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56 Buying a House

 There are many things I have to plan out for the future. If I want to deviate my future to a new one, I have to put out the plan details that might occur if I did a particular thing. Still, my whole life in the future is all related to the game, so there isn't much for me to change. My only reason for doing many things is for the sake of my mother and father. They are my only family and when I lost them in my past timeline, my whole world fell apart and if not for my true friends supporting me, then I would have not managed to recover.

Not only my parents are the only important people in my life that ended in a tragic fate due to my lack of interaction with them. My two friends are also an aspect of my life that I cannot let to disappear. They are the people who helped me when I was too down in the gutter and helped me rise up back again.

One of my friend, Dolly, is already playing the game and I met her just the other day. She has decent growth at the moment since she is just taking her pace in the game without any pressure like mine. However, she is part of my plan. She helped me a lot in the past timeline and this time around, I will be helping her since I gained a kickstart.

Now, to begin with, I have to buy a house. A bigger house than this. In the future, this house will be confiscated by the loansharks. I am not going to defend this house being taken because I want my family to move into a bigger house than this. It is also a good plan to fool the loansharks and think that this is our only house.

Another reason I want to buy a new bigger house is to have good housing that will act as my base operation in the future. If I want to bring down the company of Kazuki, I have to make sure to be on the top and recruit my trusted allies to bring him down. I am aware that even though I can be a one-man army, I am also aware of the strength of Kazuki and his guild. I don't want to get defeated again.

I moved into my PC and started to browse around on houses being sold around. There is one website showing lots being sold with already houses in it. I made sure that the place is peaceful, full of nature and greenery, and of course, the place is devoid of any kind of crime. However, I didn't see any kind of thing that is good enough for my references so I decided to scout in several places to find a good house or a big lot. If the house sold is small but the lot is huge, there is no problem with making the house from your own money yourself. Since I am already too rich, why not waste money like water?

In the end, I failed to find a good spot to buy. It was hard to look for a good place to convert as your place and most of them have small lots so I have to decline. I was about to go home when one of the real estate salespeople approached me.

"Sir, we found a good place that matched your preferences," she said.

My ears perked up when I heard that.

"Where is that?"


I was surprised to see what the realtor said to me. The place she was talking about is a big house on the hill. It was said to be an abandoned house being sold by the original owner since they are moving to America. The house might look gorgeous but it also looks so menacing in the distance that you will think of it as a haunted house. However, it was indeed a good place. The place might be in need of cleaning and it is also a bit in a secluded area in Tokyo rather than the usual noisy streets so it really fit my descriptions.

The Realtor gave me the keys earlier to check the house. Honestly, the house looks so creepy, and just by looking at it, you might shiver in fear and will have to think twice about buying it. No wonder no one bought it even though the place is really good. With a loud clunk in the door, the old doors opened after I used the key on it. Many people would be afraid of entering the place but I don't think I will. I have seen much scarier sh*t in Alternate World so this place is just like a theme park attraction for me.

However, I am on high alert. I may have not recovered most of my former strength in the past but I have already managed to integrate a few of my senses from the game to real life. What made me alert is that I am quite sure that the place is not "abandoned". The place is clearly showing signs of someone else living in this place. Some of the items inside the house is showing signs and markings that confirms the existence of people living here before. And I will guess that these people currently using this abandoned house are the ones scaring the other people.

The traces are so blatantly shown but anyone who does not check much of the things here would not notice that the house they are entering is a place where someone is currently occupying, though they are occupying it illegally.

I walk around the place and inspect the walls and floors. So far, for an abandoned mansion like this, it looks like it is well maintained. Still, it has some rough and broken edges which might be due to the age of the house and it needs renovation. The living room has furniture and I can tell that some of it is antique. Looks like the old owner of this house didn't bother to take these things with them. But hey, that is a plus for me. This house is cheap and not so many things are needed to renovate so I can save a lot of money.

As I was exploring the house, my ears perked up when I heard a movement upstairs. From the sound of it, it looks like it was a blatant disturbance to instill fear. However, that failed to invoke any fear in me. After experiencing many things and almost death, things so minor like this fails to invoke the feeling of fear in myself.

Another ruckus started once again. Without hesitation, I followed the sound and saw a broken old ceramic plate. From what I can tell on the plate, it was already broken due to the rough edges of the broken plate that clearly don't look like it broke down just now. This is a prop from my guess.

I have already managed to get my focus in Alternate World and I still remember how to do it. Maybe I should use it to check on this guy? Then something fast passed by me and disappeared once again. Seeing that the "inhabitants" here want to scare me away by hiding and causing mischief, shall we play hide and seek then?