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Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal

Author: Chen Ji Tang Hong Dou

Lastchapter: 1236 Moving Mountains to Fill the Sea

Updated: 2020-08-11 04:58

1236 Moving Mountains to Fill the Sea
1235 Great Destiny Skill
1234 The Red Carp, the Green Carp, and the Donkey!
1233 Huge Numbers!
1232 Summoning the Zerg
1231 Spend Three Trillion Firs
1230 Armistice Agreemen
1229 Dominate the World, Love as Deep as the Ocean
1228 Devil Lord Tang Zhen
1227 God-like Opponen
1226 Eleven Zeros
1225 Five Combat Power Weakling, Hong Dali
1224 You Have to Accept It, No Matter Wha
1223 Negotiation
1222 Time to Witness a Miracle!
1221 Lieutenant General Lei Zhe
1220 Turning the Enemies to Dust in the Flick of a Finger
1219 You Guys Know What I Mean
1218 Codename Tunnel Warfare
1217 I Knew That There Was Something Strange
1216 Build a Fortress Firs
1215 The Battle Begins
1214 A Beast in Human Clothing
1213 Fantastic!
1212 Chubby Soul Stone
1211 Dog Eat Dog
1210 Im Just Going to Bury You in Money
1209 Everyone, Prepare Yourselves. BOSS Is in the Sky
1208 Are You Addicted?
1207 Everyone Stunned!
1206 Team Kickass
1205 Hong Dali Is Back!
1204 A Man Who Owned the Entire Universe
1203 Amazing, Powerful!
1202 Lagers Magical Invention
1201 Is Hong Dali Still Accepting Lackeys?!
1200 Cultivation
1199 Hey, Grandson!
1198 Raid Party to Hunt Boss
1197 Azeroth
1196 Beef Person, Loca
1195 Higher and Higher Level
1194 Hong Dali! Hong Dali!
1193 Jealousy
1192 Good Guy Hong Dali
1191 Final Ability Second Phase Completed
1190 Lackey Number 36
1189 Five-Colored Empress
1188 The Dragon King’s Successor
1187 Cemetery of the Gods
1186 Gu Feifeis Weird Ability
1185 Hong Dalis Big Plan
1184 Slave Marke
1183 I’m Back Again!
1182 Behave Strongly and Proud
1181 Hug Their Thighs
1180 Our Hong Family Is Just So Capricious
1179 Huge Losses
1178 Amazing Tactics
1177 Huge Embarrassment!
1176 Award Ceremony
1175 Two Hundred Billion in His Hands
1174 Ranking
1173 Silver Fros
1172 Its Too Terrifying!
1171 Legendary Walkover
1170 What Kind of Rhythm Was This?
1169 The Motorcycles Are Gone, What Should We Do Now?
1168 Group Figh
1167 Snatching Brother Dalis Motorcycle
1166 Kingship, Tyranny, Confucianism
1165 Take You for a Ride
1164 Drunk
1163 Master of the Sword.Hurricane Style!
1162 Phantom Sword Dance
1161 Undead Overture
1160 Naughty Troublemaker Hong Dali
1159 Hong Dalis Rhapsody
1158 Prey, Wolf, Hunter
1157 Ice Age
1156 Exceptionally Intelligen
1155 Assassin, Indeed
1154 Time to Witness a Miracle!
1153 Lets Open a Concert!
1152 Dali Creates Miracles!
1151 Whats the Most Important Factor of Living in the Universe?
1150 Muacks, Did You Miss Me?
1149 The Chosen Ones
1148 Fire Dragon Princess
1147 The Effect of the Transformation Soul Stone
1146 Ride During the Day and Ride at Night?
1145 Three Main Projects
1144 Piss Off
1143 Awakened Abilities
1142 Purple Thunder Bei Mingxuan
1141 Lucifers Curse
1140 Leader
1139 Killing Three Birds with One Stone
1138 Zhuge Dali
1137 Cops and Crooks
1136 Theres a Soul Stone Here!
1135 Fate
1134 This Is Not Fair...
1133 Taking the Lead
1132 My Old Classmate
1131 Tragic Bei Shihui
1131 What Kind of Rhythm Was This?
1130 Crazy!
1129 Draw Two Buns!
1128 Big Haul
1127 Cutie Ke Had a Breakthrough!
1126 Handicapped
1125 Miser System
1124 Gods Chosen One, Devils Chosen One
1123 In the Middle of the Storm
1122 Gu Feifei?
1121 Gods Chosen One
1120 Demon King
1119 Fiery Abyss
1118 This Must Be a Great God!
1117 The Chosen One, Kong
1116 Transformation Soul Stone
1115 Electrocardiography ECG
1114 So Thats How Stocks Are Played
1113 Brother Dali Wants to Trade Stocks
1112 Destroy Black Dragon Gang
1111 Specialized Ability to Suppress Erections
1110 Saved Her! Nice!
1109 Dragon Breath
1108 Dragon Cutie Ke
1107 Natural and Impeccable
1106 Show-Off Mode Initiated!
1105 Helping the Old Grandpa
1104 Cutie Ke
1103 God of Stocks, Hong Dali
1102 Boyuan Regrouped
1101 This Prodigal
1100 It Was Most Important to Be Happy
1099 Unsealing Convention
1098 Beautifully Executed
1097 Hidden Mission
1096 Radiant Sage Sui
1095 You’re My Brother
1094 Was There Anything Bigger?
1093 Top to Bottom
1092 Buy Some Apples
1091 Young Master Han
1090 You’re Welcome Back Anytime
1089 Rich People Were Indeed Differen
1088 That’s a Master!
1087 League of Legends
1086 This Is... Earth?!
1085 Prepare to Go
1084 Incorrigible
1083 System Upgrade, Enjoyment Mode
1082 The Chosen One
1081 Wheres My Little Brother!?
1080 Bei Yuanqings Trump Card
1079 Three Heads and Six Arms
1078 Two-Pieced Yin Yang Vajra
1077 I Cannot Stand It Anymore!
1076 Do You Want to Figh
1075 The Envy of Others
1074 Time for Class
1073 Is This World About to Be Destroyed?
1072 Brother Dali Trading Stocks
1071 Manly Woman
1070 Gu Feifei
1069 Divine College
1068 Only Slaves Were Not Envied
1067 Extravagan
1066 Scum, Dreg of Society!
1065 God of Face Smacking
1064 Hong Dalis True Intentions?
1063 Vomit Blood
1062 This F**king Invincible Logic!
1061 The Price of a Cultivators Secret Manual
1060 A Direct Slap on the Face
1059 Covenant of Reneging on Marriage
1058 Who Was Calling Off the Marriage Arrangement with Whom, Who Got Disgraced
1057 The Face Smacking Continues
1056 Another Smack in the Face
1055 Face Smacking
1054 Here to Get Slapped in the Face
1053 A Small Slap on the Face
1052 Brazenly Being a Scourge
1051 Eating Elixirs for Dinner
1050 “Consumption of the Sky Dominates the World Mediation Painting”
1049 “Monsters Battle Painting”
