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74 EX Job: Blacksmith Part 1

 I didn't expect the 10 beginner cities would be released before the first expansion. From what I can remember, they only released those ten cities after the first expansion. Looks like Tojiro did change some things and did some advance update for that reason. Honestly, I find it good instead of ruining what I remember.

Now that the EX jobs are now implemented for us players, then we would be able to perform jobs like merchants, chefs, and blacksmiths. I am planning to get the chef Ex Job first but since I am not yet into the Muffin town where the EX job acquisition mission is located, I would first get the Blacksmith job since Blacksmith Almira is currently the best one to learn it with. Also, from what I experienced before, Almira's weapon crafts are definitely one of the best in the world. Of course, she would be able to dominate all blacksmiths if she can create Mythical Weapons. If she can do that easily, she would definitely be able to compete against the divine blacksmiths only the gods are capable of getting a weapon from them.

Almira already knows me and although our relationship status is merely acquaintances, I know what item can help raise her friendliness to me because I am the one who obtained it and has given it to Almira to advance her into Mythical Blacksmith.

First off is to slay one of the Field Bosses in the middle of the starting village and the Capital. I rushed in the Capital so I missed slaying it but that doesn't matter much since this boss is not that popular with players since beginners would have trouble killing it and other players who managed to reach the capital will not bother to kill it. Besides, it was quite hard to kill this boss due to its insane defense values so it was just left out by other players since its not that worth of the time.

But this boss drops one of the legendary quest items that have a 100% drop rate, however, not all can see its worth due to its disguise, and players with blacksmith ability can restore it to its former glory without a problem.

Now that I have checked and confirmed the changelog, its time to get working and get the job done as soon as possible. Time is not on my side and the more time I waste, the more chances I might be losing every second.

Lina was currently helping out her mother in the counter and serves food for the NPCs. Lina is still underdeveloped from my perspective and fighting another boss like the one I am trying to hunt is going to be a good thing however, from the looks of it, she was currently busy. But it doesn't hurt to ask.

Approaching the counter, Lina immediately noticed me and smiled awkwardly.

"Master, I am sorry, I am quite busy at the moment. Whatever you have to do right now, I can only say I have to skip since some sort of problem popped out in our business."


"Lately, a mercenary loanshark group lend money to my late father. However, he didn't manage to pay it in time due to his sudden death after a heart attack. We didn't know anything about this since our father didn't say anything and just only knew right now after those guys showed up last time and asked my mother for some payment."

When I heard this, I was surprised again. The storyline of Lina was now altered. She shouldn't have some debt and she would never have one inherited from his late father. She only suffers setbacks from being a battle maid without much worth but that is not something that would cause something to trigger a debt story. Maybe this was another additional storyline for Lina?

Just as I was thinking about it, my interface glowed and showed me a quest acquisition.

Tale Quest

[Lina's family was now owing money from a mercenary loansharks group due to the debt that was left alone by Lina's late father. Investigate the situation about the Mercenary Loan Shark and find out what was really necessary. Go to Blacksmith Almira and ask for some info.]

Objective: Gather information about the Mercenary Loanshark Group 0/1

Reward: Ingot of the Stars, Grimoire of Blacksmithing Advanced Version

Ingot of the Stars! The item I literally need to take from the boss that I mentioned! Although it was not a very valuable item, it was a quest item for Almira since she gets a breakthrough from that Item alone. And to think she was connected to the quest of Lina isn't this a coincidence a bit too convenient for me? Or this was some sort of plot devised by Tojiro? Whatever it was, this is not too bad to pass by.

"Can you tell me more about this Mercenary Group? If they are loansharks, they should be widely well known by everyone right?"

"Indeed master. They were quite notorious in doing so and after a few complaints, I also heard that they do some shady stuff for those people who can't pay and worse, those people will be sold as a slave instead."

"So the reason you are working is to immediately earn the quota needed for the debt payment right? How much is it?"

"According to them, Father borrowed 20 gold coins from them. Since it been a few years since the death of Father, the debt inflated and the number of gold coins needed is now 1000 gold coins!"

I gasped hearing that. Isn't that a bit too expensive? 20 gold coins and if it doubles in payment every month or every year, it is not going to inflate that much unless they have some sort of agreement on what to do with the inflation of the money borrowed after not paying it.

I take out a pouch full of gold coins and put it on Lina's hands.

"Use this as you see fit. Don't pressure yourselves. Just leave this matter to me."