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38 Their Arrival


The air got pierced through and the speed of the spear that I have thrown made a "fwoo" sound. The Colossal Berserk Minotaur did not get to have time to blink or dodge away. The spear landed to the right eye of the boss.


The minotaur roared in pain as he dropped his weapon and clutching his bleeding eye with both his hands. I quickly recall the spear in my hands. It's one of the passive of Paladins' named [Spear Recall] which allowed Paladins to use spear as Javelins and recall them as they please. Unlike other passives, of other classes that are needed to be purchased, this one doesn't need to get purchased at all. Also, Versatile class is also able to use the passive so it's quite convenient if your priority of using spears.

That attack alone is not enough. But his fatal point is pretty unguarded which is his abdomen. I used to conduct several amounts of research and strategy on this guy in the past on how to defeat and kill him without suffering against too many attacks coming from this boss. Soon, I found out that his abdomen is the very weak spot once when an Alchemist player and a Berserker user managed to take down the boss and hit his abdomen. However, it gets hard after discovering the weakness of the guy because the boss would start covering his abdomen and would be having a hard time dealing with a decent amount of damage.

And the main strategy is to blind his eyes. If you want to utilize an easy kill, blinding his two eyes would be viable but that only goes well with team battles. Blinding his two eyes do not end well for solo playing because the boss would start slamming the whole place, activating the skill, [Earth Tremors] that deals with a knockdown effect and huge amounts of damage and without any healers to back me up, I am going to fail.

That is why I have to deal with the decisive strike right now. I changed my spear into a Magic Sword and run forward towards the boss who is still clutching his blinded eye. Every step is calculated and every movement of the boss is within my grasp. As soon as my momentum builds in my whole movement, it's time to end the battle.

Since the boss is much bigger, I still needed to climb on the guy and with my momentum from running built up, I used that force to give myself a lift.


I leap like I am wearing springs on both legs of mine allowing me to go high up until around the abdomen of the boss. The momentum is limited and it further limits the remaining power in it while I am up in the air, therefore, I had to make something that will allow me to move and lunge into the boss' abdomen. I aimed my right hand on my back and gritted my teeth. This would take a bit of mastery.

"[Basic Fireball!]"

The force of the spell allowed me to move forward. This is enough for me to force myself forward and lunge. I put all of my force to the sword and it allowed me to pierce the abdomen like it was a piece of butter with my sword as the hot knife. Time to do the finishing touch.

"[Earth Fissure!]"

A strong wave of energy started building up on the inside of the abdomen of the Colossal Berserk Minotaur. It didn't take me too long before the boss's face twitch and blood started leaking out of his orifices. I detached myself from the boss and quickly activated all of the speed-enhancing skills I have in my arsenal. As soon as the boss started coughing, he knelt down into the ground and his remaining free hand clutches on his stomach. Before he can even roar, his whole body exploded. The gore would be too much if it is with a team fight but since I was alone, I can manage to see this scene without puking out.

-Colossal Berserk Minotaur successfully killed.

-Nose Ring(Quest Item) obtained.

-Bullhorn x2 Obtained

-Broken Leather Armor Piece x9 obtained.

-Rusty Iron Club obtained.

-Got 2500 EXP(Additional 1000 EXP for Instant Kill)(Lower EXP gain due to the player having high level)[Title Effects Activated, 3500 EXP acquired)

-Got 100 Magic Knight SP, 100 Paladin SP, 100 Magician SP, 50 Ninja SP, 50 Cleric SP.

-Got 10 AP for killing an Area Boss.

I sat down into the grass and sighed. After the boss died and his guts splattered on the ground, it slowly disappeared after. I sighed in relief. One more left and I would be able to finish the quest. Just as I was resting, a notification appeared in my interface.

"Several Players already arrived in the Capital. Since the number of people that appeared and entered the city meet the prerequisites, Auction Hall, Arena, and Tower of Challenge is now available for use!"

I was baffled. Exceeded the amount? Doesn't that mean, around 100 people? Isn't that too many? It has been a few days since the game started. These people should not be here yet. At least a few more weeks after the game's opening but how come they are already here? Is this another change in reality that I am not expecting at all?!

I quickly stood up and checked the people who entered the Capital since you can check who are the people who managed to enter first in the top 100 players. My name is in there so this would also display the names of the others.

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As soon as I check the list, I was stunned to see Harmless Sparrow on the list and a few players that are obviously the core members of the guild that Harmless Sparrow is building in the future. I am able to see who is Harmless Sparrow in real-life and there is no wonder why she is strong. Its because she got the same equipment as me. And although she is a girl, she is one of the best players in the game as a Magic Knight. She is quite good at it and she views me as one of her competitors for becoming the best Magic Knight player in the game.

Now that the players are in for the ride, I am now in trouble as the last boss I am hunting might get interrupted and steal-killed by other players. I have to hurry or else, I would miss the dungeon quest from Simona in which I am trying to avoid.