1048 Only This Is Worthy Enough!
1047 Why Am I So Happy?
1046 The Honor of a Prodigal
1045 Big Brother Dali Never Puts People Down
1044 Bloodshed Resulted from a Cup of Ice-Cream
1043 Your Looks Are a Bit Unsuitable for My Aesthetics
1042 Jade Tree
1041 Jealous Wolf Howl
1040 Little Princess Hua Xiangyu
1039 Arrival at Shenglong Star
1038 System Upgrade
1037 Highway Robbery
1036 Everyone Peed Their Pants
1035 Are You Stupid?
1034 They Were Beyond Comparison!
1033 Shenglong Royal Family Divine College
1032 Amazing New Earth!
1031 Prince Hong Dali
1030 Little Obedient Dali
1029 Shenglong Royal Family
1028 White Beard Gate
1027 Instant Kill!
1026 Second Gear!
1025 No Humanity
1024 Terrifying Man-Made God
1023 For Young Master, F**k You!
1022 Horrifying! Scary!
1021 Man-Made God
1020 Ultimate Battle Weapon
1019 Huge Victory
1018 Start of the War
1017 Prepare to Go
1016 Incorrigible
1015 God-like Plan!
1014 Down with Hong Dali!
1013 End of the World
1012 The Tower of Life
1011 What a Huge Gemstone
1010 Cannons Fire!
1009 Giant Treasure Mountain
1008 Evolved Zergs
1007 Hong Family’s Top Secre
1006 Words Passed Down from the Wu Family Ancestor
1005 Everyone Has Fused
1004 Brothers
1003 Chief, Did Something Happen?
1002 Target Confirmed, Go!
1001 Absolute Power
1000 Faerie Star VIP
999 You Just Kill People Without Batting an Eyelid
998 Sky-High Compensation
997 Its Finished
996 Instant Kill
995 Vicious Swamp
994 Star Soul Stone
993 Top Operative, Gahon
992 How Were They to Fight?
991 Ice Soul Stone
990 Green Dragon
989 Breakthrough! Transformation into a Dragon!
988 Concerns of the Black Flood Dragon
987 Thorn in the Flesh
986 Black Flood Dragon
985 Borrowing Ability
984 Lake Ze An
983 Send as Many as You Can, I Will Destroy Them All!
982 Against the Entire Star Sector!
981 Reporting Himself
980 Madness
979 Sky-High Reward
978 Corpse
977 Scram!
976 High Nobles Headquarters
975 Zergs, Move Out!
974 The Consequences of Killing a High Noble
973 Thirteen Top Operatives
972 Kill!
971 Second Gear!
970 Wine, Lust, Avarice, and Pride
969 Vicious Sir Malone
968 Drunk
967 Its Good to Be a Good Person
966 Weird Tumor
965 Pitiful Mother Bear
964 Bear Cub
963 Acka
962 So Shameless!
961 Do You Take Us for Fools?
960 Arriving at Faerie Star
959 Money Makes One the Lord
958 Good News from the New Earth
957 Terrifying Ability
956 Types of Soul Stones
955 Bow Down in Public
954 A Little Wave of the Hand
953 Everyone Conceded Defea
952 Divine Demon
951 Exposed
950 Its Not That I Am Too Strong, You Are Too Weak
949 Watershed
948 The Terrifying Lackeys
947 Rock, Scissors, Paper!
946 Extremely Attention-Grabbing
945 The Terrifying Might of the Six Powers
944 One-Sided Match
943 Grand League.Lackey
942 Competition of the Warriors
941 Five Billion
940 String-Puller
939 Data Check
938 Challenging the Black and White-level!
937 Time to Witness the Miracle!
936 Defeat Two at Once
935 All Defeated
934 Pyramid
933 Dali Is Angry, Consequences Are Dire!
932 Challenge the Yellow and Green-Level
931 Hes Actually Playing with a Bird!
930 Challenge Hong Dali!
929 Competition Start!
928 Advancement Assessmen
927 Determined to Win
926 Head of the Five Kings, Li Xuancheng
925 Come, Come, Come, Hit Me!
924 Black and White-level Double Honorary Aristocrat!
923 Was It Okay to Say This Face to Face?
922 Beginning of Advancement Assessmen
921 My Sense of Logic Has Shattered All Over the Floor Again
920 Too Beautiful
919 That Nigh
918 Watch Out!
917 Dedication
916 Its All About Talent!
915 Punishmen
914 Kneeling Neatly
913 Even If You Were Cheating, There Should Be a Limit, Bastard!
912 Quite a Good Plan
911 Virtual World, Conference of the Venerable
910 A Formidable Opponen
909 Its a Crime Too for a Man to Be Too Outstanding...
908 Not Enough Money to Spend Like Tha
907 So Strange...
906 Please Say Whatever Is On Your Mind
905 You Win!
904 Seconds
903 The Strongest VS The Stronges
902 All Talk
901 Great Upset!
900 Too Weak
899 Win!
898 The Battle Is About to Begin!
897 The Most Mysterious VS the Strongest!
896 Salf Alliance Fist!
895 The Hunter and the Hunted
894 The Battle for Top Ten
893 Amazing Benefits!
892 The Ten Thousand Years War
891 Seven-Colored Dragon King, Rioms Van Dyke
890 Fated
889 Acka
888 Hong Dali, I’m Going to Kill You!
887 Gemstone Dragon?!
886 The Amazing Team Dali
885 Elemental Creature!
884 Gigantic Diamond Mountain
883 Most Interesting Team of All Time
882 Team Dalis Results
881 Malones Reques
880 Are You Sure You Should Be Doing That Now?!
879 Battle Star
878 Slu
877 A Bribe of One Billion Galaxy Dollars
876 Lets Go for a Holiday!
875 Time to Happily Enter the Dungeon!
874 Spirit Emperor
