Torn Clothes!
345 Try to Make The Most of Life
344 So Cool...
343 This World
342 Food Association And Catering Association
341 If We Kill Everyone From The Catering Association
340 Mag, Your Restaurant Exploded!
339 Promises And Guarantees
338 Sword God Test Field
337 How About This Time, System?
336 Spicy Grilled Fish!
335 God of Cookery Upgrade Wheel Activate!
334 Bro, Do You Have Something Against Me?
333 The Loneliness of Invincibility
332 Rising Into the Air!
331 Father is the Best!
330 Shameless Bastard
329 Add A Bit More?
328 Who is It?
327 The Rankings’ Effec
326 Round Table Conference
325 Everyone Dies Eventually
324 Find Him And Kill Him
323 I Think It's Seriously Going to be Cooked
322 Don't Run, Ugly Duckling
321 Nothing Can't Be Resolved With Money
320 A Choice
319 Is Your Forge Still Hiring?
318 Help! I'm Going to Die!
317 Smash This F*cking Restaurant!
316 Fight Me, Trash!!!
315 Inheritance
314 Lord of Ice Urien!
313 I Wish You Good Luck
312 The Aden Square Food Competition
311 Are You Still Alive?
310 Hexplosives Exper
309 Warning, the Restaurant is Under Attack!
308 Slaying a Dragon with a Single Sword Strike
307 You're Being Unreasonable!
306 Fallen One Renounced by the Gods
305 Nurturing the World Tree with Chicken Soup
304 10 Copper Coins or Dignity?
