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42 Hungry

 I just arrived at the inn when I saw the time on my interface. 10:00 PM? Damn, it's already evening. Well, I am hunting almost a day now so I am quite sure that it would take a while, but I did not expect it would be this late. I have not eaten anything yet and I have yet to cook food either. Damn it, I didn't expect this.

Entering my room, I quickly log out of the game without checking on my stats. I have to balance my game life and normal life or it will cause chaos.


Once I opened my eyes, my room is really dark, not a single speck of light is present in my room. And... my stomach is rumbling. I wanted to eat something but I am currently tired of cooking all by myself. I have spare money so I guess I will be eating in the Night Market for now. Hope this would help me relieve my hunger.

Of course, I didn't forget to process my whole body's power. But I find it hard to do anything due to the hunger I am feeling. I shake my head in dismay. Perhaps, only by filling this stomach of mine, I can process the bad feeling I keep on feeling right now.


The streets of Tokyo are quite bustling despite the darkness in the night. Different kinds of people are walking here and there with different destinations. What pissed me off is the people I keep meeting. All of them are couples and most of them are showing affection that I find to be cringey. Might be because of the betrayal I have experienced, I am so bitter on other couples. I don't mind these couples staring at me with weird looks whenever I glare at them. I just don't like it seeing them go lovey-dovey.

After walking for quite some time, I saw a ramen stall on the streets. There are no customers here at the moment which makes me happy because I don't have to wait in line but kind of lonely because besides the cook, no one else is eating aside from me.

I sat on one of the stools and ordered. "One Special Ramen please."

"Alright, how many bowls boy?"

"Give me two, I am hungry."

"Alright, wait for a while," the cook said.

I waited for the ramen and while waiting, I pull out my phone and access the forum of the Alternate World. Without me on the game, the forum is the place to check the progress of the place. The first thing that I have seen in the forum is the news about the Blue Sky guild that managed to break and reach the Capital first in the world. I was interested because I clearly entered the place first. I did not expect these people really think that they have been the first guys who managed to enter the Capital.

User 1: Looks like they managed to break the record again! The first was the Elengarde Game and now they are now making their names in Alternate World too!

User 2: Indeed, these guys are one of the expert players of the game. It can't be changed at all. It is the truth.

User 3: But I am wondering why I didn't hear any kind of notification. They should be able to show a notification for breaking through the Capital first right?

User 1: Now that you mention it, the notification did not show any kind of info about their achievement.

User 2: Might be because they have hidden their achievement?

User 4: I doubt it. I have known the Blue Sky guild for quite some time since the Elengarde game and they have announced everything they have achieved. This is the first time I have not heard any announcement coming from them.

User 1: Isn't that strange?

User 5: Guys, I have found something interesting!

User 4: Interesting?

User 5: Actually, my little brother is one of the guild members of Blue Sky. He said that there was actually no announcement that they are the first players who arrived at the place. That means that the Blue Sky guild is not the first people to break through the Capital.

User 1: If that is the case, why I did not hear any announcements?

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User 3: Isn't it obvious? The first player who entered the Capital did not announce his or her arrival. That means Blue Sky is not the first!


The discussions went on and on and although the conversation became really hot, I did not bother reading them more.

"Special Ramen, first serving is here sir!" the cook said and slides the bowl of hot ramen to me.

I nodded and grabbed the bowl. I don't care about the discussions right now. The only thing I want right now is for my stomach to go full. The taste of the ramen still tastes good here. I can't believe I can taste this food again. I should ask my friends to hang out with me if I get the chance. Now that I mention it, classes will start a week from now. My game time would be limited for quite some time but I don't mind it, at least I will be meeting my dear friends that I lost in the past.

Since I know their outcome, I would do my best to detour them from that fate. And I will make sure that the dead-end future of my friends would never arrive in this timeline.

I was busy devouring the food in my bowl when I heard a voice beside me.

"I will order one Special Ramen."

"How many bowls you want missy?"

"A single bowl only, thank you,"

"Coming right up."

I look at the person beside me who ordered a similar ramen order of mine and I was surprised to see this girl. Just what is the odds of meeting her here? The woman who got the tattoo is also eating ramen next to me, Rika Tsukinara, aka Harmless Sparrow!