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39 Hasty Killing

 Wasting not a single second, I made my way to the Swan Lake located southwest to the Capital. It is the home of the level 20 monsters that are mostly swan species. But the only monster that did not belong to the swan category is the field boss. Of course, before you can fight the boss, you need first to make the turtle angry. The turtle is hidden in the lake and most of the time, only it's back is exposed to the surface. If you want to challenge this boss, you have to provoke this monster up.

It would take a bit of time to defeat the boss because out of all the bosses I have faced today, the Moss-Island Turtle has the most defense. The boss is very famous for Paladins and because the boss drops a good material for shield making and also drops a shield that ranges from Very Rare to Unique Rarity. But that is what I needed right now. I really need to kill this boss as soon as I can.

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[Player has discovered a new location: Swan Lake]

I looked around the surroundings, scanning for any players that might be a hindrance to my boss hunting. Luckily, this place is desolate from players but full of monsters. Unlike most wild areas, the monsters around here neutral and as long as you won't attack them, they won't be attacking you either. This is a good thing for me because I wanted to go straight to the point instead of killing mobs first.

As soon as I reach the edge of the lake, I can see in the middle of the lake that an island covered in moss is currently showing. This island won't show any kind of stats because it would be scanned as an island. But I don't have much problem provoking this monster, only one of the classes can really provoke it on the early game and that would be the alchemist.

My weapon changed into Hook and Chain in quick succession. I whirled around the hook for quite a while as I pinpoint the shell opening of the island. I circled on the lake for quite a bit until I saw a dark spot on the water from what I can see on the surface. As soon as I found what I am looking for, I released the hook and chain into the dark spot of the water. As soon as the hook and chain reached the dark spot of the water, I grip the chain and with all strength on it, I poured it hard and pull the chain.

I already expected that the turtle would be heavy but it's just too much for me. The heaviness is just as heavy but this not too difficult for me.


My strength had risen exponentially, allowing me to move the island with ease this time. The island shook and before the chain gets out of the hole, the monster already appeared.


[Warning: Swan Lake Guardian: Moss-Island Turtle has been provoked! Players around the area need to gather and kill the guardian before it goes on a rampage!]

Sh*t, this function was triggered! There is only a 1 in 500 chance to trigger that notification but f*ck, I am so lucky...

[Swan Lake Guardian: Moss-Island Turtle]

Level 25

HP: 490,999/500,000

Attribute: Water, Beast

I bet the nearby players would immediately move here hearing a boss spawned. I am so screwed on this. But I can't let other players steal-kill or even land a single hit to this monster at all or it would be a quest failure. For f*ck sake, I don't want to do this but I have to deal as much damage as much as possible.

With a quick swirl on my hook, I once again strike the turtle with this hook but this time, on the head of the turtle. After that, I retracted the chain, dragging me along with it towards the boss. As soon as my body propelled towards the boss, I quickly change my weapon into a Greataxe this time. With a quick spin in my body, I released a strong strike on the head of the boss.


What a crappy damage but I am not giving up. Since [Berserk] is still up in the game, I didn't stop yet and raised my Greataxe once more to the boss like I was cutting a tree. Since the Greataxe version of the Versatile Weapon is weightless, the attacks are still as fast as the frequency of swinging a stick to the face of the boss.




The damages are consistent two thousand but with just a little amount it won't destroy this boss for quite a while. I remembered that this boss has a certain weakness that can be exploited and can be used to kill it as fast as possible but I don't have the access to that unfortunately because I rarely hunt this boss in the past timeline. I regretted that I never have enough time to check the info in killing this boss as fast as possible. It was really a curse that I managed to trigger the announcement as soon as I provoked the boss.

The [Berserk] effect will only last for another 2 minutes but that is just a short amount of time and killing this huge *ss boss with that time limit is just not something I can do in a short amount of time. The boss submerged itself into the water as fast as possible and drag me along with the guy. I quickly activated [Breathless Breathing]. Aside from the effect of making the stamina infinite for 5 minutes, I can last underwater for 5 minutes too which is convenient for me that I managed to learn that skill first.

The turtle submerged itself deeper into the lake, with the intention to drown me. Of course, the turtle would need to wait for 5 minutes first before I die. I raised my Greataxe once more and hit the boss' head once again. I may not be able to last for this guy's attacks, I won't be dying that easily. I transform the weapon into a magic sword once more. Although this would be risky to deal with, it is my only choice for now. I should have bought a few bombs to deal with damage against this monster but I doubt I would be able to do so.

I hold the face of the boss with my hands and although this would also damage me, as long as the HP of the boss would be dealt with, I would be satisfied too.

"[Shocking Lightning]!"


The turtle quickly shook as electricity started flowing. Of course, the turtle is not the only one suffering. My HP is steadily decreasing too. The turtle made a roar that caused my ears to get a bit of ringing. The turtle did not manage to last long underwater with the torture the turtle is getting, and it decided to return to the top of the shore. But before the turtle can even deal enough distance to the ground, I strike the Magic Sword into the neck of the turtle and before the turtle can reach the place, I executed the attack.

"[Earth Fissure]!"

The turtle wailed underwater and shook. It started releasing blood on its eyes and mouth like how the Colossal Berserk Minotaur did last time.

'Please work!'

The HP of the boss rapidly fell and it didn't take a few minutes before the whole body of the boss exploded and the lake made a strong wave that made the bottom of the lake visible for a minute. I look down at that time and I seemed to spot a shiny object down the lake but with my distance and the distance of the object very far from each other, I can't get a real clear view of it. But what made me happy is the notification.

[Swan Lake Guardian: Moss-Island Turtle has been successfully killed]