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59 The Third Skill of the Versatile Weapon

 The moment I log back to the game, I didn't head straight to the dungeon. I checked the status of the boss I managed to get last time. If his cooldown for usage is already over, I can summon him and get him to help me clear the dungeon.

Unfortunately, he still needs at least 4 hours before his cooldown disappears. But that was already expected since it was a boss monster before. If it was a monster of normal rarities like the mobs seen on the outskirts of town and in forests and other places, their cooldown would have been over a few hours ago.

I still have lots of money in my account and I am not in a shortage of gold. So why am I trying hard to steal the first clear of the first dungeon? For me, Kazuki is not someone whom you should let grow for the future. If his future success is slowly getting impended, then it would be a good stall time before he can even get stronger allowing me to overpower him.

I can kill him in real life, just that, I am not a killer and fall to grace like what he did. I still hold my conscience in killing a person. Of course, things are different in the game. If I can see him somewhere on the outskirts, or he is in his vulnerable state, I won't hesitate to do it. Stop his growth as slow as possible and let him suffer before he gets strong. Though I doubt I can do that especially that he is still under the limelight of attention.

Alright, let's go back to the topic. In my past timeline, it was indeed, the Burning Dragon Guild who managed to gain the first clear of the Abyss difficulty of Lesser Purgatory. According to the posts, it was announced in the whole server who managed to get the first clear. It was a piece of very big news for everyone at that time due to how it was the first Abyss difficulty cleared during that time. It was not an easy feat to clear the Abyss difficulty during the early times where the levels of the players are still low and when the Burning Dragon managed to do it, it made the whole community explode with conversations about the exploit.

The Burning Dragon guild became so famous that it allowed them to rise up from the ranks and since they were the first guild, they managed to have a good startup. Now that there are two other guilds besides him in this timeline, he might be anxious and wanted to get the title of taking the Abyss difficulty of the dungeon.

Although the title was not really that much, it is considered a very good title especially for players who still have no idea how to get a single title.

I head out straight to the auction house this time. With so many golds to spare, I think I have something to do to get my stats to bolster up significantly. Using the [Devour] skill of the Versatile weapon.

The auction house is not that crowded today since the better items that were showcased yesterday were all sold out and only a few items that are procured by some players with some rare stats are now being sold. Of course, this place is still good at procuring beginner items like weapons with additional effects.

When I arrived, I saw Tress in the counter writing on paper and processing some things. When he saw me, he quickly greeted me.

"Good day, Mr. Bladeheart, did you receive the money safely?"

"Yes. It was an overwhelming amount but it is safe in my pockets."

"What can we do for you right now? I will just remind you that the auction is already over."

"I know about that. I came here to buy some weapons with stats and skill effects."

"Is there any specific of the stats and skills you are looking for? What kind of weapon are you trying to take?" Tress asked as he prepares a paper.

"Anything is fine. I don't even care which weapon, sword, canes, bow, anything will do as long as they have additional stats and skill effects."

"Alright, how many? Are you trying to amalgamate a weapon?"

"Yeah, something like that. Just give me at least 30 pieces of them if it is available," I said even though it is not the real case.

"Alright, wait for a bit. Then we will get the best weapons we can get. Please wait in the lobby for a bit," Tress said and bowed down before he proceeds to go to the supply room and started giving orders to his workers.

I waited patiently as I look at the players browsing. For some reason, they are looking at me with awe. I just remembered I am still wearing the wolf mask which made me look like a monster. If not for the player mark above my head, they would mistake me as a monster. I can guess that they also want to ask me where I got this item but they seemed to have trouble doing since I look intimidating.

There is nothing interesting going on while I was waiting. Tress came back a few minutes later with a few workers carrying crates of weapons in their hands.

"We managed to procure 30 pieces of weapons you requested. You can take them now."

I handed the necessary amount of gold and pushed every weapon inside my inventory. After saying goodbye, I headed back to the inn and locked my room. I already checked the Dragon Guild and they are still in preparation phase. I still have time to prepare.

Pulling out the Versatile Weapon, I started to select which weapon to devour. Since I can pick out all pieces of equipment selected at once, I clicked all 30 pieces of weapons in my inventory. They have random stats so I am not sure how much of stats will be added. There are also weapons in my bag which are all dropped from the monsters I killed before but these are not really a priority to devour.


[Notice: Devouring weapons with unique stats and skills. Requirements for the third skill of the Versatile Weapon met. Third Skill will be unlocked after the process. Proceed?]


I blinked seeing the interface. The third skill? It didn't show me any requirements to unlock the skill so why now? Although I am surprised, I proceed to the process. I am not expecting anything so that I won't get disappointed in case the skill is a total disappointment.

When I clicked Yes, the shadow once again appeared on the sword and started drooling. The weapons I clicked appeared before me and in a single sweep, the shadow ate all the weapons and another interface appeared in front of my face.

[Skill Extraction unlocked.]

[Skill Extraction: all the devoured weapons with embedded skills on it can be extracted if devoured by the Versatile Weapon. There is no limit of skills that can be extracted and learned but you can only extract one skill from one weapon.]