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72 The Past And Presen

 The person and the reason I am now back to the past, Tojiro Akisame is currently standing before us. Unlike his ragged and poor appearance before, he looked like a rich businessman right now while wearing a white coat and red necktie. Even his pants are white, I must say he likes wearing white...

When we approach, he looked at us and smiled widely.

"Oh, welcome, welcome. I heard a VIP arrived, you must be the one right?"

"I was not informed that I would be treated as a VIP once I arrive."

"Well, we give priorities to the first people using the tattoo version of Reality Verse. They are the people who will allow us to adjust data and gather things that would help us create a better gaming experience for everyone. So for guys like you, it is just the right thing to give you VIP privilege," Tojiro said.

"Is that so? Then, can you tell me what are the perks of being a VIP?"

"We always develop better things for the Reality Verse and we plan to add more functions to it in the future. If it was released, you will have free access to it too. Also, if you want to buy a cabin version of the Reality Verse for gifting purposes, we will be giving you a discount. You will also receive updates about the game's systems too so you can say that you may act like a beta tester or something on the game."

Hmm, that would be great. In the future, more addons for the Reality Verse will be added and the tattoo version is not an exemption to that. Having them as a freebie instead of paying for them is quite a big advantage for me. Those things cost a lot of money.

"If that was the case, I am looking forward to it. But I came here for another reason and the girl on the counter said that you might have an answer to that."

"Oh, you mean extra tattoo Reality Verse other than the ones we have given out? We still have 4 pieces extra but why do you want them?" then his eyes landed to Akira and Sora behind my back.

"Oh, I see. Well, if they are someone you can trust and since the contract did not say about letting children forbidden to use the tattoo Reality Verse, this can be done. Let my aides help them. You already know the protocol of the tattoo right, then let's get into it."

I nodded. And turned to the two kids. "Follow those two on that machine, you can have the game after getting this kind of tattoo like this one in my arm."

"I hate pain..." Sora said and hid behind her brother's back.

"Don't worry about it, Sora. This one does not hurt, it will take just a bit before it will be done. You don't have to worry about it too much."

Akira clenched his fist and looked at me with a resolute face. "I will protect my sister. So if you deceive us, you will pay."

"Don't worry about it, you can do that if I ever deceived you."

After convincing the two, they were led by the aides of Tojiro to the marking area. On the other hand, Tojiro led me to his office and took a seat to his chair.

"Have a seat, Manato-kun."

Grabbing the chair, Tojiro started speaking.

"Looks like everything is fine and you have done some good things that you didn't do in the past. I commend you with your efforts."

"Huh? Pardon?" I was a bit startled by what he just said.

"Haha, don't be too surprised. The past me have already traveled back in time and look at me, I am back to my former self."

" that means..."

"Yes, I also sent myself back to the past."

"Then, why did you also sent me back to the past? You can change your past by yourself if you already know many things already."

"Ha, I will tell you a secret. I have already done time traveling 20 times and every outcome is the same..."

When I heard how many times he time traveled, I was stunned. I didn't expect him to have done it that many times. But why did he say every outcome he gets is the same?

"You must be wondering why I keep getting the same outcome right? Well, I also have no idea. Even though I have changed many things and many possible causes for the outcome to stay the same, it still has little to no impact to the future. This time travel that I have done is the 21st time I have returned to the past, but this is the first time that many things have changed for the best that has not occurred at all before. And you know who caused that, it was you."

Indeed I have changed a lot of things that would deem to be trouble for me but did it really impact that much? I have not seen some obvious changes.

"And I am glad you did some things to slow down the rise of Kazuki. I have tried interfering with his growth by myself but it was proven ineffective. Now that you became the one who changes history, I will help you change it. I didn't make a mistake helping you there at that time."

"So does that mean that those events were all planned by you?"

"Yeah. The outcome from my past timeline is the same as always, so before I die, I already time traveled back in the past. I just hoped that you will do the best thing you have to do and also hoped that you still remember anything."

"Can you tell me what is the reason for Kazuki dealing with you? Also, why is he also trying to kill me? He even used his wife as someone to help the gears running that time."

"You will be able to find out yourself. I can't divulge much info about it. But it will happen soon. And it is best for you to find it yourself than saying it here, that way, it would be thrilling right?"

I don't really know what Tojiro is planning about but one thing is sure, he is the key for me to change my past and change also the set to stone future.