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71 Encounter

 Arriving on the mansion, I found the mansion clean and tidy now. It is not as dirty as before, even the cobwebs found in the ceiling are gone. The floors are also mopped and scrubbed that they can be a replacement to mirrors due to how shiny it is. I even thought I hired a janitor to clean the place up overnight. The two siblings are currently in the bathroom to wash their dirty clothes that got dirty from cleaning.

"Akira? Sora! Are you two both in here?" I shouted.

The two came out from the bathroom with bubbles still in their hands as they go and meet with me.

"Sorry that we didn't notice you come in, sir. We are currently washing our dirty clothes in the bathroom so please forgive us," Akira said.

"No worries. I am not angry. In fact, I was amazed by the two of you. I never said that you two should clean the house but you did it involuntarily. I am quite happy with that."

"Ah... thank you, sir..." Sora said in a shy voice.

"Alright, just leave those clothes, for now, we will be shopping today. You can't keep on wearing those clothes that can be resembled into rags so wear these clothes that I have brought earlier."

Then I hand them the clothes I picked out earlier before coming here. I am quite aware of what clothes they liked to wear especially during the time they became famous so finding clothes they will wear is not a problem.

"WAH! Sir, these are too expensive! We can't wear these clothes!" Akira said and hurriedly put the clothes back to the bag that contained them.

"Now, now, don't be like that. Wear them or I will be angry. It's not like I am not giving them to you guys. They are meant to be used and worn and I can't wear them since they are in small sizes and one is for the girls so just go ahead and wear them. Those clothes are all for the two of you. Don't be shy and just wear them."

The two were hesitant but in the end, after my constant nagging, they agreed to wear the clothes. Akira is wearing a black hoodie shirt with a black and white symmetry color on it. If he became a proper teenager in two years, this hoodie would be his trademark. On the other hand, Sora wears jeans and a pink and white shirt accompanied by a blue blazer. She also has a vacation hat to accompany her attire. Although she might look a bit weird in these clothes for now, if she has grown to be a fine teenager, she will look adorable.

After I managed to let them wear the clothes, its time for us to hit the road and go and buy the Reality Verse. I still didn't buy a car so I am stuck with a taxi. Besides, I still don't have a driving license.

I am not sure if the company has already developed more of the tattoo version of the Reality Verse. Honestly, I don't want them to start on the cabin version due to its low synchronization rate. However, if they lacked it, then I will have to buy the cabin one instead.

As soon as we arrived, the people going in and out of the building are not as many as the first day of release of the game. But this crowd is still considered as many and you might even think it was a market for bargain products because of the people walking by.

"Where are we, sir?" Akira looked around awkwardly.

"We are going to buy some game consoles. Although you can't play it right now, you can play it later this afternoon."

"Can I play it with my brother?" Sora asked.

"Of course. It will be the two of you playing together."

"Um, sir... why are you so kind to us? We are just illegal occupants in your house..." Akira asked.

Honestly, I helped them because they are the future Mercenary Duo but there is a small amount of guilt in there that tells me that if I was in this situation, I would be totally helpless and a little help can actually change lives. Also, the other thing is that I don't have any idea where to spend all of the money. I already donated to many orphanages and many kinds of places that offer help to others but I still haven't even spent half of my money that I also felt troubled.

I grinned and looked at them, "There is no particular reason at all. Just treat it as a sort of help to push you all upstarts to success."

When we arrived at the counter, the female employee on the counter recognized me.

"Oh! You are one of those lucky guys right? We treat you guys as VIP here so don't hesitate to talk with us."

"VIP? Why though? I just managed to get chosen along, why did I receive treatment like this?" it came to me as a surprise.

"That's what the manager said to us. Anyways, what can we help you today?"

"Ah, yes. Actually, I want to ask if the second version of the reality verse, you know, the secret one is still available?"

"The secret one? Oh, you mean "that?" Then please get inside. You need to ask Mr. manager for the details," she said and led me to the area where I was led before and managed to get the tattoo version of the Reality Verse.

"Can I also let them in? They are the ones that will be using it the Reality Verse."

"Oh, yes. That is fine as well. As long as they are your companions then we will not pry. Please come in, the manager is waiting."

"Thank you."

After that, I led Akira and Sora to the room where the Reality Verse are being produced and the tattoo version is marked. I am still not able to get inside fully into the room when I saw the familiar figure that helped me reach this situation and saved my life giving me a second chance to stop repeating my old life.

"Tojiro Akisame!"