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47 Lesser Purgatory Part 1

 Just like in many RPG games, Alternate World has a Dungeon. Although you can hunt monsters and bosses in open fields, they are just not as profitable as dungeon monsters. For example, if Open Field mobs drop 10 bronze to 10 silver coins and a slight amount of decent weapon in common to rare ranks, dungeon mobs are always dropping bronze, silver, and gold in a decent amount. The very minimum bronze coins you can get from a dungeon monster is 100 bronze.

The only thing is that the dungeon is pretty limited. Once a dungeon is cleared, you need to wait for its respawn time to refresh the mobs which are usually around 1 day to 1 week depending on how good is the dungeon is. That is why, whenever a dungeon spawned, players would really fight to get a slot to the raid. Unfortunately for them, I would be taking the loot for myself for now. Let them have their fun in spending real money.

I waited for Lina to arrive in the Starlight forest. I occasionally saw a few small mobs but all of them became food for Leona. Although she can't fight yet, she can eat dead mobs that are not harvested so she still earns EXP even without fighting. Many have thought that pets needed to be 10 days old to earn EXP but there is a loophole that pet owners managed to discover. Anytime they let the carcass of the dead monsters gets eaten by the pet, they can see that their pets can earn EXP. So even in the early hatchling of the monster, even without the ability to fight yet, by eating, my pet would level and will be helpful once everything is okay for my pet to fight. Now, she is currently level 6. Her stats have also grown too but since I can't decide which growth stat she would choose, there is nothing I can do but watch which stats grew.

Name: Leona

Species: Gryphon

Level: 6

Tier: Legendary

Status: Newborn(Full)(Note: Newborns cannot fight yet. They can't earn EXP too in Newborn state. They need 10 days old to get Exp.)

HP: 5500/5500

MP: 3500/3500


STR: 107

AGI: 103

DEX: 105

END: 100

INT: 102


Level 0: Air Wing: Conjures magical wings out of mana that summons gusts of wind. Enemies in a 100-meter radius get 1000-500 HP damage. The further the enemy is, the lesser the damage dealt. Cooldown: 10 minutes

Skills: Locked (Level 10)

Info: Gryphons are mystical creatures that soar the skies that said to be a creature with head, talons, and wings of an eagle with a lion's body. Riding on one of these creatures would make you one of the lucky people to ride on one.

Owner: Bladeheart

Lots of her stats have grown. It is also impossible for Leona to gain stat points easily like this so my guess is that Leona can gain stat points from the carcasses she eats. It would be really convenient to do so.

It didn't take too long for Lina to arrive into the Crossroads of the Starlight Forest. She handed me the potions and I quickly counted them. Since all of the potions that I asked Lina to bring is here, time to raid and clear the Lesser Purgatory as soon as possible.

"Lina, have you ever ventured on the Lesser Purgatory before?" I asked.

"Unfortunately, that was beyond my level at that time. If I ventured in the dungeon, I will be easily overwhelmed by monsters," she answered.

"I mean, you have not raided this place with your other Battle Maid comrades?"

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Battle Maids are mercenary NPCs in Alternate World. They either go on raids from time to time and they sometimes help human players kill bosses in the dungeons if they ever meet one while being on patrol. They are considered as one of the essential companions to find in a dungeon such as this one. However, I never expected Lina to have no experience in clearing dungeons like the Lesser Purgatory.

"I was only part in monster subjugation quests like hunting wolves and spiders in the forests. Bigger missions like this one is not part of my job."

I never expected to know this. In my past life, Lina might be the lowest level Battle Maid that accompanied me but she was able to clear dungeons with some of the highest and strongest Battle Maids in their faction. It looks like she was being underestimated and she didn't manage to shine much until the time I managed to help her.

As soon as we entered the dungeon's entrance, the prompt of choosing the difficulty of the dungeon appeared. However, to access the different difficulty in this dungeon, you need to beat the normal mode first. Normal mode is the easiest mode you can get in this game. There are 5 difficulties unlockable in each clearing. Normal, Hard, Hell, Insane and Abyssmal. The higher the difficulty is, the bigger the rewards given and titles you can receive are very awesome too.

As someone who managed to clear the Abyssmal mode of this dungeon before since I am pretty much stuck in this dungeon, I am pretty much able to memorize every nook and secrets of the dungeon whatever difficulty it was. On top of that, I can clear them solo. With the amount of time the bidding will happen, it is enough time for me to clear up to Hell mode. In Insane mode, I might need a little bit more of time to clear it properly.

[Player has discovered a Dungeon: Lesser Purgatory]

[Title: Dungeon Finder has been awarded.]

A title that I am very familiar with. This title is always given to all players who get to see the dungeons for the first time. It is not that bad but not a good title to use. It's effect only gives an additional 500 HP. It might be a good title for beginners but not for me. It's not even stackable to other titles and you need to equip it for the title's effect to apply.

The interface appeared before me and shows me the difficulties. I press the Normal difficulty immediately since all of the other options are greyed out. I glance at Lina and decided to talk to her.

"Are you ready to deal with the monsters inside this dungeon? This will be the first time you will be entering a dungeon. You can back out for now but you will miss the Exp given."

"No worries master. As a Battle Maid, I will be fine whatever monster tried to attack us. I will never back down."

I nodded and pulled out my Versatile Weapon and changed it into a Magic Sword.

"Then let's get started."