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61 Lesser Purgatory - Insane Difficulty

 Cutting the bud while it is still young is not easy here. I am still weak and incomparable to Kazuki. Even with the amount of money that I will be able to possess after I exchange the gold in my inventory, I won't be able to rival the amount that Kazuki's family possesses. I won't be able to defend myself if his family will try to hunt me and my family. In short, I am still vulnerable. I am just biding my time and building up all the pieces I can use for me to fight against Kazuki. And when the day comes, death is just mercy for him...

So even though I am trying to slice him up in front of this crowd of players, I held back and calmed myself. As expected, Kazuki is the first one to approach and assess the situation.

"Who are you?" Kazuki asked as he eyed me from head to toe.

I didn't respond to his question. That will add a little bit of mysterious air in my persona right now. Instead, I confirmed the selection of the insane difficulty on the dungeon.

As soon as I did that, the whole air of the dungeon entrance started to get too hot. I am already familiar with it though, this is the nostalgic feeling from the last time I entered the place. This time, the portal did not appear behind me, but it appeared below my feet. I am used to it but to those who do not, they will freak out.

"Sh*t! Is that some sort of an event?!"

"Capture a video man! It looks so epic!"

"Can someone check the website if there is an event or something that is happening right now?"

"Dude that was sick! If not for the player icon in his head, I would mistake him as an NPC or something!"

"Wait, can you check who is that guy?"

"Lemme check...oh, it says I cannot do that. It was blocked! I can't even send a friend request!"

"A bugged player?"

"That shouldn't be. The devs would definitely fix it right away. Should we report it?"

"Let's try, oh..."

"What is it?"

"It says he is not a bugged player and he is certainly not cheating either. He is following the game properly! But what the heck..."

I grinned by myself. So I am not a bugged player. I almost got nervous about that one. If the devs would find out my ridiculously strong weapon and my titles, I might be revoked back to level 1. Still, I don't want to waste my time. I glared at Kazuki one last time and send out a bloodlust in the air. Kazuki shivered from the feeling and unconsciously stepped back himself. I will let him bask in glory first but I will make sure to make him suffer after that.

A prompt appeared before my eyes.

[Enter the dungeon? Warning, this is the Insane Difficulty dungeon. This is not a dungeon for the weak of the heart and it is recommended to form a party to clear it, are you sure you want to enter the dungeon anyway?]


Without hesitation, I clicked the Yes. Without waiting for Kazuki's reaction, my body descended to the portal, leaving them with unanswered questions.


As soon as I descended, I am falling to the ground. When I entered the first time, I am screaming because of this fall. Everyone won't expect this if this is their first time but for me, this is just the norm and part of the difficulty of this node.

I pull out my Versatile Weapon and changed it to a crossbow. Why I changed it to a crossbow? From my experience, the crossbow is much stronger especially in this situation than the original bow. The gun is much stronger than the crossbow but the aim of guns is a tad bit lower than bow and crossbow in an aerial battle. A bow or a crossbow is the most recommended weapon or you can ask a player who has a Hunter class to accompany you especially if you are entering the Insane difficulty of Lesser Purgatory.

[Wyverns of Hell]

Level 30

HP: 20,000/20,000

Attributes: Beast, Fire

I saw 20 of them coming in my direction ready to bare their jaws to me. Also, this is your first hurdle in Insane difficulty; aerial combat. During my past timeline, the insane difficulty is one of the most common topics in the game. Solo players are common in the game so when they were faced with the Insane difficulty, they immediately felt the hurdles of a Solo Player. Many tried making a walkthrough on this one, even live-streaming the dungeon while in solo but only ended up getting whooped in the actual combat. In the end, they decided to stop doing any solo... until I cleared it alone.

Yes, I cleared this dungeon in solo mode in the first timeline. Of course, my achievement was immediately overshadowed when Kazuki did the same and cleared the dungeon in solo too. It was drastic popularity for a popular guy and a person who is nothing.

As the wyverns came close, I aimed and nock the arrow that appears every time you are about to shoot. I didn't shoot immediately, I know my aiming in a bow is terrible so I rely more on the crossbow because I have experience in using one before, therefore, I am comfortable using it. Also, crossbows have a higher hit rate and attack speed than bows.

When I locked my focus on the wyvern, I release the arrow from my bow.


-Got 5000 EXP(Additional 5000 EXP for Instant Kill)(Title Effects Activated, 10000 EXP gained)

-Got 10 Hunter AP

"That's one," I muttered and nock the crossbow once more.

I am not worried about the height I am falling into, because I can land easily without any problem in this situation. I will just have to dispose of every wyvern as soon as possible.

-Got 5000 EXP(Additional 5000 EXP for Instant Kill)(Title Effects Activated, 10000 EXP gained)

-Got 10 Hunter AP


-Got 5000 EXP(Additional 5000 EXP for Instant Kill)(Title Effects Activated, 10000 EXP gained)

-Got 10 Hunter AP


I repeated every action and every shot, a wyvern fell down too. In just a matter of minutes, all wyverns ended up dead allowing me to gain a lot of experience. If only they drop items and gold then everything would be perfect, unfortunately, they don't drop anything and just gives EXP. Very lame for a monster whose only purpose is to annoy the players that entered the dungeon, increasing the difficulty in landing.

After a few seconds of clearing the wyverns, I finally see land to land into my feet and start fighting. I memorized the best area to land into to avoid any surprise attacks. One of the tricks in this dungeon is the surprise attacks. Enemies here are so mischievous and cunning that they will hide and wait for the right opportunity to stab your back defenseless.

Spotting the spot, it didn't take me long to land safely, and to do that, you have to aim your feet to the ground, not your head. Mistakes of newbies and first-timers in this dungeon are that they will land head first. It was a big mistake and will instead cost you your life in this dungeon. Another lame way to die in this dungeon.

I quickly changed the Versatile Weapon's form into a Magic Sword. Because in the surroundings, silhouettes of dozen... no hundreds of monsters are starting to gather in my location.