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41 Rewards

 I didn't bother looking back. I made my way out and quickly returned to the Capital as soon as I can and goes back to the Headquarters. I sighed in relief when the Blue Sky guild no longer followed me. After a while, I look around the Headquarters. There are no players yet around here. I bet, they haven't checked this place yet. And since they didn't check this place, my secret on opening a dungeon will remain as a secret for now.

When the chair is vacant, I moved and sit down to the chair and faced Simona.

"Oh, you are back so soon! How is it, did you get into a snag or something?" Simona asked, smirking.

"No, I don't think I run into a snag. Just a bit of trouble but not so serious. I managed to complete the quest you entrusted me with."

Simona showed a look of surprise when I said that but she quickly recovers and smiled.

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"Show me the materials that you have gathered then," Simona said and pulls out a box under the table.

I pull out the three items dropped by the bosses into the box one by one. And after doing so, I looked at Simona. Simona furrowed her eyebrows and inspected the materials one by one. Her eyebrows furrowed every time she inspects the materials. She would start nodding like she has learned something from the materials I brought.

After a while, she put down the materials back to the box and nodded.

"Seems like you are stating the truth. All of the materials are authentic and they are not shown to be from the market either. They are freshly dropped by the bosses I tasked you to kill. Not bad. I commend you with that."

"Well, I don't really need you to commend me or anything. I just wanted to have the pass to open the dungeon.

"Hmm, in that case, you will be getting the key to the Dungeon of the Purgatorium. You can either choose which difficulty you want the dungeon to spawn. But I suggest you go to the first and familiarize yourself to the surroundings and enemies before going to the highest difficulty. It would be bad if you die inside a dungeon. Most of the time, you will lose all of your progress for the day and a few of your equipment."

"I see, I will take note of that."

"I marked the location of the dungeon. You can enter as you please on the dungeon but be careful as always, alright?"

"No worries."

Simona nodded and goes to the backroom before she gave me a key with bizarre design. I have not seen this item before but after reading the description, you would really know what it was really. No wonder I don't have any idea what key this was until Simona stated it for me.

"Thank you very much for the access. I shall get going now."

"Wait up kid, your reward is not enough or you want the reward that much only. What is your call kid?" Simona smiled?

"A reward? I thought this is the reward. It is not the only reward I can get?" I asked her, pretending.

"Of course, if we give you that only, it would be a very unfair trade and we wouldn't do that at all. So please accept the reward. It is for you."

And an interface appeared on my vision.

-Proving Strength quest complete!

-Got 100 gold

-Got 5 bottles of Red potions of Elixir

-Got Raderay Ore x10

-Got Smelting Manuals Chapter I-IV

-10000 EXP acquired(Title Effects activated, 10000 Exp received)

-50 AP received.

I was surprised to see so many rewards! This quest is so generous! The Red potion of elixir can cure your Hp to full and your special conditions like paralysis and poisons are treated by this potion. And there are 5 pieces of that. How lucky! The other rewards are also nice. Raderay ore is one of the hard ores in the game that can be used to craft armours. Besides the fact that they are sturdy and durable, they are light to wear that is why players who gained one would immediately go to a blacksmith to process the whole ores quickly.

The last one is the Smelting Book Chapter I-IV. Players with blacksmith Ex-Job can benefit a lot on this book. This book can increase the knowledge of the player reading this about smelting. The higher the understanding of the player to the book, the higher the ability that can be learned after reading the book. And after using the book, it would be a good thing to be sold to other aspiring blacksmiths too. It was really something to in sync with my plan since I plan to get enough knowledge for blacksmithing as soon as possible.

The exp and gold given are also good and the AP I receive are also a lot. Which means this would be a really good way for me to earn money and exchange it for real yen. All my efforts did not go to waste. Hard work always pays off for the people who worked a lot. I thanked Simona and pocketed all of the rewards. I had many items in my inventory and most of them are junk. This would later go to the stomach of my sword as they devour them. And I also have a few SP and AP not yet used. I think I would be using them as soon as possible.

Also, I will be going to the auction house soon. The Guild Tokens would be something I would be using to be sold off as soon as possible. The money would cane rushing in if I make my cards played right. Or else the problem would backfire to me. But I am not afraid. I have an NPC companion and now a new Pet to help me in the battles. And although they are still weaker than me, I can manage to have them. I will lead them to victory and grow stronger to a place where strength is the only thing that matters the most.