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65 The Shadow Assassin Part 1

 I almost broke to sweat seeing it. Shadow Assassin. Another enemy that did not exist in the previous timeline too and what is worst in this situation, it has a higher level than me, probably 50 levels higher than mine since even the traits in its description are labeled in question marks.

Enemies with higher levels than you are able to hide it's level and HP values but that doesn't mean they can hide their traits. However, that will be different if the enemy before you is in another realm in level than you. Even the attributes are also going to be labeled with question marks making you unaware of what their weakness will be.

The Shadow Assassin disappeared once again and I think it blended once more with the zombies. Since I only lost around 2,000 HP, I only cast Heal on myself so that I can keep my supply of potions intact.

I gritted my teeth in frustration. I am too naive to call this game similar to the game I played in the past timeline. Sure, they are made by the same company and they have many things that have been present just like in the past timeline that I know but there are also plenty of things I have no idea about. Even this monster is something I have yet to see before in my past timeline.

The Game has shown changes...

With all my decisions and all of my new movements done in the game that I have not done in the past timeline, it might have triggered lots of mechanisms that were not triggered before. I am too naive. This game is not the same game I played before. I may have started a new game but this is a new reality, not the same one I lived before.

It just shows me that if I have started new here, I have to start from scratch and don't just rely on my past knowledge. A new experience and a new battle. This is my new life. I don't want it to be the same as my past timeline.

I decided to retreat in a safe distance and opened my skill tree panel. Without hesitation, I head straight to the Magician skills and sort all the skills to only display the AOE magic skills available. There are two skills that caught my eye and both of them are 100 SP. I have limited SP at the moment from leveling but I am thankful for the SP that I can earn every time I use skills of that class. Due to that, I can learn these two skills without much problem. The two skills are [Hellfire] and [Rain of Bolts].


5th Tier


Cooldown: 2 minutes and 60 seconds

Duration: 1 minute

Mana Cost: 2,000 MP

Info: Cast a sea of flames to the targeted area in a circular area. Explodes upon contact on the ground or the target and will inflict magic damage. Will be able to inflict continuous damage on enemies that are inside the targeted area for a full 1 minute.

Notes: I want to hold a Barbecue Party!

[Rain of Bolts]

5th Tier


Cooldown: 2 minutes

Duration: 1 minute

Mana Cost: 2,500 MP

Info: Will produce a cloud above the targeted area that will release lightning bolts continuously for 1 minute in the targeted area. Any enemies on the targeted area will suffer burst damage and will also have a chance to be inflicted with [Paralyze] and [Slow].

Notes: It's raining lightning! Hallelujah!

Just perfect. These two skills are all AOE attacks and have the lowest cooldowns in all AOE skills that the magician possesses in post-class up. I don't have much problem with the zombies if they are just pure zombies but the fact that the Shadow Assassin still exists out there, blending in with the other enemies, makes it hard to predict where to block the attack. If I want to survive against the Shadow Assassin's attacks and live through another day, I have to get rid of the zombie hindrances.

Of course, those two skills are not enough and since my MP is just a mediocre amount and not something that can easily spam out spells, I need a passive that will allow me to get Mp faster and will enhance the recovery of it. There are 5 passives that allow me to enhance and get more mana. They are from the Magic Knight, Magician, Cleric, and Druid classes. The first one is the Passive of the Magic Knight, [Mana Sucking Body] which costs 50 SP.

[Mana Sucking Body]

1st Tier


Info: Enhances the body to handle the mana in the surroundings and absorb it. Will enhance the recovery of the mana by 1000 MP every minute. Has a 50% chance to recover mana whenever you kill enemies. Basic attacks will also be able to drain 10 MP per hit.

This passive is very overpowered in the early parts of the game especially if you are around level 50 to 60 since most Magic Knight players have around 2,000 to 3,000 MP which is a tad bit lower if compared with Magicians and Clerics MP but was a little bit higher if you compare it to the Druids. 1000 MP per minute is already quite insane since Magic Knights rely too much on their skills that have a consumption. However, this is not enough. To keep up with the amount of MP consumption the two skills use, I have to learn another passive which is this time, from the Cleric.

Clerics are the second class that has the highest MP since the Magician class beats them. Clerics need MP so that they can spam healing spells to their allies and ensure survivability because Clerics' main purpose is to heal, their MP recovery should be really fast to make sure that they won't be running out of MP in a crucial situation. This passive will double the amount of mana I will recover in a minute, similar to the [Mana Sucking Body].

[Holy Body]

2nd Tier


Info: A body dedicated to the gods. A pure and untainted body that can immediately recover the power to heal others. It will enhance the MP recovery by 1000 MP per minute. Has a 50% chance to recover MP after casting a spell once.

Notes: Your body can be used as a model sculpture.

...I will just ignore the Notes. They are sometimes dumb.

I bought the skills as fast as I can and after making sure that they are now available for use, the zombies are also nearing my location. I can also see the blur of the Shadow Assassin on the move.

Since I can cast the spells of Magicians while my weapon is the same, I can immediately block off the attacks of the Shadow Assassin and retaliate immediately. It's either me or the Shadow Assassin will die. And I don't want the former to happen.