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60 Skill Extraction

 This was totally unexpected. Based on my knowledge, I have not heard of any skills similar to this. If there's any if it existed before, it would be limited to a few skills to be extracted. But seeing something like this without a limit, isn't this going to be overpowered?

As the Versatile Weapon started to devour the weapons one at a time, the interface keeps popping out in front of my face and I didn't expect it to occur. After a few stacking pop-ups, it stopped when it reached the 30th. I inhaled deeply first, before inspecting the interface. The first interface is the first one I saw and I can't switch to others so I have to accept or decline this to proceed to the next.

[Detected skills to be extracted

1. Bloodlust: Every Basic Attack will cause a 1% hp lifesteal to the enemies.

2.Regeneration: Every Basic Attack will recover 1% of your mana.

Warning: Only one skill can be selected. A repeated skill will enhance the effect of the first skill.]

Skill 1/Skill 2

I was conflicted. These two skills are nice and useful. Bloodlust in case you are in a pinch while Regeneration if you are easily running out of mana. However, what do I really need right now? After a bit of thinking, I choose Regeneration as the skill to be extracted since the skill Bloodlust is quite common in weapon drops so I have many chances to improve it. I also don't need to have a lifesteal for now since I can still fight strong enemies without relying on it.

On the other hand, mana regeneration is quite rare. For mana reliant classes like Magicians and Clerics, this skill is a must to get. When I clicked the skill, the interface disappeared and a new interface appeared saying that it succeeded.

I spent my entire time checking the skills. Aside from the first interface, the other skills on the remaining interfaces are low-quality skills so they are not really worth mentioning and some of them are repeated skills, allowing me to level up some of them in the process. When the devouring process ended, the Versatile Weapon seemed to be satisfied with the weapons I let it devour. I opened the information panel of my weapon and checked the new stats pf the weapon.

[Versatile Weapon]

Weapon Level: 5

[Exp: 500/2000]

Type: Weapon Equipment

Rarity: God Tier

Equippable at Level 0

Equippable by: Versatile

STR: +50

AGI: +41

DEX: +76

END: +45

INT: +60

Embedded Skills:

1. Regeneration Level 1(Max: 10) - Every Basic Attack will recover 1% of your mana. The recovery rate will increase every level.

2. Sharpness Enhancement Level 5(Max:20) - Basic Attacks will have an additional 500 damage. The damage will increase every level.

3. Physical Penetration Level 4(Max: 5) - Basic Attacks will have a 40% chance to ignore defense. The probability will increase every level.

4. Defense Reduction Level 3( Max: 5) - Basic Attacks will have a 30% chance to inflict Defense Reduction debuff to the enemies. The probability will increase every level.

5. Double Pain Level 1(Max: 10) -Physical Attack Skills will have an additional 100 damage. The damage will increase every level.

6. Berserk Enhancement Level 6(Max: 10) - Damage dealt during the status "Berserk" is active increases by 60% and decreases the defense harshly to 60%.

7. Mana Conservation Level 10(Max 10) - Magic and Physical skills that need mana to activate will have a 95% mana consumption and cooldown decreases by 1 second for all skills. The effect will increase every level.

Special skills

1. Devour - can devour weapons and armor to level up the weapon. It can change its appearance depending on what weapon is previously devoured. Some items and soul artifacts can be also devoured. Devouring the weapon counts as Amalgamating.

2. Change Form - can change to different forms of weapons currently available.

3. Skill Extraction: all the devoured weapons with embedded skills on it can be extracted if devoured by the Versatile Weapon. There is no limit of skills that can be extracted and learned but you can only extract one skill from one weapon.

[Further special skills are not yet discovered, please let the weapon devour a few weapons with abilities]

Note: A weapon forged by an unknown material from an unknown civilization. Can devour and change form depending on the wielder's will. Said to be a weapon made for the gods that hold tremendous power but it ends up in the hands of the mortal.

Restriction: Cannot be dropped, cannot be sold, cannot be traded. Bound to the Owner

Bound: Bladeheart

Durability: None

I was just haphazardly selecting random skills but who would have thought the skills I selected were all now strong skills after devour! Especially the Mana Conservation skill. 1-second cooldown reduction is already a great thing in Alternate World. Many items that have a cooldown reduction talent will never exceed the 0.9-second cooldown reduction no matter how hard you try. Skills with long cooldowns benefit a lot on this. Not to mention that the skills that need insane mana can now be used without worrying about your mana from decreasing a lot.

Add the Physical Penetration and Defense Reduction. I am never this happy to get a lot of benefits just by devouring some items! The stats of the Versatile Weapon also increased. I expected it to increase a lot dramatically but I am not complaining though. The stats showing is already good enough and I don't want to be greedy.

As for the third special skill of the Versatile Weapon, isn't this just too OP? I am even wondering if the system will nerf this thing. But isn't the existence of this weapon already an anomaly? If that was the case, this weapon might be really this awesome.

With the weapon ready, I head out of the inn, and once again, moved my feet towards the dungeon, this time, I am alone without any companion. I didn't even bother to take out Leona. She will need to rest for a while since a few days from now, she will grow into a full adult.

While I was on my way to the dungeon, I found several players now camping around the dungeon entrance. I am a bit awestruck on the number of players trying to capture the moment of the raiding party of Kazuki. The dungeon entrance is yet to show any signs of people inside so, I assume the players that will accompany Kazuki have yet to come.

I have no items that will allow me to go invisible but it wouldn't hurt to show off, besides, my name cannot be seen due to the effect of my title. Besides, my face cannot be seen and the only thing they will know is my wolf mask.

As I approach the crowd, many players are talking to each other.

"Wanna bet how many minutes or hours they will clear the dungeon?"

"How about you give me 10 gold for guessing it right?"

"Nah man, too little, just give me 20 and we are good to go."

"I hope I can get into the Burning Dragon guild. Having a title must be nice."

"You should be someone who will be strong enough to stand side by side with them though. From the looks of you, I doubt you will be accepted."

The players were doing more plenty of talks, but I am not interested in listening to them, so I proceed to the entrance of the dungeon. Then just as I was about to enter the Insane Mode, the players noticed me.

"Hey! What the heck are you doing?!"

I look at the player shouting and frowned though they cannot see my expression, I produced a sound of annoyance.

"Hey, you have to respond when someone is talking! You ungrateful bastard."

This guy... I don't even know this guy and he dares to talk to me like he was some sort of superior? I don't know man, seems legit to me but I can tell that he is still a newbie based on his clothes and weapon.

I ignored him and continue to access the dungeon and clicked Insane difficulty. The other players cannot see the difficulty I selected so they will think I access the Normal Mode.

Before I can finish and enter, the group of Kazuki arrived with weapons that I can tell are purchased from the local Blacksmith, not the Blacksmith Almira since the quality of the weapons they are using is too mediocre.

This time, I saw Kazuki face to face with him now. I gritted my teeth and wanted to beat him up right now but the time is not right yet. The time is not yet ripe. But if it is ready and good for the picking, I won't hesitate to reap it.