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73 The New Patch

 It didn't take that long before the tattoos were applied to Akira and Sora. Tojiro did not say anything additional either so I did not bother to ask any clarifications especially when he kept on saying I should find out everything by myself. Although I was prepared to pay, Tojiro decided to just let it be free like how I get mine too since I was the one doing so and to also acquire more specifics on the tattoo version of the Reality Verse. Apparently, Tojiro is adding many things in the game and in the Reality Verse that is not present in the other timeline so that he can change what will happen in the very future.

Since I have great capabilities in adapting to new features, he decided that it would be good for me to adapt and use the new changes to my own use. And before we depart, he gave me additional info.

"Try to get all skills of the classes the Versatile class can use to the max. Don't leave a single skill behind. This will help you in the very future. It is also the reason I have asked you last time to choose the Versatile class instead of retaining your Magic Knight class. I still can't tell you much but that way, I can help you get prepared. You already obtained what was necessary to do that so I don't need to say much now. Anyways, good luck and don't do the same mistakes I made."

I nodded and bid farewell after that. And to think Tojiro is much of a veteran time traveler already, he might have suffered a lot since he said that he all experienced failure. But because he is too tough, he is still going there strong despite the countless failures and retries. If I can help change his and my destiny, then I will give everything I got to change it.

"Big bro, are you alright?" Sora asked.

"Huh?" the voice of Sora made me stop daydreaming.

"You are dazed for quite a while. I don't know what happened to you."

"Ah, don't worry, I just have something in my mind. It's nothing major. Anyways, are you two hungry? Let's grab some chow before we go shopping for appliances and some furniture. We also need to buy the two of you some clothes."

"Huh?! No! These clothes are enough! And the tattoo game system something that has been given to us must have cost a lot of fortune!" Akira immediately hooked his head to stop me from doing so.

"No, no. Don't worry, I got this. You two don't have to worry about anything," I said and hailed a taxi.

I wanted to buy a car already but it's not yet time for me to get one since I have yet to earn a license. I will be able to get a license next year after my birthday and it won't be that long.

We took lunch in a not so fancy restaurant. I choose this restaurant because they don't bother to be extravagant with their food but rather, they want the customers to be feeling full in their stomachs rather than having minuscule classy food that barely reduces your hunger and quite expensive too.

"Big bro, can we play the game you are talking about once we go back home?" Sora asked. I just noticed now but she was now calling me "Big Bro" which I am not against it.

"Yeah. I already played the game so once you entered the game, I will help you reach certain levels so that you can get into the game faster," I said.

"No, I appreciate it but we would rather do it ourselves. I believe the effort is much better than being carried simply. Where is the fun in learning if we just passed through it without effort?" Akira said to me as he disagreed with what I just said.

"Well, you have a point. Carrying the two of you in the game by a higher leveled guy will just take the fun away from you and even if you are high leveled enough doesn't mean you are strong already. This game prefers to show real efforts instead of stats alone. Players with efforts, equipment, and level with them are one of the strongest people in the game."

To think that even before they get to feel and play the game for real, they already have an idea and some gist on what is good and gives fun in the game. Indeed, what Akira said is true.

"Alright. Then good luck playing the game. Also, I suggest you don't join any guild right now. They might be beneficial to you in terms of growth but just ignore it and focus with just the two of you playing the game. Ignore guild invitations."

"Thanks for the advice."

We talked more about Alternate World's mechanics and things that should be taken note with so that they won't have trouble much since they don't want to get carried that easily by strong players. They are quite good at listening and I am quite sure that they will follow my advice. They are siblings after all.

After that, we started shopping for furniture, appliances and other necessary things for the house. I also bought some clothes for the two of them too. I asked them if they want to go to school this next school year but they declined and said that it was better for them to just work. Due to their decision, I decided to hire a tutor for them in the future once everything is settled. Even if they don't want to go to school, homeschooling can also help them achieved the basic degrees of education.

I hired movers to help install and transport all of the equipment and furniture I bought into the mansion. There are many things to be supervised on this one so, in the meantime, I would spend the night in the mansion for now.

Since there are plenty of rooms in the mansion, I assigned the two siblings to their own respective rooms. They keep on refusing me but I managed to let them agree. I also choose my own room in the meantime and even though the only furniture inside this room is a cabinet, lampshade, a dresser, and bed, that is enough since I will be only staying for a single night.

After dinner, I returned to my new room. I already instructed Akira and Sora on how to operate the tattoos in their hands so that they can access the game without me supervising them. After doing those, it's also my time to log back to the game. The maintenance should be done after that amount of time.


When I opened my eyes, I was back in my room inside the inn. The sun outside is shining brightly compared to the sun in the real world.

"Welp, it's good to be back but let me see the new patch first. If Tojiro-san said was true, there might be some changes to the changelog."

Opening the interface, there were lots of changes in it, that includes the career button and the EX jobs. The skills panel also has a new button and that is the Combo system that I didn't see before. I didn't wander that long on the buttons and checked the changelog immediately.

"Thank you for playing Alternate World. Here is the latest info added prior to the maintenance for the 0.001 patch.

-Career and the Career interface have been added to the main menu.

[Career is the hobby of a player. Whatever the hobby of the player is whether you want to paint or grow a garden as a gardener, you can choose it here. It is not a necessity for the players to choose career but this is an alternative route to those who don't like to fight against monsters and just wanted to play the game for fun but didn't want to fall behind in levels.]

-EX jobs and the EX job Quests are now implemented and the button to access it is now available in the main menu. Players above level 20 will be eligible to use it.

[Ex jobs are the Secondary Classes of the player with the only difference that you can have more than one Ex Job available. Unlike a career where you can activate it anytime, you have to accept the quest to activate the Ex job you want to activate.]

-Training Reality Chamber is now available for use.

[Training Reality Chamber can be accessed in the main menu. The sole purpose of this feature is to allow players to train themselves inside this chamber. No experience can be obtained here and you can only do practice your moves here. Mp will be fully recovered after 10 seconds of inactivity of the player as long as they are inside the chamber]

-Combo system is also implemented and will be available for all players once they pass level 20.

[Combo system is a series of the predetermined skills of a player's class used consecutively. The deployment of the skills in order will be available to be edited and can be used to perform a massive combo in one go without the player trying to figure out what to use next. PVP and PK battles will prove this system useful]

-PVP and ARENA BATTLES are now available. Players who have arrived the Capital can now access this.

-10 Major Cities added in this patch for the preparation of the First Expansion event in the future. Side quests and guild quests that involve the new cities are now added.

List of Cities added:

1. Caracoba City

2. Beetshak City

3. Ys

4. Lifeless City

5. Floating City of Laputa

6. Land der Feen

7. Obsidian Mines

8. Fantasy Island City

9. El Dorado

10. Sea of the Endless Storm