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70 Threa

 "You talking about that virtual reality game?" I asked. Although I asked even though I knew it already, I can't make myself reveal I am already playing it so that they won't suspect it.

"Of course! Since the game needs to use the machine called Reality Verse, it is not your ordinary game! You can't access it on your trashy PC!"

I grit my teeth in anger. This guy is Teruyama Shinozaki, one of my bullies at school when I was just a timid guy. Although they looked like they are so buddy-buddy with me, they are in fact looking for a way to make me suffer humiliation and they are silently brewing things that would make me be the laughingstock of the group. I already know that before but due to my lack of courage before, I am always obeying what they wanted to do.

But that changes now. I am not the same Manato you like to bully. Therefore, let's play what you are scheming, sh*tty bastard.

"Oi man, I am just telling the truth. Your PC is trashy and outdated so just sell it to the junkyard and buy a new one! Oh, I forgot that you are poor you can't afford to buy a new one! Oh dang, if that was the case, you won't be able to afford the Reality Verse too! This machine is not for the poor!"

"So what do you want? You just called me on the phone to talk sh*t huh?"

"Ho~, now you have the balls to talk back huh? Let's move on for now and I will deal with your behavior later. Anyways, as I was saying, I want you to join me playing this game!"

"How can I play this game of yours if the machine you are talking about is expensive? You already said I can't afford it."

"Heh, of course, you can't since you are poor as f*ck but here I am, your knight in shining armor will save you from your predicament! I have an offer to give you that I know you won't hesitate to accept it!"

"Offer? What kind of offer are you talking about?" I asked with fake ignorance.

"Recently, I bought 5 Reality Verse Cabins. Since there is a spare one, why don't you use the other one? You don't need to pay for some money just to play this game, you can say that I am letting you play for free, but in exchange, you will team up with me!"

If this was the same as before, I will be awed by his offer. Being a person who likes online games, the offer was something as a dream come true. However, if I have known that they would instead use me as cannon fodder, I would have instead waited for the release of the public Reality Verse Cabins instead of accepting his offer.

"This..." I grinned while sounding like I am hesitating.

"What are you hesitating for? It's a deal that you cannot take from others! This will be a one time deal! If you don't accept it, then I won't be bothering to let you use it even if you beg for it!"

Hearing that, I want to burst into laughter. Beg for the Reality Verse Cabin? I have a more useful Reality Verse with a much higher synchronization rate than the cabin one. I don't need to ask for it since I can already tell that mine is much superior to his.

"Then, if that was the case, I will not-" before I can even finish what I want to say, he immediately answered enthusiastically.

"Great! Then come over here so that you can start playing with us! There is maintenance going on but you can create an account for now!"

"Hey, listen you knucklehead. Who said I am accepting a shady offer from you?! I never said I am accepting that sh*t and happily play the game. I am not sure what you lot are planning but I won't fall for it. That machine of yours can rot there and I still won't accept it. So just leave me alone. I am not interested."

The other line was silent for a bit before I heard laughter.

"Heh, you really have balls now huh? You don't sound the same as you before. But hey, I am not going to forget what you just said just now. Once school is back, I will not hesitate to call the others and beat you to a pulp! You have forsaken the offer I am giving to you then I won't be merciful to you."

"Heh, that sounds like you indeed. Full of threat but only worth of small words. Then go ahead. I will be waiting for that day. I am not going to escape your sh*thead."


The sound of slamming can be heard on the other line which means I successfully managed to piss the bastard off. I put down the phone and laughed a lot from what happened. It was one of the things I have not planned but doing it in impromptu was too great. If only I have done this before, I would have not suffered from their hands.

Hearing his threat, I know they will be doing what he just said. But he was weaker than me right now. If he dared to ask his buddies and beat me up, it will just be a reverse uno card for them.

After my preparations, I left home and headed straight to a detective agency. I immediately asked a detective to investigate the matter with my parents. Even though I am not really aware of the things my parents are undergoing right now, I am quite sure they are currently being held in the neck by the loan sharks or maybe a huge family. I want to know who are the enemies before I can launch my counter-attack and plan for my actions.

With that matter done, I headed back to the mansion I just bought. It's time to make a makeover to the mercenary siblings.