873 Five Mechas That Cost 1.6 Billion in Total
872 Five Kings.Li Xuancheng
871 Azure Root Bones-Forging Grass
870 High-End Comprehensive Squander Club
869 Dont Mention Money to Me!
868 Black, White, and the Zergs; He Got Them All
867 Scary Old Mister
866 Regardless If Its of Use, Just Buy It First!
865 Dali Buys Spacecraf
864 Is There Anyone Who Squanders Like That!
863 Scared Silly
862 The Consequence of Cheap Talk
861 From Now On, Call Me the God of Gambling!
860 Everything Is Under Control!
859 A Gamble Worth 230 Million!
858 Challenge
857 Sending Heads from Thousands of Miles Away
856 Let Me Show You How Its Done Today
855 Great Minds Think Alike
854 It Was Good to be Low-Profile
853 Am I Pretty?
852 The Birth of the Winner
851 Young Master Acted, the Demons Weeped and the Spirits Cried
850 Dont Bully the Poor Young Man!
849 Ninth Heaven of Fire and Ice
848 Thank You, Mother-In-Law, for Your Blessings!
847 That Nigh
846 No Chances for Tang Muxin!
845 The Night Was Dark and the Winds Were Strong, Its Late at Night and Quiet Everywhere.
844 System Upgrade, New Rewards Unlocked
843 High Nobles of the Star Sector
842 This Price Is a Little Low
841 For the Young Master, I Can Sacrifice Everything
840 Yearning Is a Knife
839 Time Boils the Rain
838 Li Nianwei, to the Stage!
837 The Competition Begins!
836 Young Master, Thank Young Master
835 Sing! Milky Way, Lets Go!
834 No Need for Brains!
833 Squandering Is Not a Job for Humans!
832 Squandering Is an Art!
831 So Clever!
830 Splitting up the Course of Actions
829 Life Was Amazing.
828 I Cant Hold on Anymore!
827 99999
826 Squander or Die!
825 Childhood Memories
824 Have a Calculator?!
823 Failed Fusion!
822 Last Words by Tianji
821 Lets Go See the Scenery
820 Pick Up Girls, Young Master!
819 Was it Wrong to Be Too Outstanding?
818 Everyone Was Blown Away!
817 Queen of Blades!
816 Golden Emperor Beetle!
815 The Emergence of King Zergs!
814 Top Secre
813 Zerg Knight Carter
812 The Zerg Knights Are Here!
811 Inducement Part Two
810 Inducement Part One
809 Reversal!
808 Full of Wicked Ideas
807 First Batch of Zergs, Wiped Out!
806 Blow It Up!
805 He Is Cheating! What the Heck!
804 Luck Detector Device, Exploded!
803 Kill All of Them!
802 King Zergs
801 The Terrifying Zerg Race!
800 The Zergs Are Here!
799 Lets Star
798 Is He Worthy of It?
797 Prepare for War
796 Seven Days!
795 Zerg Knights
794 As Bright as a Star
793 Mutated Zerg!
792 Hurricane.Wuhen!
791 What Was the Most Precious Thing in the Universe? Talents!
790 Buy Not the Best, But the Most Expensive!
789 High-Profile Squandering
788 Great Danger!
787 Hong Dali Knows How to Pick up Women?!
786 A Timely Gif
785 Deep Waters.Li Tianxing
784 Off to the Auction!
783 Skill Upgrade!
782 Growth
781 Five Kings.Jiang Dongliu
780 Preparation for Sing! Milky Way
779 Unpredictable Power
778 Youre Snatching Our Business!
777 Poser, Ill Let You Fly!
776 Rich and Capricious
775 King P. Ace
774 Preparation for “Big News Event”
773 The Mysterious Old Man
772 Wasnt This Too Far-fetched?!
772 Wasn't This Too Far-fetched?!
771 Crazy Helme
770 As a Paren
769 Dali, Give Me a Hug
768 Come Home Often
767 Hong Dali Is Bleeding!
766 Great Renovation Workers
765 Discussing Wines
764 The Second Greatest Mister Eagle Eye
763 Love Exper
762 Love Begins
761 Making Everyone Stronger
760 Earth
759 For the Glory of Mankind!
758 Green Bird's Child
757 Life Is Unbearable!
756 Spend Large Efforts
755 Once in a Thousand Years
754 Complete All the Levels!
753 The Last Level!
752 Gamble of Will
751 Been Protective of Those Close to Him Since He Was Still in His Mother's Womb
750 18 Years Ago
749 Green Bird
748 Super Genius!
747 This Is Cheating, Right!?
746 You Are Welcomed to Come Back Here Often
745 Mysterious Exper
744 Dali Takes on the Challenge
743 The Great Mister Gate
742 The Challenge Begins!
742 Once in a Thousand Years
741 Tower of Trials, Start!
740 From Now On, I Won't Lose Anymore!
739 The Tone of Your Painful Moan Isn't Correc
738 What's This!?
737 Only Sell One Piece of Armor per Day!
736 That Isn't an Issue, I Am Rich Anyways!
735 This Feel!
734 Aristocratx2.Dali!
733 Mince Them and Feed Them to the Dogs
732 Be Steadfast, Remain True to Your Hear
731 My Heart Howls! My Hands Are on Fire!
730 Justice?
729 Thunder, One Million Volts
728 Levis, Injured!
727 Brothers for Life!
726 Who Do You Think You Are?
725 Take It as a Vacation
724 Aristocrat Quota
723 The Level Was Still Too Low
722 To Protec
721 I, Am a Father.
720 Aristocrat.Dali!
719 You Were Not My Match Since I Was Three!
718 Bully My Son And I Will Bully Your Home Plane
717 No One in the World Can Save You!
