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48 Lesser Purgatory Part 2

 The atmosphere around the Lesser Purgatory dungeon is a bit hot but it's tolerable. If I get to the next difficulty like in hard mode above, the hotness of the place will increase. Oh, I also forgot, although you can't enter the dungeon more than once, it will be only applicable if it is the same difficulty. If you choose a different difficulty from the first run, you can enter the dungeon again. For example, if you enter the normal difficulty at first, you can't enter the dungeon if you still picked the normal difficulty but you can enter it if you choose other difficulties other than the normal difficulty. And it the rule will continue, in short, you can enter the dungeon once every difficulty until the respawn of the dungeon's mobs.

Dwelling further from the entrance, I kind of miss this place. Ever since I managed to get away from the game oppression happening to me, I have not entered this place for a long time. The whole place was now so nostalgic. The entire layout of the place did not change and still looked the same from what I remembered.

Although it was labeled as Lesser Purgatory, it doesn't look like a purgatory itself. It was more like an abandoned mansion though it will change once you enter the Abyss difficulty though that will be for later. The walls look like those walls with high-class wallpapers seen in 5-star hotels however, they are a bit moldy and once you try touching the wall, you will burn your skin. You will actually get a lingering pain for a slight time but it can be cured using the potions that heal burns.

I memorized the place and the surprise tactics that the monsters do here so before they can do a surprise, I changed my Versatile Weapon into a gun and shoot on the corner of the wall.


-Got 1000 EXP(Additional 1000 EXP for Instant Kill) (Title Effects Activated, 2000 EXP gained)

-Got 10 Gunslinger AP

The enemies here are mediocre and with my level, the mobs here would be a real breeze.

"Is there an enemy master?"Lina asked.

"Yeah. I have seen it sneaking so I gave it a surprise."

I glance into the monster's carcass and looked at its name.

[Fire Imp]

Level 10

HP: 0/2,300

Attributes: Beast, Fire

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I was right, the Fire Imps. These monsters easily swarm if they are left in large numbers, therefore, killing them before they can strike is the way to avoid unnecessary trouble. Leona licked her beaks and looks at me. I nodded at her and my pet quickly dives in to eat the monster's carcass. I don't see any notification but I saw Leona's Exp bar grew a little bit. Since there are no enemies around, I commanded them to follow.

"Let's go."

Lina nodded and we continued forth. On the corridor, the monsters quickly saw us and screamed before dashing towards us. Lina quickly raised her whip and whacked it to the Fire Imps. Leona also did the job of fighting some but most of her work are devouring the monster's carcass. The drops are also worthless at the moment but they can be useful if processed using alchemy so I let all of them inside the inventory.

The monsters are easy to kill and since they are lower in level than me, they just suffer to critical hits and one hit attacks. Since my weapon, the versatile weapon maintains it's attack power despite changing to a different form, the power it holds when it was a sword or bow didn't change when it changed into a gun.

It didn't take us around 5 minutes to clear the whole place before we reach the boss room. In normal mode, the boss room is something easy to finish. You can basically stand and attack the boss without worrying about the incoming attacks if your level is the same as my level. Lina looked at the boss room's door with wariness written on her face.

"Are you scared at the boss?" I asked.

"Of course, master. This is the first time I will be fighting a boss directly."

"Did you forget that you have fought against the Gate Guardian? It was much more difficult to beat up the Gate Guardian than the boss here."

"Huh? You are joking right?"

"Why would I joke?" I grinned and pushed open the door.

With a creaking sound from the door, the light slowly enters the dark chamber of the boss room. If you are a first-timer, you would feel nervous on this one especially that it is a virtual reality game and not in front of your PC or game console.

I entered the boss room while Lina followed suit. She is very cautious that a slight movement and sound in the surroundings make her leap out. I flick the Versatile weapon and change it from gun to Magic Sword. I am more well-versed in fighting this boss in Magic Sword so I will stick to that.

"Just stay on the sidelines for now Lina. Heal once in a while so that my HP won't go down to critical levels. Don't attack the boss at all, just focus on healing me, understand?"

"Yes, master!" Lina sounded enthusiastic after she heard that she will be in charge of the healing.

"Also, keep Leona here at the moment. Just let her come near after the defeat of the boss. Okay?"

"Alright master, you don't have to worry."

After giving the final instructions, I moved to the center of the boss room. Unless you go to this area of the room, the boss won't move so it will be safe in the meantime. As soon as my feet touched the hard floor at the very center of the room, the torches started to glow with red flames and the throne of the monster appeared before me.

On a throne that is made by bones, a knight clad with black armor is currently sitting on it with the sword that looked like a menacing item on its right hand that is currently acting like it is its cane. Upon noticing me, the boss stood up from its throne and wave its sword in the air. I keep on seeing this move of the boss every time I enter this room. The only laughable thing is that he might look menacing but his attacks are just similar to pricks in thorns for me.

[Hellspawn Knight King]

Level 10

HP: 10,000/10,000

Attribute: Dark, Demon, Undead, Humanoid

As soon as the name and HP appeared, that signals that I can now attack the boss without hesitation. I swing my magic sword and rush forward. The boss has a long name so I will keep on calling him boss. As I swing my sword, the boss also swings his sword in my direction.


I grinned in anticipation. The strength of the boss is still the same without any changes. However, I have already changed and since my class is no longer the same in the past, my tactic to finish this dungeon is also fast enough too. I raised my free hand and grab the head of the boss and activated one of my skills.