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52 Lesser Purgatory Part 6

 \"Ah...master? Am I seeing things? That boss was not talking when in the normal mode right? Why is it talking now and is currently complaining?\"

\"AM I NOT ALLOWED TO COMPLAIN?!\" the boss was like begging to us.

This is the first time for me to experience this kind. I have seen countless NPCs talk like real humans and some humanoid bosses can talk like real people, this boss in the Lesser Purgatory was not the boss that talks. It usually just roars, groan and shout loudly. This is the first time for me to encounter this boss to talk and also to blatantly complain about a player.

\"Isn't your job always like this? Why are you complaining now?\"

\"I might not complain if you are not doing some brutal stuff on me! You even have your pet eat my remains back in the normal mode! Did you really think it is an easy time for me to deal with that?\"

I felt pity for this boss but if don't beat up this boss, then what should I even do?

\"So you want me to go back? No way, we came here this far and not proceeding towards our goal is just not fine for us. Its either you step back and let us pass, or we will whoop up that *ss of yours. We are in a hurry so it would be nice if you just step aside so that we can go on.\"

\"F*cker! I would be really in trouble if I let you pass without a fight but heck my body is sore all over and now I have to deal with it? Agh, stupid rules of the world, why can't I even defy this sh*t?\" he facepalmed himself and groaned.

\"Can't you just step aside if you don't want to fight? What is the point if you hated doing it? Why not just follow me and beat the one who caused you like this, what do you say?\" I joked since there is no way this guy will follow, it is just for provoking this big guy.

\"Huh? You will really do that? Then let me in on that!\"

I was not expecting his answer and I was also not expecting the prompt that appeared to my interface.

[A boss has decided to follow you. Accept at the party? You cannot decline this request.]

[Yes/F*cking Yes]

Wait, wait. What the heck is going on, is this a bug? Wait, if this is a bug, it breaks the game literally! A boss following a player is not yet achieved even in my past life! And if you say what about the tamed beasts, those are different ones since it is needed to use items for taming to do so and only applies on beasts type monsters that can be tamed otherwise everything fails.

Then what the heck is going on? I didn't use any item for taming and I don't think this game has the charisma trait to cause this kind of boss to accept my proposal. In short, this is definitely a bug. Still, with the prompt showing me to choose yes since there is no \"No\" option and was replaced by another yes with just the addition of f*cking.

I decided to press Yes this time and if this is a game-breaking bug, the developers would surely notice it and will quickly repair the data. However, that didn't happen.

[The nameless Boss is asking for you to bestow him a name. Please type the name of the entity.]

This is just similar to naming a pet when you just obtained one but heck, this is not a pet, this is a freaking boss. I quickly typed Atlas on his name since he looks like one to me and also he is big. As soon as I confirm the name, another prompt appeared.

[For the sake of not breaking the system, the stats of the Atlas will be reduced to half of the original stats and the level will also be reduced to level 1]

Then that means, the boss actually became one of the NPCs I can command? Aside from Leona and Lina, this boss is not counted in my plans!

\"Oh, it looks like the system forcibly weakened me as punishment. And from the looks of it, I can't fight for today and will only be available tomorrow. This accursed system bullies me a lot. Oh well, since I followed you, you better not feed me again on your pet alright?\" And as soon as he said that, he disappeared and his name appeared on my companion slot and has a status beside his name.

\"What was that all about master?\" Lina scratched her head in confusion.

\"Honestly... I also don't have any idea either.\"


I didn't have enough time to ponder. When I look at my account's gold, I have found a lot of gold amounting to 12 million. From the looks of it, the bidding of the first Guild Token was very intense and since many players with huge backing wanted the first guild ever to be made in the entire game, many are competing and most of them came from different parts of the world. Since the game's players are not that huge yet, most of the players who are in the bidding right now are the huge companies backing players since they know that investing here would be really good.

Since the auction is in the climax already, it won't be long before the auction ends. I have to finish the Hard Mode as soon as possible. I will have to postpone the venture in Insane, Hell and Abysmal mode for now but I will be back in those levels to get one material I need to start my forging Ex Job and create my own armor soon.

I didn't bother to care much about Atlas' situation. I can just figure it out for later and I am not in a rush to know it. Besides, the game did not see it as a bug so I will not complain about it.

When I step into the middle of the circle of the boss room, the next path opened and even though I did not defeat the boss, it still gave me the EXP I will get and a few drops like the gold and the other materials dropped by the boss.

I may have got a good thing here but I doubt I will be going to have an easy time. The last boss is one of the troublesome monsters that can spawn and cause debuffs to the player. And in abysmal mode, this boss is just the second mini-boss.