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58 Did You Sell Drugs?!

 Mercenaries are the players who are being hired by beginners and also other pro players to accompany their employers for different kinds of things that their employers wanted them to do like hunting monsters to gather different materials, leveling their employers, and many other things that happen in the game.

Sora and Akira are one of the best mercenaries that are nicknamed as the "Legendary Mercenary Siblings." They are very high leveled players and they provide the gathering and leveling jobs but the most proficient they are in are tanking and magic DPS. Sora, despite being a woman picked the tank job, Paladin. When she classed up, she chooses the Iron Fortress, a class with the highest HP and defense values in the game. The only downside of this class is that, in exchange for defense and HP, the user has to sacrifice their attack power for that, therefore, she can't act alone.

That's where Akira comes in. Akira is the main DPS of the two. His first-class is Magician but when he ranked up, he chooses the hardest to get a job namely the Archmagus. Archmagus class is a class that specializes in AOE magic and burst magic skills, making them the best class in terms of farming monsters in one fell swoop. What is more astonishing is that Akira did not spend any stat points on his stats other than his INT and DEX which in result, his casting speed is really fast that most spells he uses only lasts for a maximum of 10 second which normally needs 20 or more seconds to cast and a minimum of 3 seconds. His burst of power from his magic is also quite insane. His only downside is that he is a glass cannon. Without any stats in END and other stats, his defensive capabilities are really low.

The reason they are legendary is that they are so compatible as partners with their classes. They fill up each other's weaknesses and downsides which allows them to be really strong players. They also became rich after playing the games for so long. I am not mistaken, no wonder they looked familiar it turns out they were the two people I have met before in the past timeline.

When I was struggling to fight against a certain boss after managing to defect on the guild that keeps on killing me for EXP, they came in to help me and they also gave me a chance to raise my level too for free. I own a lot of thanks to them because I managed to start back again due to their efforts.

Now that they are still younglings and not yet players of the game, why not try to help them get stronger very soon? If I recall right, the public usage of the gaming console for the Alternate World is still 6 months away. What if they started early? Will their achievements be more dominant than in the past timeline?

"Say, are you two interested in playing video games?" I asked.

The two were surprised by my question but Akira answered immediately.

"If we can ever play one, we would definitely do. But due to our state, I doubt we can still enjoy playing one."

"I see, then I will allow you to play one soon, if you two are ready, come to this address tomorrow and I will wait for the two of you," I said and handed them a card with my address and phone number written on it. The reason I have a calling card like this is for some occasions that I want to hand them something like a calling card. I have been doing it in the past so it became a habit.

"Okay then!" Akira enthusiastically took the card.

I don't know why Akira easily trusted me though, while I can easily understand why Sora is still not trying to speak to me and still hides from his brother's back. For me, it is a better reaction Sora have shown to me since I am not someone they should have trusted immediately, but eh, who cares now, it has been taken.


After finalizing all of the expenses and paying for the mansion, I have finally owned the mansion for five hundred thousand yen since it was being sold cheaply by the owner. I was ecstatic about it since I got the thing cheaply without paying a very large amount of money. Renovating the place would also be easy too since there is already an existing foundation, it doesn't need too much effort to restore the place.

Of course, this purchase was a secret from my parents. They have no idea I have already bought a house in case the situation gets a little bit worse. That way, the scammers won't have any knowledge about this one.

When I returned home, my father called me on my old phone and started to barrage me with questions.

"Son, are you the one who sent me money? There are no other people who will send money to my account other than your mother and you. How did you get so much money?! Are you selling drugs or doing some illegal stuff without us knowing?!"

"What the hell, dad. I don't do illegal drugs and for the love of myself, I don't want to go to jail just for the sake of money!"

"Then how the heck did you get the money? Selling your kidney?"


"Seriously son, how did you get to have so much money all of a sudden? I don't even know what you did just to get money!"

"It is one of the prize pool in one of the games I am playing if you win. I managed to win the grand prize and it is the amount of money you see in your account. Whatever is happening over there, you can now pay for mother's expenses without spending your time for overtime. Use it for mother, okay?"

We talked a bit more than that and I asked my father how Mother is already. The good thing is that my mother is already healthy enough and she will wake up soon enough after a few more days of rest. The situation is fine on their side, allowing me to sigh in peace, knowing my mother is now in a stable condition.

After a lengthy call, I hang up after saying goodbye to my father. When everything was over, I cleared up everything in my schedule and check the internet for the situation. I was surprised to see that the first guild, the Burning Dragon is planning to clear the Lesser Purgatory. Seeing this, I was enraged. He is planning to take my first clear?! The let me slap it in his face that I am not going to let him do it!