303 Earn 100,000,000 First!
302 Holy Roujiamo!
301 So Angry!
300 An Incredible Taste!
299 It's Soft?
298 Thank Heavens You're Still With Me
297 Good Evening, Principal Novan
296 They’re With Me
295 I Heard There’s An Amazing Restaurant Here
294 Principal Novan, Lord Krassu, We’re Here!
293 Enemies Deserved To Die
292 Protect Mag!
291 Kill Him!
290 Let’s Go Help Her
289 Warning! Warning! We’re Under Attack!
288 It’s Been Years Since I Last Beat Dogs
287 I Found Them!
286 A Golden Dragon Sister
285 A Box And A Ring
284 She Recognized Mag And Amy
283 I Don’t Think The Owner Is A Bad Man
282 Five Stars
281 A War With The Chamber Of Commerce
280 You’re Lying Again, Big Bear
279 The World Tree
278 I Feel I Can Eat 10 More Bowls Of Rice
277 It’s Unbelievable!
276 Roujiamo! Roujiamo! Roujiamo!
275 I Want To Have A Lot Of Babies
274 You’re a Savory Tofu Pudding Guy
273 Don’t You Love Me Anymore?
272 Wind Fire Wheels
271 I Learned A New Spell Today!
270 Masochists
269 It’s Totally Disgusting!
268 Hold On A Second!
267 100 Gold Coins
266 I’ll Give It One Star!
265 Could She Be His Wife?
264 Mag Got Into Character
263 My Conscience Is Clear
262 The Incident Today Is A Terrible Blow To Me
261 She Will Get Better!
260 What Do I Do Then?
259 Women Are Nothing But Accessories To Men
258 Your Father Is Amazing!
257 I Want To Protect Her Smile
256 Capitalist Pigs
255 Commerce Is Developing Fas
254 I’m Too Old To Dream Big
253 I Just Want To Cook
252 Then I’ll Buy 2000 Ballots
251 Food Competition
250 That’s All I Ask
249 Can You Make A Magic Wand For Me?
248 Let’s Talk About Why This Stupid Cat Got Fatter
247 You’re Welcome
246 Black Iron Cross
245 He Is Innocen
244 Serious My A*s!
243 A Level 3 Inciden
242 I’m Mag Alex
241 Come At Me Already!
240 Unlock Many Other Rights
239 Mamy Restaurant?
238 Over There!
237 A Damned Half-elf
236 The Chamber Of Commerce In The Aden Square
235 Where Is My Reward?
234 Can You Teach Me How To Do That?
233 The System Is Learning...
232 You Still Have So Much To Learn
231 Up There
230 Eyeball Of A Hawk
229 But It Smells So Good
228 A 3rd-tier Magic Caster
227 I’m Going To Burn You Alive!
226 Wow, Such A Big Pig!
225 He Swung His Sword Upwards
224 A Loud Crow
223 Father, You’re So Strong!
222 Go On A Trip
221 Do You Sell RPGs?
220 Frosty Wings
219 Thirteen Swordplay Forms
218 Ingredients-finding Job No. 256
217 A Big Troll And Many Goblins In Red Hats
216 Do You Want To Skip School Today?
215 Braised Shrimp
214 Where Is My Knife?
213 I Knew I
212 Such A Fine Knife!
211 You’re One Hell Of A Chicken Farmer
210 Protest By Not Eating?
209 Please Call Me Aisha
208 I Can’t Wait To See The Look On Their Faces
207 System, Show Me The Qipaos You Have
206 Water, Come Cleanse This Room Of All The Dirt And Grease
205 This Is Not A Cushy Job
204 A Bowl Of Tofu Pudding?
203 Is That The Owner Of Mamy Restaurant?
202 Are You Serious?
201 We’re Flying!
200 Only, He’s Married
199 Impressive
198 He Must Have A Death Wish Or Something
197 You’re Banned From This Restauran
196 It’s A Dish With A Lot Of Mea
195 Can I Have One More Bowl?
194 She Is Either Very Pretty Or Very Ugly
193 Even The Cat Eats Better Than Them!
192 Lift Me Up, Father
191 I Swear It On My Honor
190 Should We Take Her Back By Force?
189 This Is No Toy
188 He Had Been Able To Kill A Dragon With A Single Swing Of His Sword
187 Did I Look Like I Needed An Electric Shock
186 The Transaction Is Done!
185 Nothing Fancy About I
184 Sorry, But I Have A Cooking Job To Do
183 Alarm Goes Off!
182 You Can Have Two Bowls Of Tofu Pudding Today
181 Bike Sickness?
180 Bike VS Carriage
179 Wow, They’re So Cool!
178 A Cute Little Magic Caster
177 Dear Irina
176 It’s Called “Spring Is Here”
175 Do You Know How To Sing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”?
174 It’s Perfect At Home Or On Vacation
173 The Fight Between The Two Sides Had Ended, For Now
172 That’s So Nice Of You!
171 Can I Have Another Bowl Of Sweet Tofu Pudding?
170 He Might Be A Doctor Or Something
169 I’m Just Chubby, Not Fat!
168 Big Sister, Hugs!
167 She Is Just As Vicious-tongued As Her
166 Can You Teach Me How To Cook, Father?
165 Your Tofu Pudding, Please Enjoy
164 It’s Really Very Good
163 Eat Your Meal After They Come In
162 Go On. Don’t Mind Us
161 Sweet Or Savory?
160 Come Back To Bed, Honey
159 Big Sister! Big Sister!
158 You Must Be Out Of Your Mind
157 Make Sure Each Person Can Only Buy Up To One Bowl For Each Meal
156 A Dragon Masseuse
155 What Do You Want, Boy?
154 I’m Just A Cook
153 Five Stars In All Aspects?
152 Most Delicious Food At The Aden Square
