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43 Wanna Join My Guild?

 This woman, why do I always cross paths with her always? Did she transformed as my tail without me knowing? Heck, she seemed to become my shadow already. She pops out of nowhere and I can't seem to expect when or where she would appear. She already meet me twice in the real world and has messed up my plans in the game world... wait, is she my stalker? But that isn't it. I am not so handsome to be chased by a beautiful girl like her. So, is it a coincidence? How come she is eating in this place even though she is a rich girl.

She had yet to notice me so I decided to just eat silently. I still have a single bowl left and I am sure that sooner or later, she would notice my existence. I can't just leave despite this because I want to eat more. I am still hungry...

I slurp down the noodles calmly. From the looks of it, she has not discovered my identity yet in the game. It is not yet time for me to reveal my real identity in the real world to anyone until I get strong enough, and that includes Rika. However, she might be of use to me in terms of my money grinding. Since she has yet to gain Guild Tokens, I have no doubt that she would be happy enough to buy the token. As time goes by, Guild Tokens would be a bit easy to get so I have to make my move. Once I go back home, I will be visiting the Auction and sell the Guild Tokens. That way, I can get easy money to give to my mother's operation.

Rika looked beside her and quickly noticed my presence. She gasped when she saw me which is a bit of an exaggeration, I guess. My face is not that surprising.

"Oh my, you are the one who came with me that time!" Rika exclaimed.

I looked at her and tilted my head.

"Do I know you by chance?" I asked dumbly. That way, she won't be suspicious of me remembering her considering I ignored her last time. Rika seems surprised to my response but she didn't respond on it in a negative way.

"You know! That girl last time on the company of the Reality Verse?" she said to me, smiling.

I will be spouting lies for now I guess. "Sorry, I have no recollection on your face. I don't really remember you."

It was an awkward silence between us two and I don't plan to break that awkwardness at all. I may act like a dick right now but that is for the best. Rika sighed in disappointment but she is a person who never gives up easily. She still initiated a conversation with me which made me wonder why she is so eager in doing so.

"Well, if you don't know me at all, we can know each other, my name is Rika Tsukinara. I also plat the game like you, what is your name?"

I look at her in surprise. She really wants me to know her? Oh well, no harm done, I can introduce myself to her.

"My name is Manato Tsukasa."

"Oh, that is great! You are playing the game too, right? Since you also ordered the Reality Verse. Do you play alone or with your friends?"

"I am playing in solo right now and I have no plans to play in a team for now. I might change my decision later on but for now, I guess not. Why are you asking me that question?" I looked at her in confusion. Does that mean...

"Oh, then are you planning to join a guild? There are lots of benefits in joining one you know, like meeting new friends-"

"I don't have any intention in making friends for now, so spare me with that talk," I said and slurp down the last bit of noodles in my bowl and put it on the counter. "The second bowl please."

The cook nodded and prepared the second bowl without further ado and as soon as he was done, he put it on the counter and slide it softly on to my side."Here you go."

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"You are eating that much? Isn't the special combo, bigger than the normal combo?" Rika asked.

"I am hungry. This is the normal amount of food I eat every day."

Rika looked at the big bowl of food in my hands and the small bowl in her hands. She broke out in sweat seeing the amount of food entering my mouth in a fast manner.

I slurp a bit of the noodles and gulp down the food in my mouth. "So? What about this guild that you are saying?"

"Oh, you see, I am making my own guild in the game. Although it has not yet been formed because we lacked the necessary item for guild making, it won't be long before we acquire the necessary things needed for the game. Being in a guild has a lot of perks you know?"

"Of course, I know," I said to her.

Indeed, Guilds have good perks, especially for beginner players. Like most online games in computer, the guilds formed in Alternate World also has perks besides the gathering of different people. Players under the name of a guild will be able to receive these perks.

-Players in a guild will be able to access Guild Quests that contains easy and nice quests that give out rewards.

-Guilds can establish a hideout or base to use. Once the Guild reaches level 2 or 3, the guild base can also be converted into a castle.

-A player staying on a guild base for 2 hours even during the time the player log-out, can gain a buff that gives +100 additional HP for 5 hours and doubles exp gain, item drop, and gold drop for the same duration.

-Guilds can declare war to other guilds and can even conquer territories.

Of course, aside from the first option, everything is accessible in-game even in solo, in which no one knows yet except me. Still, I want to hear why she is bringing this up on me.

"Then, let me ask you. Even though I don't know if you are a good player or not, will you join my guild?"