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49 Lesser Purgatory Part 3

 Any healing spell like Dispel can kill the boss but no one knows that yet except me. They might have an idea of it but they would usually just do the normal beating up the monster using force. When the boss died, it didn't drop anything much. But I got the title that is received by the first person who gets to clear a dungeon first in the whole game server. And since this game is worldwide running in a worldwide server, that means I am the first one to ever earn the title.

[Title: Dungeon Cleaner has been awarded]

However, just like the first title I received after I discovered the dungeon, this title is a bit worthless and I don't need to equip it. After that, I beckon Leona and Lina. Leona quickly munches towards the boss' remaining body and ate it in one swoop.

"What are we going to do now master?" Lina asked.

"We will get out, and get in once again."


I can see Lina's confusion. It was very well known to everyone including the NPCs that once a dungeon is cleared, you can only enter once but who said we are going to enter the Normal Difficulty? When we arrived outside, I entered again and a prompt to enter the dungeon appeared with the Normal Difficulty greyed out and has a countdown timer. However, the other difficulty, the Hard Mode is now available for selection.

"Uh...Master? Are you sure we will proceed to the Hard Difficulty? I heard from my fellow Battle Maid companions that Normal and Hard Difficulty has a large amount of rise in difficulty. This might cause us to get killed inside the dungeon!"

"I know, that is why we are challenging it."

As soon as I selected the Hard difficulty, the entrance of the dungeon started to get hotter and the color of the entrance is starting to have a darker color of red. More specifically, it shifted from the normal looking one to a sinister-looking dungeon. Anyone in the early stages would be having second thoughts of going if they see this new atmosphere. Even Lina shook when she saw the changes happening.

"Let's go. The auction won't last forever, we need to finish this dungeon diving as soon as possible."

Despite Lina's urges to retreat, with me as her master, she can't do anything but to follow me inside. Accompanying Leona, we entered the now hotter dungeon and the beginning of our challenge. The difficulty will just spike up in here.

As soon as we entered the entrance, the humid... no, it's not humid, it is hellishly hot air damp into our skin and even though it is virtual reality, the hotness in feeling is real and I have forgotten the surroundings here to be like this. I may be able to withstand the heat before but since I returned to my past body, that means that I am back to square one where my body is not accustomed to the hotness.

"Master! This place is so hot!"

"I know, I have underestimated the hotness of the flames in this difficulty. Have I known this, we would have brought an air conditioning powder to allow us to cool down."

Leona seems fine despite being a bird covered with fur and feathers. Maybe she is resistant to the heat. As we moved in, the whole place that looked like it was a mansion before became a burning land of hell. It no longer resembles the mansion anymore. And anyone who just cleared the Normal Mode will see the difference immediately.

The second change that occurred that I already anticipated are the enemies. As soon as we arrived not too far in the entrance, the Fire Imps appeared and now looked bigger and they wear Leather armors now and they are now equipping decent spears. Which means they are now posing a threat at me and everyone following me.

[Fire Imp]

Level 25

HP: 30,000/30,000

Attribute: Beast, Fire

"Lina! At arms! Protect Leona at all costs!"


If they are wielding a spear, then a sword will be their nemesis. My reflexes remained the same and as soon as I hit the range of the spear, I quickly slide through them and sliced on their feet using the sword.

[Passive: Light Poison Activated!]

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Nice, the passive activated! This is one of the passives I learned last time, the Light Poison. although it is not a high chance, there are always some times that you really need even the slightest amount of damage from the poison buff just to win. Since they are continuous and stackable for a small period of time, this passive is pretty helpful finish rip apart the HP of the enemy slowly but surely.

Lina also did a decent job in attacking but she is much on focus towards protecting Leona. After all, Leona is not yet able to fight since she is still in her infant stage. With Lina more on the defensive side than offense, I have to deal with all the finishing blows to kill them all. It is not easy dealing attacks on them since they move very fast.

I raise the sword and stab the ground with the tip before activating the Magic Knight skill, Earth Fissure. As the ground shook beneath the Fire Imps, I quickly moved behind them and strike their napes using the sword with one swing.

As soon as the Fire Imps got them, the damage appeared above their heads in red colors and all of them fell into the ground and drops loot that are all materials. After picking them up, Leona quickly rush forward and started gobbling up the monsters to her mouth. Since Leona is not a picky eater, it only took a small amount of time before the corpses were gone.

Just as I was about to proceed, huge tremors occurred and I almost fell. It was not my Earth Fissure since they don't produce aftershocks. Only one enemy is capable of shaking the ground by just walking. The sword is not enough to deal with them, I still remember that they don't easily have much damage if swords are used. But when I have a teammate once who has a Berserker Class, they managed to rip off the muscles these monsters have.

The Versatile Weapon glowed and changed into an ax. Hammers are good, but I want to rip some flesh, not bash them, therefore, I choose the bladed weapon that Berserkers are able to wield. The ax.

"Lina, stay away from me for a while. This upcoming battle will become messy and I will just ask help for healing. Just do it like how it occurred on the Boss Room battle earlier."

"But I didn't do anything in there!"

"Exactly," I said and noticed that the monsters are now a few more distance on my location.

[Barbarian Giant Ogre]

Level 30

HP: 100,000/100,000

Attribute: Monster, Dark, Nature

Their levels are higher than mine, and their HP is a whopping 100k. They hit hard and they are unforgiving. Also, they are also in advantage in terms of numbers. There are 5 of them which means if their HP is combined, it will be 500k. These factors make my blood boil, I miss this feeling of danger and thrill. With the disadvantage on me, I grinned in delight.