716 Shoot Me!
715 Dali, Kiss Me!
714 Invincible Dragon Tiger King
713 Do You Want to Understand What It's like to Be Alive?
712 I Am Going to Blow up Hong Dali's Villa!
711 You Really Have a Sweet Mouth!
710 The End of the Road
709 What the Heck Is That!
708 You Aren't Making a Move? Then Let Me Do It.
707 Aristocrat.Tianzong!
706 The Strongest VS the Strongest!
705 Dali Is Good At Mocking Others
704 Awesome Little Shiqi
703 Fervent Admirer
702 Top-Grade Items
701 The Great Li Nianwei
700 Aristocrat Qianxue
699 Lackeys Like Us
698 We Won't Understand the Logic of a God-like Person...
697 Someone Capable of Great Things!
696 Opening a Pawn Shop Beside a Pawnshop?!
695 Why Would I Want to Buy If It Doesn't Lose Money
694 The Five Galaxy Superpowers
693 I Feel Like Laughing Once I See Him
692 The Other Side of Shenluo Main City
691 Warehouse Manager
690 Watch Your Behavior! Behave!
689 Big Findings
688 There’s No Logic
687 A Bountiful Day!
686 It Works This Way?!
685 Family Feud
684 You Have Never Fought Hundreds of Thousands of People?!
683 Squander!
682 Alien Core
681 Buy a Villa First!
680 Village Bumpkin
679 VIP Rating System
678 This Stage Is a Bit Huge
677 Out of Earth and into the Universe!
676 If There’s Nothing Better to Do Next Time, Just Blast a Few Planets and Film It for Fun
675 Must Be Accompanied by the Merikan President Just for a Movie
674 Where Did I Put It?
673 Everybody's Darling, Flowers Bloom for You
672 Plan B
671 Tang Long's Conditions
670 Benevolent and Hones
669 Don’t Leave After School!
668 Entering the Core of the Thunder Angel
667 Demon Fantasy Record
666 Two Large Groups
665 My Name Is Mo Tianji
664 A Terrifying Legacy
663 Heading to Water Spirit Village
662 Thunder Angel
661 I Am Someone of Status
660 Galaxy Super Mecha Wars
659 It Feels Too Beautiful
658 The Price of Failure!
657 Prodigal's Ultimate Technique
656 In Me the Tiger Sniffs the Rose
655 We Were Indeed Seeking Death Previously...
654 Strongest Typhoon in History!
653 Merika Completely Became Soft...
652 The Terrifying Outcome!
651 Dali Storm
650 Dali's Sneeze
649 Luck of the Heavens!
648 The Nonsense He Told Felt Great!
647 Send Him Out to Travel Around the World
646 Twisting the Facts
645 Scared Merika
644 Changed of Plans
643 Isn't This Too Miraculous?
642 Five Element Wheel
641 Massive Information
640 Members of the Holy Grail Making Their Gorgeous Debu
639 Not a Single Person That Can Figh
638 Galaxy Warrior?
637 Strength: 73, Agility: 86, Reflexes: 92?
636 My Luck Has Always Been Bad
635 Exchanging Pointers
634 Too Much Information
633 The One in Fur Coat Fought Quite Well
632 The Highest Respec
631 Comparing with the Young Master's Women
630 Splitting up the Course of Actions
629 Deterring Them with Combat Might!
628 Seduce Hong Dali
627 Extravagant Formation
626 He Could Still Be Saved
625 Squander, Must Squander!
624 Transform, Granzon!
623 Not Acting Cool, He's Invincible!
622 Giant Squid!
621 Mysterious Necklace
620 Beautiful Underwater World
619 Ko Gohon's New Name
618 Galaxy-Class Charisma
617 Side Mission Two Accomplished
616 Xiao Bai, You Have Got Work to Do!
615 Frightening!
614 Shuddering from Shock
613 One Pice Part Two
612 ONE PICE Part One
611 Upper Limit Exceeds One Hundred, Little Bai Hechou’s Attributes
610 Space Warp
609 Heaven's Son
608 Cosmic Level Interne
607 Dark Fores
606 My Mother Asked Me to Log Off and Have Dinner
605 Cheng Jitang Red Bean
604 The Mysterious Virtual Reality
603 Bai Hechou.Seru
602 The Ability to Grab Money
601 No One to Go up Against!
600 Dali's Internet Empire
599 Something Happened to the Holographic Helme
598 Unlucky Toyoda Automobile
597 Heavenly State's Ministry of Supervision, Honorary Minister
596 Convinced Beyond a Doub
595 Cherish Whatever You Ge
594 In Just a Few Words, Miraculous!
593 Young Master Dali Gives Directive for the Country
592 Planes! So Many Planes!
591 F**k Your Old Grandpa!
590 Dali Was Kicked, Consequences Were Dire
589 Cross the Province Border, We Must Definitely Cross the Province Border!
588 Losing Everything Overnigh
587 Wang Cai, What Happened to You Wang Cai
586 Even Wild Dogs Were Touched
585 The Prodigal Was Being Rewarded by a Prodigal...
584 Dali's Incognito Traveling Journey
583 New Technological Blueprin
582 Hong Dali's Deterrence Power
581 Weixin Strikes!
580 You Are Planning to Do Daylight Robbery!
579 Free from Worries, Bai Hechou
578 Beautiful Life
577 Miss, You Are Really a Man!
576 The Entire Body Feels Comfortable, Excellent!
575 Dali Jiayun Medical Charity Foundation
574 Hidden Task
573 Actually, My Favor Is Still Quite Valuable...
572 Today's Scene Is a Bit Too Large!