151 We, The Burning Legion, Will Make Sure Of That!
150 I Can Wear It When I Learn How To Cook From Father
149 You Got Something You Want To Say?
148 Are They Here To Make Trouble, Boss?
147 Your Green Onion Bing Doesn’t Stand A Chance Against This
146 A Rainstorm Is Coming?
145 Maybe They Drug Their Food
144 She Has Brought Her IQ Down To Her Level
143 App Store Is Now Open
142 You’ll Be Fat As Hell In No Time
141 I Knew You Wanted To Sell Yourself Too
140 No, Thanks. Go Sell it Somewhere Else
139 Is ‘Gokuraku Jodo’ A Children’s Song?!
138 Mag, Did You Put You-know-what Drugs Into Your Roujiamo?
137 For Roujiamo!
136 I Feel Drained
135 How About We Kidnap The Cook?
134 The Taste Of Mea
133 I’d Never Mess With Her
132 Money Can Buy Anything
131 This Restaurateur Is Anything But Ordinary
130 Can I Study Under You Both?
129 I Can Use Fireball Magic Too!
128 Weak
127 No, It Will Be
126 Level 5 Incident!
125 Give Me A Hug And Lift Me Up
124 Bring The Whole World To Your Heel
123 Which Flavor Is Authentic?
122 Please Enjoy
121 Calm Down And Have Some Tofu Pudding
120 He May Be Ugly, But He Can Sing!
119 I’ll Smash Your Head!
118 I Want To Try The Sweet One Too
117 It’s Very Good!
116 The Debut Of Tofu Pudding
115 Elf Princess
114 A Melee Magic Caster
113 Win Over Alex, Win The War
112 Mission Accomplished
111 Quite A View
110 Ordinary Dad
109 Don’t Be Frightened. I’m Just A Demon
108 Good Morning, Mag
107 Then Let Me Show You
106 Thank You, Boss
105 I’d Like Two Maid Dresses
104 A Small Tes
103 Do You Need A Waitress?
102 I Must Be Dreaming
101 Is She The Little Match Girl?
100 Roasted Meat Restauran
99 Yes, You Lose
98 I Know The Answer To This Multiplication Problem
97 Why Is It Called Ugly Duckling?
96 Chaos School
95 Different Kinds Of Waitresses
94 Payment Is Negotiable Based On Skills
93 I’m Very Bad-tempered!!!
92 The Kitten Gets Kicked Out Of Bed Again
91 Upgrade Costs Money
90 I’ll Call It The Burning Legion
89 Mag Turned Him Down?!
88 I Can Teach You How To Defeat Children
87 My Fireball Might Make You Kick The Bucke
86 I Want To Protect My Father
85 Can Your Little Man Sing?
84 Would You Pay For Me?
83 I’ve Brought My Own Chair
82 An Accident Scammer?
81 Mushroom Fairy
80 Can She Really Sing?
79 I Will Marry Father When I Grow Up
78 Anti-deception Education
77 I Like Little Sisters
76 Please Take Me Seriously!
75 This Roujiamo Can Help Lose Weight?
74 Maybe Because They Are Not Cute Enough
73 Melon Regiment?
72 It Will Get Fa
71 Be Careful!
70 The Girl From Before
69 Do You Want To Learn?
68 This Is Match Grandpa
67 Find A Job, Demon!
66 Burn, Big Bald Head!
65 Pay, Demon!
64 He... He Bursts His Clothes!
63 Owner, I’d Like One Of Those
62 The First Demon Customer
61 Mag, You Must Be A Genius!
60 Customers Lining Up Outside
59 Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow
58 A Dream That Has Been Found Again
57 System, Can We Do Presales?
56 Is This Tofu Pudding Sweet Or Savory?
55 It Must Be An Ugly Duckling
54 Why Does It Look Nothing Like A Roast Goose?
53 The Flying Knife Pierced And Killed Her
52 I Highly Recommend It!
51 Blood Runs Ho
50 System, Do You Sell Air Defense Missiles?
49 Mag, Can I Ask You A Question?
48 Do You Have A Girlfriend?
47 Your Rainbow Fried Rice
46 This Is My Father
45 Amy Wants One More
44 Or I’ll Roast You Right Now
43 La Zhi Roujiamo
42 The Sound From The Big Egg
41 Father, Give Me A Minute
40 You Can Call Him Black Coal
39 Mission Complete
38 Crowdfunding
37 So, Why Can’t I Start Crowdfunding?
36 It’s Very Good!
35 You’re A Real Piece Of Work
34 Nothing Can’t Be Taken Care Of By A Plate Of Yangzhou Fried Rice
33 You Must Follow His Rules
32 Mag? My Father?
31 Buy An Ugly Duckling Egg
30 The Way To Deal With A Nuisance
29 Amy Will Just Let It Fall Down ...
28 Could You Buy Amy An Ugly Duckling?
27 Start With Your Daughter
26 Curiosity Towards A Man
25 I Heard Your Tummy Rumble
24 A Very Beautiful Elf Big Sister
23 To Eat Here Or Not?
22 The Second Customer
21 The Sad Story Of The Ugly Duckling
20 System, Do You Sell Clothes?
19 Teaching—the 9x9 Times Table
18 Okay, Dwarf Grandpa Mobai
17 Owner, I’d Like One More Plate Please
16 Owner, Give Me Seconds!
15 Owner, Give Me A Plate Of Yangzhou Fried Rice!
14 Owner, Your Menu Must Be Wrong
13 Pay! Now!
12 A Pretty Hard Star
11 Amy’s Wish
10 The Benefits Of Yangzhou Fried Rice
9 The Ingredients From Mysterious Places
8 Give Me Seconds, Father
7 Love Breakfas
6 Hello, Mag
5 Cooking Standards
4 A Small Promise
3 Ill Show You A Magic Trick
2 A Little Dream And A Purpose
1 Little Loli In My House