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40 Blue Sky Guild

 -Swan Lake Guardian: Moss Island Turtle has been successfully killed!

-Got 5000 EXP(Additional 2000 EXP for Instant Kill)(Additional 1000 EXP for killing a higher level enemy)(Title effects Activated, 8000 EXP gained)

-10 gold coins received

-Got Moss Shell (Quest Item).

-Got Tainted Blue Shield

-Got Turtle Meat x10

-Got 100 Magic Knight SP, 50 Ninja SP, 50 Alchemist SP, 100 Magician SP, 100 Berserker SP, 50 Swordsman SP.

-Got 10 AP for killing an area boss.

[Congratulations! Your level has risen from 21 to 22!]

-Got 10 AP(Additional 3 AP due to title's effect

-Got 10 SP

Oh? I didn't expect to level up as soon as possible. Well, it is understandable because I have killed three Field Bosses straight and also killed a few mobs on the way, with the Memento Mori's effect too, my level has risen. But enough of that, not too far away from the location where I landed, a bunch of players that seem to be looking for the boss in the announcement. They are surveying the area for any sign of the boss. Before I can even move, one of the players spotted me from afar.

"Look. There is someone in here... wait, is that a wolf? But that guy seems human! Is that an NPC here?" the Gunslinger who spotted me said.

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One of the paladins in the group who seemed to manage to observe me a bit notice the green diamond above me.

"No, that guy has a green indicator. That means he is a player," the paladin commented.

'Crap... I shouldn't have lingered here any longer...'

Without waiting for them to get closer, I quickly fled the area. These people would be trouble if they found out I killed the boss they are looking for. But while running in a certain direction. I bump into another player.


Ugh, as soon as I fall down, I quickly made a backflip and sprinted to another direction!

"Wait! Stop!"

As if I have time to stop. I don't even care whoever that person I bumped was. But I was certain that was not a man, because I bump into something soft. It was not a monster either because it has a human build and if I recall, the person shouted. So I am certain that it was a woman. Still, I have no time to get perverted ideas. I am an old man in the past timeline, I can't keep on fantasizing young people even though I have returned to my young self!

I sped up my running but I felt a hook and chain quickly entangles me. And before I knew it, I was pulled on by the player who used that. But before the player managed to get to close, I quickly pulled out my weapon and hastily changed it into a gun and fired.

"What?!" the other players who were spectating were astonished. Did they saw a gun earlier? Why did they remember that it was a sword before?

I step out of the way and aimed the gun to the player who pulled me with a Hook and Chain. Soon enough, a bunch of other players gathered in the area. I can still run away but I can't outrun everyone. They have assassins, and ninjas with them that excels in chasing players, and accompanied by Hunters and Druids, I wouldn't be able to escape.

"What the heck all of you want?" I looked at them with hostility though it's not obvious on my face because I am wearing a wolf mask.

"Why the heck are you running? It was like you don't want to see other people at all!" one of the Samurai furrowed his eyebrows.

"Did you do something you don't want us to know?" one of the cleric asked.

I did not answer any of their questions but remained vigilant about their actions. I am not going to tell them any info for them.

The others were still asking when one of the girls with Magic Knight armor and sword on her back approached me. I clicked my tongue. The person who approached me is none other than Harmless Sparrow. So in other words, these people gathered are all Harmless Sparrow's soon to be guild members of Blue Sky.

Harmless Sparrow is one of the best Magic Knight users in the game and used the Scarlet Knight profession for the Magic Knight. I only see her a couple of times and sometimes, she would even challenge me to spar between Magic Knights. I know that she was strong but we are always on par and not even able to know who will win because we are always on a tie. But now, it is a different story because I already changed class.

Harmless Sparrow looked at me with curiosity. "You seemed familiar but with your mask on the way, I don't know who you are. Have we met before?"

Although Harmless Sparrow is pretty, I am not interested in her even a little bit. She had a persistent attitude that I hated sometimes because it gets on my nerves every time she tried doing those repetitive things.

"This is the first time that we have met and please excuse me, I still have urgent matters to do," I said to them.

Harmless Sparrow smiled a bit but after a while, I saw her eyebrows furrow.

"H-how?!" Harmless Sparrow was a bit stunned for some reason. Then, I realized what she was doing.

"You bastard, you tried peeking to my status window without asking for my permission! That is invading privacy!" I shouted at her. Peeking on others' stat windows without the permission of the owner is considered as a violation because it was not supposed to be done if the player being peeked out does not agree to the other party looking at their windows. Luckily, I have a title that blocks those people who tried doing underhanded things.

"I..." Harmless Sparrow is guilty.

"You arrogant whelp! How dare you say that to our future guild leader!?" a Holy Knight appeared and pulls out his greatsword.

"I can say what I want. And besides, she is the one who caused me to curse at her. She tried to peek at my stat window without asking!" I retorted.

"Shut up. You should be proud that our gorgeous guild leader is willing to check your Status Window without you begging for her to do so. It is something that no one can get easily."

"HA! I am not some sort of hobbyist who likes random people peeking at my personal accounts. If you want to, let your guild leader do that to you, without telling you, what will you feel?"

"Of course I would be happy. Our guild leader initiated to check our status without us showing it to her," the holy knight answered.

I facepalmed myself hearing this. Now that I remember, this is Shining Star, one of the top 10 Holy Knight players in the game. He is famous for his shameless words that he usually spouts. I only heard only about him about his deeds of doing this and that in the past timeline and I did not expect that he would be really what they describe.

"Tch, bunch of weird people, I still have things to do so I will be leaving."

Shining Star stopped me immediately. "Before you go, have you spotted any big monsters around here?"

"I'm sorry but I am just passing by. If you want, go search for that monster."

"You are not here looking for the boss during the announcement?" Harmless Sparrow asked.

"No, I am here for the quest. I am not interested in your hunt. I will leave you all in your hunt. Have a good day."

And with that, I quickly fled from the scene before they notice the traces of battle earlier that I have done.