571 I Am Really Quite Wealthy...
570 A Glamorous Entrance
569 Holographic Game Helme
568 Simulation Gaming Chamber
567 This Feels So Good...
566 Pitiful Lady
565 Yooooooooo...
564 Dali Wildlife and Obedient Pets Protection Association
563 Round It Up
562 Ohhh! This One Is Good!
561 I Will Buy It at Any Cost!
560 Sincerely at Your Service!
559 Powerful Running Dog
558 The Show Begins!
557 Why Did You Have to Do That...
556 Dali’s Pan-Entertainment Civil Technology Group Corporation!
555 Parents' Love
554 Resource Chamber of Commerce Meeting Ultimate Goal Part Two
553 Resource Chamber of Commerce Meeting Ultimate Goal Part One
552 Resource Chamber of Commerce Meeting Part Twenty-Three
551 Resource Chamber of Commerce Meeting Part Twenty-two
550 Resource Chamber of Commerce Meeting Part Twenty-one
549 Resource Chamber of Commerce Meeting Part Twenty
548 Resource Chamber of Commerce Meeting Part Nineteen
547 Resource Chamber of Commerce Meeting Part Eighteen
546 Resource Chamber of Commerce Meeting Part Seventeen
545 Resource Chamber of Commerce Meeting Part Sixteen
544 Resource Chamber of Commerce Meeting Part Fifteen
543 Resource Chamber of Commerce Meeting Part Fourteen
542 Resource Chamber of Commerce Meeting Part Thirteen
541 Resource Chamber of Commerce Meeting Part Twelve
540 Resource Chamber of Commerce Meeting Part Eleven
539 Resource Chamber of Commerce Meeting Part Ten
538 Resource Chamber of Commerce Meeting Part Nine
537 Resource Chamber of Commerce Meeting Part Eigh
536 Resource Chamber of Commerce Meeting Part Seven
535 Resource Chamber of Commerce Meeting Part Six
534 Resource Chamber of Commerce Meeting Part Five
533 Resource Chamber of Commerce Meeting Part Four
532 Resource Chamber of Commerce Meeting Part Three
531 Resource Chamber of Commerce Meeting Part Two
530 Resource Chamber of Commerce Meeting Part One
529 Final Preparations
528 Four Kings Part Three
527 Four Kings Part Two
526 Four Kings Part One
525 Big Bro Dali's New Ride
524 Precious Babies, Come into the Bowl!
523 Big Bro Dali's New Game
522 The Magnates’ Meeting
521 Scary Projec
520 An Uncommon Day for Yuanshou
519 Let’s Move the School Here as Well!
518 Playing Football on the Aircraft Carrier
517 Big Fish and Second Fish
516 Christina
515 Finally Preparing to Change the Map
514 I Have Special Skills for Courting Girls Part Two
513 I Have Special Skills for Courting Girls Part One
512 Picking Guests with Combat Aircraft in the Future
511 Collusion
510 Mission Part Two
509 Mission Part One
508 Reliable!
507 Heavenly State’s Three Generals
506 I Want to Build a Fish Pond!
505 Brother Dali Drank Too Much Again...
504 Pretend, Continue to Pretend!
503 Grandpa Mysterious
502 I Didn't Grow up Being Intimidated by People
501 Eating and Licking the Mouth at the Same Time
500 There's Stuff! There's Really Stuff!
499 Something Big Is Going to Happen!
498 Lanxiang Is so Impressive!
497 The World Is so Incredulous...
496 Iron Warrior
495 Eating off the Rich!
494 Heart Q, Diamond K
493 Schemes Part Two
492 Schemes Part One
491 An Island in Exchange for Two People
490 Time Delay
489 It's Obvious I'm Taking Advantage of You!
488 My Story
487 Terrible Table Manners!
486 Mother Asked Me Why I Was Kneeling to the Computer
485 Unusual
484 Flip a Card
483 I Am Mechanical Man, I Speak for Myself!
482 Bomb Something!
481 Perfect-grade Mechanical Holy Garment Part II
480 Perfect-grade Mechanical Holy Garment Part I
479 It's Rising, It's Rising! It Finally Raised!
478 I Must Squander!
477 Prodigal Badge
476 Hong Dali Must Die!
475 Luck Detector Device
474 Comparisons Are Odious!
473 Amusing Idiot Part Two
472 Amusing Idiot Part One
471 Heavenly State Non-Ordinary People Confidential File
470 I Am a Prodigal!
469 OH NO!
468 Satisfying Just Thinking About I
467 Demon
466 Fight to the Death
465 Attending a Feast Alone with Only a Single Blade as Accompanimen
464 Above the Clouds
463 This Moment Has Finally Arrived!
462 Constantly Imitated, Never Surpassed!
461 Young Master Dali, I’m Coming to Follow You
460 Are You Challenging Our Intelligence Quotient!
459 A Gust of Wind
458 The Prodigal Talks About Education
457 Hindering Crotch
456 The Heavenly State Is Too Dangerous!
455 Why Don't People Believe in My Honest Words?
454 Young Master Dali Is Here to Inspect Our Work
453 Birds of the Same Feather Flock Together
452 Pak! Pak! Pak! Pak! Pak!
451 Someone Is Unexpectedly Stealing a Job!
450 An Accident, This Must Be an Accident!
449 Dali Bean
448 Underground Huge Cave
447 Survive the Ordeal
446 Reward! One Piece per Person!
445 Scary Theory
444 Tragedy Beyond Compare in the Human World
443 Forever Live in Our Hearts!
