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67 The Player Wearing the Wolf Mask

 While Manato is clearing the Insane Difficulty, the party of Kazuki managed to clear the Normal Difficulty without much trouble. Still, the players around the dungeon are not talking about the exploits of the Kazuki and his guild members. They were more in a heated discussion on the identity of the player wearing the wolf mask.

[Did anyone of you guys know or even see that player in wolf mask before? Any kind of achievements? Or anything at all?]

[Dude, this guy is totally secretive! I have not seen any kind of player like him! There are no records of him at all and if I search him on the internet, nothing comes up!]

[I frequently see him in town but I am not sure how strong he was or how high his level is. I don't even know his class!]

[Maybe he was a swordsman? Swordsman is very popular right now]

[Who cares about that! What we have to know is how he managed to enter the dungeon easily? Didn't the Headquarters forbid players to enter unless you earn the right to enter this dungeon right?]

[That is simple my friend. He already obtained the approval of the Headquarters. There is no such complicated reason for that.]

[Then how come his way of entering the dungeon is different? The Burning Dragon entered the dungeon entrance while that guy in the wolf mask fell into the ground. Did he really entered the dungeon that way?]

While they were chatting, the Burning Dragon guild already emerged once again from the entrance. But compared to the time they entered the dungeon and the time they managed to get out, the whole squad is in low HP and most of them have broken weapons and armor. The only one who has a decent look is Kazuki but he is also low in HP but a little bit higher than everyone.

"You have all messed up, failures! That boss is easy to defeat if everyone did not mess up!" Kazuki shouted.

"It is all the tanks' fault! They didn't control the aggro too much that the attention of the boss is still locked on us mages that deal the highest damage!" the female mage near Kazuki immediately blamed the tanks that have the most broken armor and equipment.

"Hey b*tch, you shut up. I lost the armor I just purchased last week due to the boss. It is not our fault the battle lasts that long. You mages who should be giving burst and magic damage on bosses did not fulfill their roles!" the tank that seems to be the lead tank growled.

"What did you just say?! Did you really think we didn't give our best releasing AOE magic attacks to those bosses? We keep on spamming them as soon as their cooldown is done! Ungrateful? If all of you tanks had better gears and higher defense, those damages won't be fatal enough to deplete our HP and your HP!"

The bickering continues and the leader, Kazuki did not even say anything. The other players seeing this did not know what to do with the situation happening to the group while some decided to record it and post it to the social media for the players of Alternate World to know.


The bickering players eventually stopped when they heard Kazuki said that.

"There is no point crying to our failed attempt. Let's just go back to the guild and prepare for a new plan. We won't be able to finish anything if we left everything chaotic."

The other players who were around were amazed by the decision of the guild master.

"As expected of a guild master, he can actually do a good call when to push through a dungeon dive or not. He can even say Something good to stop his guildmates from bickering!"

"Meh, everyone can do that. But I would say that they are becoming more arrogant. Just because they have managed to grab hold of the first title to be released in a guild doesn't mean they can easily beat up the whole dungeon like a piece of cake."

Just as they continue talking to the group of  Kazuki, the dungeon's entrance glow bright red and a fiery hot air poured out of it causing the players near it back off in a distance. The other onlookers looked confused. Someone is coming out of the dungeon? Since the group of the Burning Dragon Guild has already escaped, then who is the one exiting?

"Ah! Its the guy wearing the wolf mask!"

Everyone's attention shifted from Kazuki's group towards the player wearing the Wolf Mask. Unlike the state that the Burning Dragon's guild, the player wearing the Wolf Mask has no significant changes in his armor, and his weapon which is a hammer is still intact.

The players were eager to ask the player in a wolf mask when their interface popped out all of a sudden.

"[Lesser Purgatory's difficulties have been conquered. All of the difficulties are now unlocked for everyone to challenge. However, first, clear rewards will no longer be distributed to anyone who managed to clear the dungeon even the Abyss Difficulty as they are already claimed. Please enjoy the double EXP gain and increased weapon and material drop rates in the dungeon. For 3 days, the dungeon will be available to all players to be cleared without limit as a celebration for the dungeon conquering!]"

As soon as the players have read this from their interface, the players immediately celebrated and started forming parties, forgetting the player wearing the Wolf Mask. Although everyone in the area is celebrating, Kazuki is not.

'The first clear of the Abyss Difficulty has been cleared? It can't be. That has to be a mistake, yeah, no doubt about it, this was a mistake! No one should have cleared it yet! Who is it?!'

Then, he noticed the player in the wolf mask, silently standing from afar, staring at him. At this point, his anger has reached the boiling point. When this guy exit the dungeon, the prompt appeared all of a sudden. If that was the case, since no one else exits the dungeon, it was possible that the culprit of stealing the first clear from him is none other than the guy in a wolf mask.

"You!" Kazuki was about to dash towards the guy but the latter did not wait for him to attack and disappeared, leaving the despairing Kazuki. His first attempt to get famous has now been revoked from him and that will not be the last one.