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54 The Establishment of the Guilds

 While Kazuma was still busy inside the dungeon, in the auction, the whole venue started to erupt in chaos when the first Guild Token appeared. When the attendant carried the container of the Guild Token, the auctioneer started to explain the content.

"Now, every one of you must have heard of the rumor of the first Guild Token in this auction. We are happy to announce that the rumor is true and the first Guild Token is still in our hands. The first-ever Guild Token that exists in the whole wide world!" the auctioneer said and signals the attendant to open the container. The gold token that everyone wanted to own finally appeared before their eyes.

Hearing that and seeing the token before them, the whole venue exploded in commotion as the players suddenly went on the hype.

"As you all know, the first guild that will exist will be a very prestigious one as they will be able to get the guild manor existing in the middle of the city. They will be able to create a strong foundation already and the title "The Godfathers" will be granted to the members of the guild! Now, for the awaited bidding, we will start the bidding amount to 10,000 gold coins!"

Everyone who is backed up and ready to bid millions of gold suddenly got the urge to shout, "SO CHEAP!" However, the first one to break the ice is none other than Harmless Sparrow.

"150,000 gold!"

Hearing this, the guild leaders started to bid too.

"200,000 Gold!"

"500,000 gold!"

"625,000 gold!"

The whole venue was totally in chaos as the players keep on outbidding their competitors. If Manato was here in the venue, he would be really amazed by the enthusiasm of the players for a mere guild token that he does not find any value of.

Finally, the whole situation escalated to the point that the first guild token was now very expensive that many other players who wanted to get the Guild Token for themselves cannot bid anymore because of the ridiculous amount of money the pool already has and they can't pay it if they try to bid on it. However, not all gave up, three guild leaders are still trying to outbid each other.

It was Harmless Sparrow, Black Hue, and the person that almost killed Manato in the past, Kazuki, also known by his IGN, Kaisar. Kaisar is the one dominating the three guild leaders since he quickly bid 500 million gold. It was an insane amount of gold and not only that, it is a very insane amount that even the auctioneer was stunned and can't speak that much. The amount earlier was just 1 million gold but it skyrocketed to 500 million gold all of a sudden.

Kaisar looked smug as he looked at the two competitors. Black Hue shook his head in dismay, meaning he withdraws on the battle. Kaisar was celebrating inwardly when Harmless Sparrow raised her hand.

"600 million"

Kaisar was not sure whether she was bluffing or not but he can't let her get the first guild token since it might be the only guild token available until the first expansion which he knows will occur in a few months where the guild tokens will be now a widespread item.

His budget is 2 Billion but he can't afford to spend more than that because it will not be a good idea to spend it without even knowing the outcome yet. But he is quite sure he will secure the token in this attempt now. He raised his hands and gave in his final bid.

"1 billion."

The whole auction room went quiet. Even the auctioneer can't respond and Harmless Sparrow has to withdraw the bid. The auctioneer quickly recovered from his stunned stupor and quickly announced it.

"1 Billion, going once, going twice..."

He looked around if there is anyone but he doubts there will be anyone else willing to outbid his offer so he slams the gavel.

"The First Guild token is now yours! You can now use it immediately after payment."

Kaisar was so excited that he paid immediately and grab the Guild Token and rushed out of the auction house, not knowing what happened next. Inside the auction house, all the players were just a little bit stunned for this because he rushed out of the place without even bothering to say anything to the others. It was like he was rushing to get the title and the guild immediately.

"Uh... alright, let's move on to the next product..." the auctioneer said.

The players seemed a little bit sad and devoid of enthusiasm but the auctioneer smiled.

"Why everyone is so glum? That was the first guild token, you won't try to bid on the second one?"

When all of the players heard it, they were stunned.

"Huh? Two tokens? What is the meaning of this?" Harmless Sparrow looked at the auctioneer in confusion.

"Although I said that there is a guild token here, I never said there is only one guild token available. We still have this and another one stock left so anyone else ready to bid this can start now."

Before the bidding can commence, the global announcement appeared causing them to stare to it and listen.

"Congratulations to the Guild Burning Dragon for becoming the first guild in the whole world! Being the first guild built, the Guild House is awarded to the Burning Dragon as their personal place to place their guild. Title, "The Godfathers" can now be granted to anyone who joins Burning Dragon Guild!"

Many of the online players who heard this immediately rushed to the guild of the Burning Dragon to gain the approval to join the first guild and get to the glory that the guild is receiving right now. However, it was clear that the spotlight won't last long. Kaisar might think that his guild is the only one guild built in the server alone without anyone to compete with him but he will soon find it hard because the guilds that will be competing with him are now also built.