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63 The NPC In The Abyss Level Dungeon

 Another unique title? This is the first time I have encountered this title and I have not heard of this before even in my past timeline so this is new to me. Just from what the description says, I have a 2% chance of inflicting stun whenever I attack using basic and skills. 2% chance is a very small amount compared to many skills like Shield Bash in Paladins that has a 50% chance to inflict a stun and will increase to 100% once your class changes to Holy Defender. But this ability is something that can be considered overpowered.

2% chance to proc a stun on enemies is just too small but considering how frequent you do basic attacks and skills, it is a bit good to be true. Paladins can only stun if they use their specific skills that can inflict a stun while with this talent, you have a 2% chance to inflict a stun even if the skill you use does not have any kind of ability to inflict any kind of stun like this.

I sighed and shrugged it. Even though it has a good chance to proc in unexpected times, it is still not that reliable so I will not really give it a big deal. But hey, I am thankful for this, I don't ignore free stuff like this.

After clearing the remaining mobs in the area, I proceed to the next place. I was expecting the Undead Trolls which is quite annoying at times but what I saw is not what I expected. Before me is a towering guy wielding a sword that is quite nice to look with intricate designs that I can tell that looks similar to those fantasy games with OP swords in the late game.

On the ground are the chopped pieces of the Undead Trolls that I was expecting to fight. I scratched my head in confusion. I have not heard of this kind of scene here before. Is this some sort of new patch scene during the very early release? Or is this something that I failed to trigger in my past timeline but I managed to trigger in this timeline?

The guy is facing his back so I can't really see who is the person. But I can tell that this guy is an NPC. The NPC indicator above his head proves it but I am not recalling any NPC with this kind of weapon and stature.

The last troll that is crawling on the ground died when the guy stomped its face with his shoes. I was just looking at the guy when he turned around and point his sword. I was surprised to see that this guy's head is just a skull! No features at all except that it is a skull. You can say he looks similar to the Skull Knight in the manga Berserk, the only thing is that he is lacking the horse and he would really look similar to that guy.

"Hooo, a human eh, it looks like you are too late to kill these trolls. These guys are my prey so I am no giving any."

"Are you an enemy?!" I asked while ready to pull use my Versatile Weapon and use any kind of form to attack this guy if things go awry.

"Relax, human. I may be like this but I don't have any intention to fight humans. I feed on monsters like this so you can relax that I won't do anything to attack you. But this is the first time I saw a human in this realm though. What are you doing here?"

"I am here to clear this place. Its been plagued with monsters here and there and I want to remove them here."

"Are you trying to get stronger? Then where are your companions? Humans rarely go alone unless they have a reason."

"I have a reason and I can't tell you that."

"Ha, I have no business knowing your reasons. But you are clearly someone who wouldn't care about your life. I can sense Death's Power on you."

Death's Power? Is he talking about the [Death's Favorite] title?

"If that woman really did acknowledge you, then you are not a bad guy. You and I have the same objective so why not team up with me? The battle will be much easier for you if you help me clear this dungeon."

It is definitely a huge help but I want to prove to myself and to Kazuki that I can beat this dungeon without any help. This offer might be good but I am not someone like that. This will be basically cheating.

"I'm sorry. But I want to prove to myself I can clear this floor alone without any external help from others like my familiars or even for you. I apologize if I am sounding arrogant but I wanted to do it alone."

The skull guy looked at me with his hollow eyes, like it is scrutinizing me to the depths of my soul. I have experienced many things in the past so the pressure he released is not really something that would cause me to bend weakly.

"Interesting... Very well. If you are really that confident, then take this and fill it with the souls of the enemies. Once you managed to fill it and clear everything in this dungeon, then I will recognize your strength."

After saying that, a panel interface containing mission details appeared.

[Recognition from the Lich]

Type: Unique/Story Quest

Info: The Knight Lich King has seen a great potential from you, perhaps due to the [Death's Favorite] title you have or may be due to your bravery. You are tasked to clear the dungeon alone without any help and fill a certain ball of crystal with the souls of the enemies and return to him after.


Souls stored: 0/200

Dungeon Cleared: 0/1

Difficulty: ???

Recommended Levels: ???

Rewards: ???

Do you want to accept the quest? This quest cannot be abandoned once accepted.


A unique quest?! For real? Just who is this Knight Lich King to be part of a story quest? My luck is overflowing right now!