442 Ten Gold Bricks as Tips!
441 Trouble Descends from Above
440 S+ Level Mission
439 Prohibit Flying in the Sky and Cars on the Ground!
438 Let Misfortune Strike Harder!
437 Lend Me 3,000 City Guards
436 Sell Two Aircraft Carriers, for One to Bomb and Sink the Other
435 Two Good Squandering Projects Have Been Lost Just Like Tha
434 Mass Production
433 Damn, This Time We'll Be Rich!
432 Dali Divine Sec
431 On the Same Boa
430 Really Awesome
429 For Young Master's Sake!
428 Is This the Dwarves vs Giants?
427 No Going Out!
426 I Want to Be the Home Team! Home Team!
425 Go and Find Some Fun!
424 Mystery Man
423 Squander as Much as You Want, I Support You!
422 Past Secrets
421 Target, Hong Dali
420 Congratulations, You’re Free!
419 Hong Dali, You, Are Indeed Vicious!
418 Basketball Team Members
417 Giving Others a Taste of Their Own Medicine
416 Love You to Death, Mwah!
415 Dali Never Bullies Others
414 Last Madness
413 Absolute Ability Triumphs Over All Schemes
412 Only Concerned About Spending Money, Not Concerned About Earning Money!
411 Round Up To 200 Million
410 Real Life Version of Pacific Rim?!
409 Your Father Is Being Threatened!
408 Virtual Reality Internet Game
407 Welcome to Dream Dota League
406 400 Holographic Projectors
405 Neural-Connection System, Completed!
404 Door to Heaven
403 Killing Someone Without Spilling Blood
402 Spiritual Sword vs Dream Dota League
401 Simple and Straight to the Poin
400 Spiritual Swords Advantage
399 A Clueless Youth Has Much Joy
398 Killer Bee Zhang Yi
397 Mysterious Young Lady
396 Technology Advancemen
395 Young Master Feels Hot, So He Needs Artificial Rainfall
394 Crazyracing Kartrider
393 Preparation for “Frozen”
392 Let It Go, Frozen
391 Loving and Caring for Animals Is Everyones Responsibility
390 Is Young Master Planning to Be a Druid?
389 Conversation with the Dogs
388 Explosive Popularity
387 Setup! Setup Must Be Big!
386 Squandering Dragon
385 Report on “Spiritual Sword”
384 Summer Vacation!
383 Battle of the Young Masters Big Gain
382 Battle of the Young Masters Part Seventeen
381 Battle of the Young Masters Part Sixteen
380 Battle of the Young Masters Part Fifteen
379 Battle of the Young Masters Part Fourteen
378 Battle of the Young Masters Part Thirteen
377 Battle of the Young Masters Part Twelve
376 Battle of the Young Masters Part Eleven
375 Battle of the Young Masters Part Ten
374 Battle of the Young Masters Part Nine
373 Battle of the Young Masters Part Eigh
372 Battle of the Young Masters Part Seven
371 Battle of the Young Masters Part Six
370 Battle of the Young Masters Part Five
369 Battle of the Young Masters Part Four
368 Battle of the Young Masters Part Three
367 Battle of the Young Masters Part Two
366 Battle of the Young Masters Part One
365 A Shocking Piece of News
364 So Many Mushrooms
363 Sometimes, Its Actually Quite Good to Squander
362 Lion Against Rabbi
361 Flying Bull Basketball
360 Resource Chamber of Commerce
359 A New Project Is Starting!
358 This Sounds Really Scary!
357 The Magical Bangle
356 Natures Best Friend
355 Have You Seen Someone Buying Land like This?
354 The Kind and Charitable Big Prodigal Hong
353 I Want This Village!
352 The Battle of Poaching People
351 The High-Class Ye Lai Xiang
350 Ive Always Been the Big Boss In Tianjing, I Can Twist It Around My Little Finger, Grand League Is In Charge of the Area
349 Coming to Create Havoc
348 Where Are We Going, Dad
347 A New Be
346 Rent!
345 Never Humiliates Himself
344 Fierce Competition on Download Coun
343 Allied Army
342 Sweeping the Charts
341 The Lantern Illuminates the Rivers and Mountains
340 Hatsune Tianyi
339 I Am a Singer Stage Nine, Officially Begins!
338 Ride On Success And Attack The Enemy
337 Enormous Popularity Gained Through Hyping
336 The Gamble
335 I Never Need to Plan
334 Start Of "iPartment" Filming
333 Flames of War
332 Havent Heard Such a Sound for a Long Time
331 Pernicious Man Hong Jianye
330 Start Cornering Him In All Aspects!
329 Heavens Secrets Must Not Be Divulged
328 Mysterious Figure
327 Would He Be Beaten to Death by His Dad?
326 Im Not Really Sensitive to Figures
325 Speed Must Be Increased!
324 The Failed Battle Declaration
323 The Rise of a Nation Will Surely Lead to the Arrival of a Lucky Star
322 Titanium Alloy Toy
321 An “S” Shaped Formation at One Point of Time, a “B” Shaped Formation at Another
320 An Unfortunate Case Caused by an Airplane
319 UFO Discovered!
318 Give Them a Scare!
317 For the Glory of Hollywood!
316 Alliance!
315 A 50 Million USD Invitation
314 A Capital of 200 Billion
313 Wish You Quick Success!
312 Super-sports: Valsion
311 8 Million? Thats small change!
