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53 Clear

 The progress inside the dungeon is much easier thanks to my knowledge of the dungeon's layout and the enemies are just measly mobs helping me get my level rise from level 25 to now level 29 which is one more level left to reach level 30. It takes a little bit more effort for me to get that level. Lina also hit level 28 too.

"Master, I reached level 28 now," she informed.

"Oh, nice. Then you can learn a few more skills now?" I asked her.

"There is one skill that I am eyeing for but 1 skill point short at the moment."

"A skill? Is it an offensive or a passive skill?"

"It's a passive master."

"Can you show me the stats of that passive?"

She opened her status window and shared the info on her skill.

[Inspirational Aura of a Saint]

2nd Tier


Info: Increases the attack power and defense power of the surrounding allies when entering a battle. Healing effectiveness increased to 5% and Critical Chances increased to 10%. Effects cannot be applied to yourself.

Note: You inspire, you support, but more importantly, you protect!

SP cost: 10

Ah! The skill that only Lina possesses in the entire game! I remembered this passive before since this is the only skill that allows anyone near her to gain lots of bonuses. It is not that strong but having buffs like this while entering battle is a big factor if you want to defeat certain bosses because a critical attack can sometimes save you from a predicament situation. Too bad for Lina since she does not share the double SP from my title or else, she would have no problem in gaining the skill immediately. I pat her head in response and smiled.

"Quite a good eye you got there Lina. I really recommend that one. With your role as a supporting back liner, you will be able to easily gain other's respect. It can help you a lot since it doesn't need to be cast by the user and it was passive so this will immediately turn on the effect as soon as we enter a battle. I give a go signal for you to learn it."

"Understood master!" Lina said happily.

Leona is also getting ready to be an adult too and if she is now an adult, she can now participate in battles too and will be a huge gain of power in the future. Now that we are getting stronger as we dwell deeper into the dungeon, we finally arrived into the final door which the dungeon boss is resting. This time, it is a Necromancer.

There is a good bug in this boss battle that can be exploited until the expansion event where they fixed the bug. It can be a very good bug to raise your level fast enough that your level will be really high already and one of the reasons I rushed into this dungeon is due to this bug.

We entered the dungeon door and the gloomy atmosphere of the place alongside with the skulls and skeletons scattered on the floor, the whole place looks like a graveyard of some sort. I ready the Versatile weapon in my hand and the boss emerged from the darkness crying out a foreign word that I have no idea what it means.


"Lina! Prepare yourself!"

"Yes, master!"

[Necromancer of Hell]

Level 35

HP: 130,000/130,000

Attribute: Dark, Undead

It's HP is pretty low for a boss and many players who face this boss for the first time underestimated and mocked this boss for it's low HP and for how low it's defense has. But as soon as they managed to damage the boss, the boss will undergo a 1-minute attack invulnerability and summon skeleton monsters. In hard mode, this boss will summon 50 skeletons with 10,000 HP every 5 minutes but the amount multiplies once you challenge it on the next mode.

Now here comes the leveling bug. Although the enemies are undead, they are not vulnerable to Healing Spells and status restoring skills like Dispel so healing them will only heal them literally. Many players will not be able to defeat the 50 skeleton horde immediately but they are easily defeated if you know their weak point. Each skeleton has a vulnerable chest and unless destroyed, the enemy will rise back up after dying causing an infinite loop of killing the same monster. As for the bug, every time you kill a skeleton, you will receive experience and it is a lot of experience given.

Due to the trait of the Necromancer of Hell to summon another batch of 50 after 5 skeletons were left on the field, the experience earned is also a lot. The bug only works as long as you are still under level 50 and you have not killed the Necromancer of Hell yet. You just needed to fight the skeletons again and again until your level reaches level 50.

"Alright then! Let's suck this monster dry and kill them all over and over!"

For some reason, the boss seems afraid of me after that, and Lina and I leveled up to level 50 without much hitch. The boss was immediately killed without much trouble after that. When I deal with the final blow, the confirmation status appeared on my interface.

[Lesser Purgatory: Hard Mode has been cleared! Player Bladeheart can now access the Insane difficulty]

[Due to your deeds, you were awarded the title: HARD? THAT'S EASY!]

[You are the first player to complete the dungeon in the whole world. Would you like to announce your name?]


As usual, I clicked the No option and quickly checked the title.


Type: Elite Title

How to Achieve: Clear a Hard Difficulty dungeon

Effect: Gets a 10% chance of double gold drop. Effect can be stacked even when the title is not equipped.

I felt happy now since this title is one of the titles that can be earned by anyone with a stackable effect like the Memento Mori and the Death's Favorite. Also, a chance to gain double gold is a very nice perk this early in the game, therefore, I am quite happy. A lot of gold is a very good thing for me who needed money as soon as possible. Before I was able to gain composure, another interface appeared before me.

[Congratulations! You were awarded the Title: Early Billionaire Tycoon]


I don't remember getting a title before in the past. So I immediately check the info of the title.

[Early Billionaire Tycoon]

Type: Unique Title

How to acquire: Gain 1 Billion Gold without doing a real money transaction to buy gold and gain it before the First Expansion Patch.

Effect: Gains the Double Gold Buff. Your purchases in all stores are now 10% less and you can sell items with 10% gold gain.

Note: Rich! You are rich! Man, I am jealous! Treat me with a hamburger, please!

Huh? 1 billion gold? I don't remember getting that much money this early. Therefore, I decided to check the gold. I am not really sure now so I decided to check it if I am just mistaken.

1B. That is the only mark in my gold which means, I got 1 Billion Gold in my account! A freaking 1 Billion gold! I am a billionaire in the game now!