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55 Money for my Mother

 I never expected that the number of gold coins I will receive after the auction would amount to a billion! Just who the heck of an idiot waste this much money to a useless item like the Guild Token? But thanks to that idiot, I can now afford to pay the expenses for the treatment of my mother.

"Master, are we going home for today?" Lina asked.

"Yeah, let's go back. I am also exhausted, let's continue the dungeon diving at a later date."

After we left the dungeon, I headed back straight to my room in the inn and checked the amount of money I am going to convert into real cash. Just like how I was in the past, money makes me giddy because it is a very straightforward important item in the whole world. Even if people are using different abilities already in the real world, money still makes the world go round and the second currency that makes people want is the gold currency in the game itself.

All in all, I have 1,005,250,000 gold added to my original amount of gold that is merely a little bit due to my purchase of potions. In the end, I never managed to use much of the potions due to many factors that made my battles easier. I will take my time to manage my stat later and choose to prioritize the money for now.

Due to the amount of gold, I am not sure whether I have to convert all of this gold to money. If I did, my father would suspect me of doing something illegal or anything. However, I also realize that even if I just give him enough money to pay for my mother's hospital bills, he will still suspect me since he is pretty sharp at things like this. We are poor and I don't have a job yet so how to explain this stuff?

Nah, I have nothing to lose if I told my father about the game. Besides, there are many games right now that have tournaments and stuff that earns money if you win, maybe I should use that alibi since my father knows that I play games. He might accept that alibi in the first place.

1 billion gold is 500 trillion yen which is a very astronomical amount. Whoever gained this much of money in the real world to buy the gold coins is wasting too much money. Paying this much means the person is very desperate to gain the guild token to build the guild. If I remember right, the reward for the first guild built in the whole world is the guild building in the center of the city which contains a daily dungeon that refreshes every day, and every Christmas, a raid boss appears. Also, the members of the guild will be able to obtain a title that will be awarded to the players who are in the guild though that title will be removed if you left the guild.

From what I can recall, the first guild managed to procure lots of applicants since it was the only guild at the moment. Many companies that wanted to sponsor the guild also gathered there becoming the biggest guild in the game. I didn't know who the first guild is at this time since I have yet to play the game at this time but I can now learn the first guild if I just listen to the announcement.

I was waiting and it didn't fail me. The announcement blared in the air and grinned when I heard and saw the guild that became the first guild existing in this game.

"Congratulations to the guild, Burning Dragon for becoming the first guild in the whole world! Being the first guild built, the Guild House is awarded to the Burning Dragon as their personal place to place their guild. Title, "The Godfathers" can now be granted to anyone who joins Burning Dragon Guild!"

Burning Dragon guild eh? Who would have thought that the person who almost killed me in the past timeline is the person who will be giving so much gold? I am not surprised he can pull this act and get the guild up immediately. Instead of hating him, I laughed at his actions. It was a very laughable attempt that I am quite happy with that. He might have thought that the only guild token in the whole game is the one he just bought. He might have gotten all that token but he will be not taking all the participants of his guild now, I am quite sure that there will be two additional guilds going to sprung out after the announcement since the first 10 guilds in the whole world will be announced. 5 out of 10 came from Japan while the others are from the other parts of the world.

Soon, the two announcements on the new guilds appeared again. I can imagine Kazuki's reaction seeing the two new guild announcements. He might have gotten all the best rewards from being the first guild made but that doesn't mean he can dominate the game now with the appearance of the two new guilds that will be competing very hard in the future.

"Congratulations to the guild, Blue Sky for becoming the second guild in the whole world!"

"Congratulations to the guild, Aqua Blood Alliance for becoming the third guild in the whole world!"

The announcements on the latter two are just simple congratulations and since they still have no guild house, they are a bit behind from the Burning Dragon guild since they already obtained a house for their guild as a reward but I am quite sure that the two big guilds have no problem procuring the bases for their guilds in a short time so they will be able to catch up on Kazuki in a short while.

I am quite curious about what face Kazuki is making right now seeing the two competitors popping out of nowhere even though he secured the first token. But I am not going to find out, I am just happy he blew up his money and ended up as my money now.

If the auction house did not ask for any kind of compensation to sell the tokens, the amount of gold I earned might be really big. But that is alright already. I mean, having a billion of gold is already amazing. I decided to make it small for now and converted 20 thousand gold which amounts to 10 million yen. For a person like me who is poor, getting 10 million yen is something I can only dream until later on but I managed to earn it in just the blink of an eye.

After the transaction, I log out of the game and appeared once again into my room. I stretched my body and checked my phone. And the bank has already sent the notification of the successful deposit of money in my account. With the confirmation, I accessed my account online and sent 3 million to my dad's bank account while I saved the rest.

The reason I held the remaining money, for now, is simple. The people that the loanshark my father loaned with are devious guys. They will try to extort money from him and will escalate having 20 million yen as their debt which they shouldn't have. The money I am saving is for me to get a private investigator to investigate the loan shark. I am quite sure something fishy is going on with them and I am going to stop them before it can repeat all of the things that occurred in my past timeline. I won't let it happen again.