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68 The First Clear and the First Patch

 e very slight confrontation ended with Kazuki failing to follow me, I immediately returned to the inn. With the community of players focused on the Lesser Purgatory dungeon, it was quite clear that I would be the gossip of many players. But that is still good enough since I managed to steal the first clear that Kazuki is aiming for.

After the attack against the Shadow Assassin, the whole dungeon became too easy for me to clear, and defeating the final boss is just a trivial matter that it didn't take too much time allowing me to clear the dungeon to an earlier time.

Entering the inn, the players who were just chatting and discussing things and strategies were stunned when I opened the door.

"The Player wearing the Wolf Mask? He is residing here?"

"Holy sh*t! I saw him on the Livestream of a player on the internet! He seemed to enter the dungeon alone!"

"I heard that he entered the other way around instead of the traditional one?"

"According to my searches. He entered the Insane Difficulty of the Lesser Purgatory that is why he has a different scene of entering it. One of the players from Overseas servers said so and they have not cleared it yet."

"But what about the opening of the dungeon to the public with rewards? Isn't that clearing the Abyss Mode reward? According to the official guidebook, once a dungeon is cleared until the very difficult difficulty, the system will allow all players with access to the specifics can enjoy the reward of clearing the dungeon. That means the Abyss Difficulty has indeed been conquered!"

"Damn! Isn't that the first in the world? I heard the other countries' players can't even get past the Insane Difficulty!"

Many of the players started talking about the reward given from the dungeon and also how did it happen but I don't have the obligation to give out any info so while they are currently busy, I made myself scurry back to my room.

After changing my gear to normal clothes, I checked all of the titles I obtained so far because I didn't check it before. Overall, I have gained 4 new titles. 2 has no effect while the other 2 have effects with one that is specifically useful only in the Lesser Purgatory dungeon.

1. [Dungeon Conqueror: Lesser Purgatory]

Type: Normal Title

How to Acquire: Clear all of the Lesser

Purgatory Dungeon's difficulty levels

Effect: None

Note: You have proven that you can conquer dungeons! Now, are you going to conquer some girls too?

2.[The One Who Does Not Need Companions]

Type: Unique Title

How to Acquire: Clear all difficulties in any dungeons alone without getting any party members(NPC familiars not counted)

Effect: Gives 100 additional damage to enemies whenever you have no party members available.

Note: Forever Alone! T_T

3. [The Purgatory Abyss Explorer]

Type: Rare Title

How to Acquire: Acquire the First Clear of the Lesser Purgatory Dungeon, Abyss Difficulty

Effect: Gains an additional 10% exp and 10% extra gold, exclusive only on the Lesser Purgatory Dungeon.

Note: To you, Purgatory is just another place to hold a picnic with your friends if you have one.

4. [World's First Clear]

Type: Unique Title

How to acquire: Clear the first Dungeon first in the whole world.

Effect: None

Note: Sorry to disappoint you but even though this title is unique to you, it is just a useless piece of words without any effects to help you with your journey.

The note on the 4th title is quite savage but also true. For me who has gathered many unique titles with effects that I can use even though I did not equip them, this title is merely something I can only say to be part of my collection. The design of this title is most likely just for bragging purposes.

I am quite disappointed though. This title is something that you need to work hard to get and then you only end up getting a title without giving any kind of help on your character? That was just a bunch of bullcrap especially for me who didn't like to brag.

This title is being seen very highly by many players but what is the real point? This is just a very weak title that now that I have known the effect, this title holds just so little significance that I find it hard to believe Kazuki became famous and strong in the game just because of a useless title, but to me, this doesn't make any sense.

As for the quest that the skeleton lich has given to me, it seems I have to visit the Level 50 hostile zone, Marshlands of the Damned. It would take me a few in-game days to reach that place and since the Teleport Hall will not yet be implemented until the First Expansion, I have to walk or ride a horse or pet to reach it. That quest would have to wait I guess.

I was about to close the interface when a pop up appeared on my interface.

"Attention Players. Due to the rising popularity of Alternate World, we will be conducting maintenance and feature patching to the game. The servers will be down for about 24 hours and the maintenance will begin in 10 minutes. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please check the website of Alternate World to check the new patch. We advise the players to log out to avoid losing any weapons and items acquired right now. If the player is still inside the game during the final minutes before the maintenance occurs, we will be forcing everyone left behind to force log out from the game. As compensation, we will be sending rewards after the maintenance to all players. Have a good day"

Oh? Is that time to get the first patch? I felt happy hearing that. From what I remember, the new patch is now going to add the Feature Ex Jobs properly. They will be adding lots of Ex Jobs for players to discover to keep players playing the game however they liked it. That means it would be the perfect time to pick blacksmithing back again. Also, since players can have multiple Ex Jobs, I am guessing I will be picking up the Chef and Farmer Ex Jobs too. Because in the near future, these two Ex Jobs will be popular and will cause the age of Tasty Foods in the game to dominate. In short, those foods that you can only see in video games, anime, and digital books and the ingredients that they contain will now be possible to be made and harvest in this game after this patch.

I was deprived of picking the Chef Ex Job before because the guild leader wanted blacksmiths to only focus on it. Now that I mastered Blacksmith in my past timeline, it is time for me to try out the Chef Ex Job and make foods for myself. Let's set aside my revenge, for now, I also want to have some fun for myself.