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45 Auction House

 I had so many Sp right now that I don't even know what to use to spend them all in passives. After all, passives don't need to be used as they are automatically implemented in the system after being learned. My only problem with the passives is that they are just too expensive. I always prefer to let the passives learned around the middle levels because they are insanely expensive than the active skills.

After learning a few of the Swordsman passives, I hovered straight to the passives on the Samurai class. With only 100 SP, I think I can only buy a few of them. I skimmed and saw two passives that seems to be needed to use other skills of the Samurai Class and a must-have passives.

[Iai Stance]

1st Tier


Info: Enables the user to use skills that are in need to be in Quick Draw stance. The user will immediately be able to use the skill once this is learned.

Info: Learn the way of Iaijutsu in just one click.

[Batou Stance]

1st Tier


Info: Enables the user to efficiently slash through enemies and enables the usage of Batou Stance skills.

Note: This is a different way of slashing enemies in a noob motion. Learn how to efficiently cut a melon.

These two seems quite good if you want to learn all of the skills involving these stance. No wonder most samurai class players have different styles of attacking. They are either on a quickdraw form or in just in a drawn-out sword which is the most common stance. It might be due to the skills.

I bought them because they are not expensive, they cost 5 Sp only which seems to be quite a different way of the amount I usually see in passives skills. Maybe because they are very necessary skills? Whatever it was, I am not quite sure. I am not entirely familiar with the samurai skills so I don't have many thoughts about it.

Before I can even click the next skill tree, an announcement appeared on my interface.

[Good day players! An auction will begin in 5 hours of game time. Everyone who has something to sell or interested to participate in the bidding is welcome!]

Oh? The Auction house is finally in operation? Looks like I am now in for a good time. I hovered a bit on other classes and clicked all of the skills marked as passives on my skills and closed my skill panel after without reading any of those new class skills I got. I can check them later, this thing is much more of an importance than my skill since it involves my income.


The Auction House is something that many players anticipated to open. It's because of the items that the Auction house is selling. Not only that, they sell equipment with Rare and Very Rare tiers on them and sometimes, you can spot Uniques too which is something many anticipated to win. Since it is still the beginning of the game's launch, it is impossible for players to buy higher tier items except for Rare Tiers. Their main focus is to find the Guild Token first. Usually, a guild token is always sold in that place. If that was the case, they would easily find it here.

As soon as I arrived in the vicinity of the Auction House, I saw a crowd of players in the vicinity. It looks like many players already managed to enter the capital and defeated their respective Gate Guardians. I applaud them for doing that fast. But I don't really care, what I am targeting right now is to earn that money with these useless tokens.

Of course, I didn't go to the entrance. Not so many people knew about this but for people who want to sell something secretly, just go to the backdoor of the Auction house. This thing is confidential so I would be able to enter the backdoor without problems.

As soon as I entered the place, some of the staff immediately noticed me. With quick and professional movements, they approached me and smiled.

"Oh, sir, this is not for customers entrance sir, you got the wrong way," the female staff said with a smile.

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"No worries, I am not buying. I came here to sell something that your company might be interested in buying. Can you tell me where is your boss?"

The staff was about to say something but when she saw me flash out the token, she was taken aback and quickly changed her attitude.

"Please come in, wait for our boss a bit, I am sure he will be delighted to see what sort of item you have brought to us today."

And with that, my entry is successful. Just by showing an item that gives a significant amount of money for the auction house is something that the staff would immediately take notice immediately especially if it is one of the most needed items by players in the very beginning.

It didn't take too long for the boss to arrive. The boss of the auction house did not change at all. A youngster who still looked like a newbie businessman only to be known as one of the greatest NPC tycoons in the game, Tress.

Tress looked around and when he saw me, he smiled and quickly approached me with a dignified manner.

"Looks like what my staff said is true. Are you sure you want to sell the Guild token to us? No one has ever obtained the first token before and you are the first guy I ever heard about to earn a Guild Token. Shouldn't you use it for yourself?"

"I am not interested in making a guild. It only complicates my way of doing things and I am satisfied with my life right now. A guild would only ruin the peacefulness of my mind."

"Ha, looks like you are not a people person. I like that. Well, I almost forgot to introduce myself. My name is Tress, the head and the boss of the Auction House situated in the Capital. Pleased to make your acquaintance sir..."

"Just call me Bladeheart."

"I see, Sir Bladeheart. Can you please show me the token please?"

With a flick on my fingers, a Guild Token appeared and throw it to Tress who skillfully caught it with two fingers. He adjusted his glasses and take a look into the item before nodding in approval.

"This thing is legitimate and not a fake one. This is the real deal Guild Token that we are looking for. This would fetch a lot of money. And since this one would really sell, I will issue that we take 10,000 gold for this token's profit while the rest would be yours."

"Can't you take it a bit lower?"

[Haggling failed. Your relationship with the target is not close enough to get the desired result]

"I am sorry Sir Bladeheart, we can't have something easily haggled. We are losing money if we did it so I can't possibly grant what you wanted to do."

It looks like a fail. Without the passive unique skill [Haggle] that Merchant ex Jobs has, you will easily fail the haggling and you won't get the result that you wanted. Oh well, worth a try I guess.

"Alright, but that is not the only Token I am selling right now. Would another token be good to sell?"

"What do you mean?" Tress's face is full of confusion.

I quickly pull out the two remaining guild tokens as soon as he asked that. The other token is stored inside my inventory. I have a quest to use this token for.

"What the f*ck..." Tress cursed as he saw the glittering tokens present in the table.