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50 Lesser Purgatory Part 4

 Provoked by my voice, the Berserker Giant Ogres stomped the ground as they march towards my direction. I know that I am in a clear disadvantage against these monsters but who said I can't fight them? My body might be the lesser version of my old self but that doesn't mean I have forgotten all of my moves and skillset. I just needed to be careful against them since they are stronger and they are also higher in terms of levels. But who said that levels matter here? It's just a little bit of factor in this game, what matters are your skills.

When the Berserker Giant Ogres are now a few meters away from me, I didn't hesitate to charge while the ax is in my hands, ready to rip off shreds of flesh.


The ogres roared and started running when they saw me. Despite their big sizes, they move hella fast. But that doesn't mean I would be running away. My experience is enough to deal with them in a critical way. I don't really need to keep my eyes on them since they are just mad monsters but they have swift movements. Besides, I don't want to die early. I don't want to tarnish my record with a single death.

\"Master!\" Lina shouted before she released a spell that can cause a Slow and a curse, from what I can remember, that skill was called Hex, a spell of the class Magician and later, in summoners and Witches.

As soon as the Berserker Giant Ogres started to slow down in movement, I raised my ax and swing it on the nearest Achilles Tendon of the nearest ogre. No matter how hard these monsters were and how big they are, they always have those weaknesses that allow players to exploit if they ever find it. As for these monsters, their sizes are their weakness and the vital point to easily dispatch them is to hit their Achilles Tendon.

With the ax lacking the same weight that the real axes have, it didn't hinder my speed and I was able to deal higher damage using them. The ogres were trying to stomp me flat but due to my fast movement, I have no problem dodging them. Plus, if they are about to stomp me, I just slashed their soles with the ax and they are sure to stop their movement to stomp.



My damages are now noticeable since I didn't stop my attacks. They might have 100,000 HP, that was a small amount if their damages are continuous thanks to Lina's Hex and to my attacks. Still, that doesn't mean I can dodge all of their attacks. Some of them like the shockwaves from their feet cause damage but it is not really a threat since I can easily heal them. The problem is the sudden and surprise attacks. They are too fast and they sometimes give a spook attack that I really hated the most.

\"ARGH!\" one of the ogres fell down after cutting deeply on his Achilles Tendon. They might be hard and muscle monsters but that doesn't mean their tendons are protected by muscles. With the Ax, it didn't really matter, with a slash, their flesh will be torn open.

When one of the ogres fell, I quickly run towards its head and rush towards his eyes. Before the ogre can react, the ax is swinging straight to the ogre's eyes. Also, who said I am done? I quickly get out of the way from the area as the ogre stomped his hands to the ground. Before he can fully stand, I headed straight to his nape and raise the ax. The part of the ogre that can cause an instant kill is the nape. Kind of like the anime with giants right? But that is not really the case, most monsters have the nape as their weakness and even humans can die with their nape damaged.


I swing down the ax and sliced his nape. Although it bounced a bit, it didn't really stop the blade from the second swing around. As soon as I did that, the interface appeared and the experience quickly appeared. However, I have no time to celebrate with 4 more ogres still on the loose.

\"Lina! Cast one more Hex!\" I shouted.

\"Got it! Lina quickly released another Hex spell. If not for the Hex's slow debuff and the continuous damage overtime against enemies, I would be having trouble too. Looks like I did the right thing to bring Lina along. Although she is not a great fighter at the moment, her support skills can easily deal with helpful skirmishes to kill enemies slowly.

\"One down, four more to go!\"

The ogres started to emit severe bloodlust on the surroundings. It is an unavoidable effect from these guys, the bloodlust upgrade. Once a monster of the same species died, they will emit strong bloodlust which has the effect of stronger attacks. But the good thing about this is that they might have increased their attacks but their defenses drastically fell due to that. It was a kind of demerit.

Usually, during team battles, the tank will suffer a lot of beatings on this one and the healer will suffer a lot of healing troubles because she or he needs to keep the DPS alive while also keeping the tank healthy and strong. With the mana of healers being constantly drained alongside the cooldowns, team fights on hard mode will need two or more healers, two tanks and hard-hitting DPS.

After a few swings, another one fell. As soon as I hit the second one's nape, their defenses drastically fell and their attacks had all tremendously increased. I can feel their damage is too strong now since the minor damage that the shockwaves from their feet can cause half of my HP bar gone in one shockwave. It was a frightening amount of damage for monsters like them.

\"Master! Heal!\" Lina throws a Healing Sanctuary, one of the expendable items for healing that allows any players inside the sanctuary to heal over time. They are good replacement from healers lacking mana but they are rare. But that doesn't mean I would be stingy, besides if I get to higher levels, I won't be needing this kind of item anymore.

\"Thanks, Lina!\" I shouted.

Their HP are all below 20,000 due to the continuous Hex damage they receive and due to the bleeding effect they keep on receiving, the monsters are about to fall in a few more skirmishes. Now, I am ready to destroy them all. Time to get serious this time.

\"Battle Stance, Partial Deployment! Bloodserker!\"