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57 Illegal Occupants

 I sharpened my senses as I try to locate the people trying to get rid of me from the house. My senses are still weak and can only do a little bit of checking around so when I noticed a movement just on my back, I did not hesitate to chase on it and grab whoever it was.


I was surprised since it was a girl's scream, more importantly, it sounded so young so my guess is that this is a kid. I can't see her face since she is wearing a mask but based on her height, I can assume that she is a 9-year-old girl though I am not sure since looks and height can deceive people believing that they are young but in reality, they are much older than you.

She tried to bite me but I transferred her to my other hand while holding the back of her shirt's collar. Due to this, she has to try and shake herself off from me.

"Brother, help me! Let me go!"

Her scream is loud and it echoes around the place. Her words earlier confirmed that she has an accomplice. Since her scream is resounding around the mansion, I doubt her brother would abandon her. Much easier for me to see her accomplice without doing anything.

It didn't take too long before the brother arrived running down from the second floor. It was quite a sight to see him rush down the stairs only to trip and fall on a few steps. Still, he didn't stop and stood up and aimed me his pellet gun to me.

"Release my sister!"

He was a courageous guy. He is still a bit younger than me but I can tell his age to be around 13 to 14 years old. He has shriveled long brown hair and his body is so thin that I can tell that this guy is not eating properly. But to see him aim me a pellet gun makes me surprised. Some people won't bother saving anyone if they can save their own *ss despite the captured victims were their own sibling or parent. To see someone try to save her without knowing the danger makes me deduce he is a good and responsible brother.

I didn't bother to keep the little girl in my hands and let her go. When she was free, she immediately runs towards his brother and hid behind him. I am not the person who extorts others, especially on kids. I came here to buy the house, not to extort homeless people. But that doesn't mean I would be lenient here.

"Who are you two and what the heck are you doing in this house?!"

His sister hid behind him even more while he steeled his nerves and aimed the pellet gun on me.

"This is our house! You are trespassing here!"

"Oh? You are telling me I am the trespasser? Isn't that you two?" I said and revealed the keys to the mansion.

"Huh? The keys?" The guy was stunned.

"Yeah. Since I have the key and the permission of the realtor to check the house, it is not trespassing. In fact, the two of you are the ones considered as trespassers!"

The two shook but the boy did not falter. "This is now our house! We won't allow anyone else takes this house from us!"

I grinned and looked at him with a glare. "Really? Even if you are beaten black and blue?"

The boy gulped but he didn't bother taking the pellet gun away from me. Instead, he keeps on aiming it to me. Then the girl removed her mask and I finally saw her. To my surprise, I saw her husband's eyes are defective due to the white color of her retina, which means she is blind.

"Don't bully my brother!"

I was taken aback and was a bit guilty. But I was also amazed by the little girl. She might be blind but if she did not take off her mask, I would assume she has good eyesight. She can run around the place without much problem which is somewhat unbelievable for someone who is blind.

"Mister, please, I beg you, we need a house to live in. This house is the only place we can use to stay and I don't want my sister to go back to the streets. She is blind and I am still a kid. No place will take me to work and I can't let me and my sister go to the orphanage because it is quite sure that they would separate me and my sister. Please, mister. Just please let us live in this place," the boy said and almost cried though he is holding it.

I felt bad for the kids. He has lots of points in regards to their current situation. Still, I want this house, but that would result in them losing their home. I am aware now on what to do but I am not even sure whether I will do this. But heck I took pity on them and decided to come up with a proposition.

"I am not going to care about it because I am buying this house. Which means you have to go out of this house. I am quite sure many of the people that will know this would be glad to put the two of you to the orphanage. However, I have a proposition for you. If you disagree, then I will just withdraw the offer and you all are kicked out from here forever."

"Proposition?" He looked at me in confusion.

"If you want to have your sister live in good housing, then I will hire you as a caretaker of my house. Along with your sister too, you two will work for me. Of course, you will earn money and I will give you free meals and free lodging in exchange. I am not a cruel person. What do you say? If you don't accept this, then I will not hesitate to take back my offer."

"I will accept! We will accept your offer!" The boy immediately said.

I nodded and looked at the two of them. Somehow, they looked familiar but I can't pinpoint exactly who they looked like. Therefore, I decided to ask their names.

"So, what are your names?"

"I am Akira and this is my sister, Sora."

Akira and Sora? Aren't they the legendary mercenaries in Alternate World? From what I heard, they became rich after playing Alternate World using the public capsules that allow the players who can't afford to buy a capsule and rings for the Alternate World play the game. To think that I would meet them here!