310 A Man With the Power to Destroy the World
309 Holy Grail
308 Chuyins Smile Part Three
307 Chuyins Smile Part Two
306 Chuyins Smile Part One
305 Hatsune Miku
304 Even I Get Scared When I Get Angry!
303 In This World, There Can Only Be One Young Master!
302 Golden Idea
301 Young Masters Diversion Tactic
300 "Lucifer"
299 Treating Squandering as a Career
298 Lets Invest Two Billion and Test the Marke
297 Granzon
296 Young Master Is Going Against the Heavens!
295 Copulation by Decree?
294 Lin Jiayun’s Plea
293 The Most Crucial One Percen
292 Head of the Mu Family
291 Lazy People Change the World
290 Mu Yuxi Learning How to Squander
289 The Pitiful Traitor
288 Solving the Problem Using a Chicken
287 Chuyins Tears
286 Shared Emotions
285 Young Master Dali Hong, A Miracle Creator
284 Hong Dali Seal!
283 Dalaran Technology Tower
282 Young Master Brand!
281 Hong Dali Who Never Humiliates Himself
280 The Arrival of the Lord
279 Unexpected Box Office
278 Nothing Left Except Perfection
277 Treating the Premiere as If It Were Nothing!
276 At the Premiere
275 Ten Million Merikan Dollars
274 A Little Smack to the Face
273 I Cant Learn
272 Angels Wings
271 Round Table Conference
270 The Legendary Sister Canon?!
269 Letting Go of past Rivalries with a Smile
268 A Few Slaps
267 The Timely Rain Hong Dali
266 The Awesome Gem Processing Skill
265 Xiao Ming
264 Liu Family, Old Master Liu
263 Target: Hollywood!
262 Tian Di
261 I’m so Angry!
260 10 Million, to Round It Up
259 Brother Dalis Small Spending
258 The Idol in the World of Prodigals
257 God of Fortune Hong Dali
256 Can I Give You a Hug? Part Two
255 Can I Give You a Hug? Part One
254 "I Am MT"
253 The Holy Warriors of the Goddess
252 Perfect-Grade Nouveau Riche Golden Smartphone
251 Choice of Advancemen
250 The Word Young Master Wants Is...
249 For the Glory of the Heavenly State
248 Hollywoods Technological Barrier!
247 Look at this bootlicking!
246 A Fantastic Idea
245 A Surprise Gues
244 Its a Real Eye-Opener Today
243 Huge Reward!
242 The Top 8 Courses of New Lanxiang
241 Uncle Chief
240 Super Electromagnetic Gun
239 Not Enough, Its Not Enough!
238 Just Short of a Principal
237 Little Meow
236 Young Masters Domineering Attitude!
235 Who Set the Rule That Hollywood Must Be in Merika?
234 The Pitiful Liu Mingxin
233 Dream Dota League!
232 Demacia!
231 "What the Heck!"
230 A Two Billion Yuan Land
229 Brother Dali is Going to Open a Park
228 The Prodigal Phenomenon
227 Yuanshous Anger!
226 The Whole Heavenly State Erupted!
225 Emergence of the Black Tortoise
224 Turn over!
223 Saving Big Turtle
222 Unresolvable
221 How Can I Stand I
220 Harming Others Without Even Batting an Eyelid
218 Family Meeting Rookie King!
217 Family Meeting Part Nineteen
216 Family Meeting Part Eighteen
215 Family Meeting Part Seventeen
214 Family Meeting Part Sixteen
213 Family Meeting Part Fifteen
212 Family Meeting Part Fourteen
211 Family Meeting Part Thirteen
210 Family Meeting Part Twelve
209 Family Meeting Part Eleven
208 Family Meeting Part Ten
207 Family Meeting Part Nine
206 Family Meeting Part Eigh
205 Family Meeting Part Seven
204 Family Meeting Part Six
203 Family Meeting Part Five
202 Family Meeting Part Four
201 Family Meeting Part Three
200 Family Meeting Part Two
199 Family Meeting Part One
198 System Upgrade
197 Good Luck
196 Dreams Will Never End!
195 The Woman Who Jumped into the River
194 Never Lef
193 It Should Work
192 The Superb Mu Zixiao
191 Alarming Luck
190 Only After Being Able to Stand Disadvantages Will You Then Be Able to Enjoy Advantages
189 The Mascot of Tianjing City
188 Brother Turn Back
187 An Amazing Discovery
186 Underground Expedition
185 This Is My Home
184 Can You Kiss Me Again? Part Two
183 Can You Kiss Me Again? Part One
182 An Awesome Invention
181 Service Must Be Proper, Attitude Must Be Sincere
180 Grand League
179 What a Cute Lolita...
178 I Have Special Recitation Skills
177 Brother, I Can Only Help You This Much...
176 “Let us all eat and drink well!”
