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46 While Everyone is in the Auction, I will go raid some Dungeons

 I really wanted to laugh at Tress's reaction when I showed him the tokens I possess at the moment. If the video recording feature is already implemented here, I wouldn't hesitate to capture this moment. Too bad that the feature is yet to be implemented until the second expansion to Sandurk which would take at least a month.

Tress still did not expect what he was seeing. He keeps on rubbing his eyes repeatedly if he was just seeing things but what he is seeing right now is real.

"C-check them if they are real, I need to know that I am not just seeing things," Tress said to one of his staff.

The staff was quick to adapt to the situation and quickly checked the authenticity of my tokens. The staff were quite professional in terms of speed in their authenticating because a few seconds later, the report came in.

"Sir, the tokens are 100% authentically legit. They are not fake and they are all ready to be used."

Although Tress is a virtual character, he wiped off his sweat and smiled at me.

"Mr. Bladeheart seems to be a very important man that I didn't recognize immediately. Since you have already decided on selling these tokens, I would be willing to only take 5,000 gold per token needed for this. In return, I would like to put these tokens into the bidding section on today's highlights, what do you say?"

"Sure, no problem."

And with that, I struck the deal with Tress. Although those tokens are extremely useless for me, I already expected that money would come flowing in sooner or later. Guild tokens are extremely coveted by others and a single one would become one of the talks in the game from tycoons.

After signing everything with Tress, I quickly made my way out before anyone from the crowd notices the backdoor that I just used. During this early in the game, no one knows the backdoor yet and if someone did discover this backdoor would immediately shrug on it and will think that it's for the staff's use.

I didn't stay near the crowd. Instead, I just took a seat on a bench nearby and looked around the players getting in there. With the announcement of the Auction opening, many of the players under big guilds frantically started clearing their own respective Gate Guardians before they managed to enter the capital.

Most of the players in the area are most level 10 to level 13 and based on the equipment that they are currently wearing, it was clear that many of them just rushed the mini-boss without preparing since most of them are already wearing the 1 durability left equipment while some already lost their weapons.

Welp, who cares, I am not here for them, I am here for their money. While observing, I saw Dolly on the crowd. Looks like she managed to get in here just fine. As expected of an expert magician. From the looks of it, she solo the Gate Guardian which is commendable. I won't be surprised if she keeps on going solo. She is someone who is worth recruiting to my party in the future and if I want her future to change, I will need to intervene in the very future. She is not someone who needs to die, she is someone who deserved to live.

Still, it is not yet the right time to do it. She still needs to grow alone for now and I still have a few things I need to accomplish alone for now. Soon enough, the whole auction house is filled with players. It is like watching a scene from a flea market. As soon as I am sure that everyone is now busy in the auction, I left the place and waited for the result especially in the internet blog that would be exploding with discussions soon...


Without anything to do much, I decided to go and raid the Lesser Purgatory. With everyone busy in the auction, it is time for me to raid some dungeon while everyone's eyes are busy on the auction. It is a great distraction for me who wanted to do some things secretly and this is the great timing.

I summoned Leona out and she started flapping her small wings. She is still weak and small at the moment but once I get her high leveled, she would be a dominating pet of all time. I just need to let her get stronger as soon as I can. Since I was about to go on a dungeon, I have to be prepared. I opened the Follower tab in my menu and clicked on Lina's profile and called her. Every follower NPC can be called via this functionality and is very good at communicating an NPC in a very far place. The call's ringing sound from the other line continued for a while before Lina answered.

"Hello, master?"

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"Are you free for today?"

"I don't have any job to do today and I am free at the moment. Is there a problem master?"

"No, I am hoping that you would agree to go with me and raid a dungeon right now. If you want to level up fast, this would be the best method for me to do to help you."

"Ah, that would be great, wait for me. Where should we meet Master?"

"Meet me in the Crossroads of the Starlight Forest. I will be waiting for you in the signpost. And please buy 20 Extra Large Advance Health Potions and 20 Extra Large Advance Mana Potions. I will send you the money there so you don't have to worry about the cost alright? The change would be yours to pocket as a fee for this."

"Advanced Health and Mana Potions? Those things are expensive!"

"Don't worry about it too much and yeah, also buy the Water Molotov in the Alchemy shop. We will be dealing with some fire type enemies later on. Buy at least 100 pieces."

After that, I ended the call and send the necessary money via currency transfer. With all the money in my purse, buying those things is just like buying peanuts to me in the game.