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51 Lesser Purgatory Part 5

 Bloodserker, this is a semi-passive skill for Berserkers. It's in the category of semi-passive because of its ability to give effects despite not activated and used. When in idle status, Bloodserker gives additional attack power to the user the lower the health is. But when you activated the skill, you will gain an increased damage buff status and increase of critical rate in exchange for 100 HP per second. It's a dangerous skill but it is worth it because of the ability of the Bloodserker when it's idle. It is still in effect even when you activate it. Also, there is the full deployment and partial deployment. In full deployment, you will gain the increased damage, increased critical rate, double damage in one attack, no mana usage, and 60-second invulnerability to damage in exchange for 1,000 HP per second while partial deployment only cost 100 HP and the increased damage and critical rate.

Berserkers benefit a lot on this skill since the Berserkers are one of the classes with the Highest HP pools. 1,000 HP per second is nothing for Berserkers but for me who still has an HP pool of around 2,000, in two seconds, I am dead without getting the benefit of 60-second invulnerability.

Because the healing skill of Lina is still in effect, the HP loss is constantly being healed while the Hp loss also continues to drain my HP. I didn't waste my time and attacked the ogres before my HP goes to critical levels where they can easily hit me once and kill me.

-10,000! Critical

-10,000! Critical

-20,500! Critical


The numbers look pleasing in the eyes if not for the 100 HP I lost every second. Since the active effect of Bloodserker keeps sapping my HP, it won't be long before my HP will go down to critical numbers. The good thing is that I am using this chance to take them all down while my HP is also falling.

\"Master! Your HP is rapidly declining! My healing magic can't catch up to the HP you are losing!\"

\"Just keep on healing me and don't forget to cast Hex once the effect on the monsters disappeared!\" I shouted.

Although I have the extra-large potions I asked Lina to buy, I am saving them for the mini-boss battle and the boss battle for later which has ridiculous HP and Bloodserker full deployment will be in need to be activated soon.

It took me two minutes to take down the remaining ogres allowing me to level up to 24, raising my level twice. Still, my HP is miserable after the battle with only 600 HP left. Despite the level up heal, it didn't really matter if your HP keeps on losing and I leveled up twice after killing the third and fourth ogres. The fifth only gave a little bit amount of EXP which did not make my level reach 25 which would have allowed myself to get patched up easily.

\"Master, are you alright?\" Lina asked as she gave me an intermediate potion to drink.

\"I am fine, I am just a little bit dizzy,\" I said and shook my head a bit. Losing too much HP in the game can cause dizziness in reality to add an effect on the blood loss. This game just put the reality and games altogether. It's just a little bit annoying though.

\"Should we rest a bit?\" Lina asked.

\"Yeah, let's do that. Besides, Leona needs to gobble up those corpses.\"

As soon as I said that, Leona nodded and quickly flew towards the corpses and started eating. I am not surprised as to why Leona can keep on eating without stopping despite gobbling monsters' carcass with bigger sizes than her. All of the meat she eats immediately converts to EXP allowing her to keep on consuming them without the feeling of getting full. She will only get full if she ate actual food items.

I sit down a little bit and feel sore in my body. I need to train up my real body soon so that my muscles can catch up from the movements I do in the game. If only my body in the past is also transported here in the past, sadly, it is my untrained body so I have no choice.

\"Master, I know this is a bit rude to ask but why won't you go to a party with others?\"

\"We are at the same party right?\" I looked at her with a confused face.

\"I mean, go with other adventurers like you. I heard adventurers liked to band together when they go to dungeons. Why are you doing it in solo? And you even challenged the Normal and Hard Mode at the same time.\"

\"Oh? You noticed that? I never expected you to find out that I am avoiding others.\"

\"Your actions are easily predictable and I am quite aware of it. The only thing is that I am wondering why you are doing so. Isn't it better if you team up with them?\"

\"You have yet to see the cruel side of these people. Maybe I will be trusting other people in the future but that doesn't change the fact that I will continue to avoid them.\"

Lina looked at me, surprised by my remarks, however, she did not voice out her disagreement. She just looked away from me and decided to stay quiet. I shrugged it off and wait for Leona. As for the drops from the ogres, I won't be checking them yet but I know I got lots of good drops. It didn't take too long for Leona to devour all ogre's body and she leveled up finally to level 2 despite not getting experience in battles yet.

\"Let's get going guys, we are not yet in the middle of the dungeon.\"


Our journey inside the dungeon is fine, and the monsters are manageable. I also managed to hit level 25 after killing a group of Hell Hounds. The mobs are easy to kill but the Elite monsters are a bit tricky. Still, with my past experience of repeated hunting, I don't really need to think hard on the strategies to fight them. When we reached the middle of the dungeon, the mini-boss finally appeared. And this time, the mini-boss is the boss in Normal Mode. As soon as the boss appeared in my vision, the boss stood up and growl.

\"The heck? You again?! You are not satisfied with the Normal Mode earlier and challenge the Hard Mode? You are looking forward to beating up my ass again right? RIGHT? No way man, once a day is enough, it's a tough job being a boss! Don't make it harder for me!\"

Me: ...

Lina: ...

What... this talking back is not in the past, right?