175 Found a Coal Mine? Iron Mine? Hot Spring?
174 Full Missile Launch
173 I Enjoy Bullying Others in Numbers
172 Chui Chui, I Love You!
171 Beautiful Woman Are Just so Self-Confiden
170 Heavenly States Four Talents
169 Axe Gang
168 Young Masters Wrath
167 Follow Me and You Will Not Be Mistreated
166 I Didn’t See Anything
165 How to Become a Prodigal
164 Xiaoyis Brother
163 The Rabbit Dies and the Fox is Depressed
162 Xiaoyis Troubles
160 Actually, I Am Very Pure and Innocen
159 Kidnap the Director of a Gaming Company
158 Zhang Gongyan
157 800 Stainless Steel Beds
156 Have Boldness! Have Foresight! Have Magnanimity!
155 Old Rogue
154 Picked up from the Roadside
153 Monster, Show Yourself!
152 E-Sports
151 A Terrifying Battle Prowess
150 Lin Zixuan
149 Quentin
148 The Corn of Capricorn
147 Donald Duck
146 Some Celebrate, Some Worry
145 Nouveau Riche!
144 Do You Think That I Cant Count!?
143 The Systems Mission
142 Craziness
141 A Storm
140 Miracle
139 A Stunning Opening Ceremony
138 Young Masters Capabilities
137 Domineering Statemen
136 He Is My Son
135 Familys Rules
134 When Dali Produces Something, It Must Be The Best!
133 Villains Collude Together
132 Holographic Projection Technology
131 Can Only Squander Money, but Not Earn It!
130 I’m Here to Get Hit?
129 Hong Dali, the Great Conner
128 Kowtow a Thousand Times
127 This Plot Is for People to See?
126 Prepare Some Rapid Action Heart Tonic...
125 Hardcore Fan
124 The 18 Palm Attacks to Defeat Dragons?
123 “Wash, Cut, Blow” Geezer Wang
122 This World Is Really Mystical!
121 Going Against The Heavens!
120 Easts Mingxin, Wests Zixiao, Souths Yifeng, Norths Dali
119 Fight the Landlord
118 I Can See That Your Bones Are Special
117 I Can Only Help You Till Here...
116 The System That Prohibits Gambling
115 Chui Chui Is My Male Idol!
114 Drink Might, Acquire Migh
113 Crazy... Everyone is Crazy...
112 Youve Got to Look at This
111 Respect for Young Master
110 I Dont Ask to Be the Most Wealthy, but the Most Incredible!
109 Cost of Joining
108 You Are Planning a Revolt!
107 A Prodigy in the World of Lucky People
106 Confirmation
105 Good Friend, You Have a Bright Future
104 Finding Something Fun
103 Difficult Decision
102 Still Quite Sweet...
101 Descent of An Immortal
100 If You Dont Seek Death, You Wont Die
99 Real Man!
98 Sir Mu
97 Preparation for “I Am a Singer”
96 The Tang Familys Crisis
95 Will This Burn Money?
94 You Will Not Understand Even If I Explained
93 Gold-digger
92 I Want! I Want To Sleep With You!
91 Thank You For Bestowing Kindness Upon Us, Young Master!
90 Big Bro Dali’s New Nickname
89 Meeting of Foes
88 This Isnt Enough!
87 Dali Is a Real Man!
86 The Fantastical Jewelry Se
85 Hurry up and Find a Wife
84 In My Name
83 Sister Blood Consor
82 Dark Gold Quality, Trustworthy
81 I Didnt Regret It, Just That My Intestines Went Green
80 A Toy to Grind Ones Teeth
79 Difference Between the Tips
78 Erase to the Zeros
77 I Better Just Look at the Pork Shoulders...
76 Acting Ones True Self
75 Manner
74 The Zealous and Righteous Hong Dali
73 I Cannot Tolerate This!
72 The God-level Nouveau Riche
71 Come, Lets Squander to My Hearts Content!
70 Since Yu Was Born, Why Liang Was Also Born
69 Dont Stop The Medicine!
68 The Story About One Dollar
67 A Trick Within a Trick
66 Liu Mingxin
65 The Cooked Duck Had Flown Away
64 Eat Steamboa
63 Excited Plus Dog Treasure
62 Liu Yihui
61 My Sense of Logic Has Shattered All Over the Floor
60 Because of Dogs
59 Awesome Recipe for Prodigals
58 Five Authors
57 I Choose You!
56 I Cant Speak The Truth?
55 Producing Clouds With One Turn of the Hand and Rain with Another
54 God-level Plan
53 You Just Want Me to Genuflect? Ill Do It!"
52 This Pillow Is Comfortable
51 Blockbuster
50 Comrade, You Have Worked Hard!
49 Laser Show
48 Superprodigal
47 The Start of the Concer
46 Dali Is Actually Blushing
45 Embarking on the Pinnacle of Life
44 Unexpectedly, Dali Creates Miracles
43 Scold Me with One Sentence and I Will Kill Your Whole Family
42 An Unexpected Reward
41 I Dont Expect Myself to Be Awesome, but I Should Wish for My Opponent to Fail
40 This Is Truly My Biological Mother
39 This Smoke Is Too Choking
38 Lighting That Cost 20 Million Yuan
37 “Lightning Pursuit,” Li Nianwei
36 An Unforgettable Nigh
35 Playing in the Film Industry Seems Quite Interesting
34 The Noble Community Is Really Messy
33 Dali Is Healthy
32 The Love of Parents
31 I Want to Be the King of the Mountain
30 Mu Yuxi
29 I Will Have This Hill!
28 The Waves at the Back Overtaking the Waves in Fron
27 Hong Familys Family Meeting
26 The Prodigals Recipe
25 Not Bad, This Is the Taste!
24 Dig a Bigger Pi
23 The One and Only, No Others
22 I Just Want to Hear I
21 Neither Predecessors nor Successors
20 Mayor Jiangs Classic Name-Calling
19 The Invincible Dali
18 Havent You Heard of Dalis Miracle?
17 The Squanderers Breakfas
16 The World of the Rich
15 Dog Shits Luck
14 The Dreadful Queen Fan Er
13 The Legend of the Lackey
12 Am I Squandering It Right?
11 Buy a House to Raise Dogs
10 To Squander on a Large Scale!
9 The Unfriendly Brother
8 The Outcome of Squandering
7 The Prodigals Exuberance
6 The Feeling of Being a Nouveau Riche
5 Not in the Least Expected
4 I Must Have Opened the Script the Wrong Way!
3 Squandering Is Actually a Type of Skill
2 The Engagement Proposal
1 Great Prodigal System