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37 Colossal Berserk Minotaur


-Lesser Minotaur successfully killed.

-Got 100 Exp(Title Effects activated, 100 Exp acquired)

-1 copper coin received.

-Got Crude Hammer

I got a weapon this time. Checking on it, it is similar to its name. Very crude.

[Crude Hammer]

Type: Hammer Equipment

Tier: Normal Tier

Equippable at level 12

Equippable by: Berserker and Versatile


STR: 20

AGI: -20

Note: A very crude weapon. Useful only in the first swing, after that, it's entirely useless.

Durability: 1/1

The [Crude Hammer] is strong but it's a downside is that it deducts AGI by 20 and it only lasts for one swing which makes me wonder how the Lesser Minotaurs are able to deal damage continuously with this crude weapon.

I stashed it to my bag. I will use it as forging material later on. After that, I walked away as I search for the Boss. Unlike most Field Bosses who stay in their places, this boss is quite hard to pinpoint because of the habit of this boss to walk around the place so if you want to find the boss, you need to look for it around the place.

I spotted a [Greater Minotaur] in the distance that has not seen me yet. Before it can even spot me, I made a preemptive attack on the monster using the Hook and Chain version of Versatile Weapon.



The damage was blocked by the [Greater Minotaur] easily but with my high level and high STR, high and impenetrable defense by lower leveled monsters is not enough to stop me. I pull myself closer to the [Greater Minotaur] and quickly changed into an ax. With the momentum of me getting closer to the monster, the strength backed up with my swing is strong enough against the monster to deny the defense.


-5000! Critical!

-Greater Minotaur successfully killed.

-Got 500 Exp(Title Effects activated, 500 Exp acquired)

Meh, another mediocre reward. I disappointedly looked on the other side. The monsters in Minotaur's lane are either too weak or just plain that they don't really need to be killed via skills because it's just overkill for them. Basic hits are fine for them. Their rewards are also boring and they barely drop 1 copper. All I can say is that these monsters' drops are almost useless, except the money and the experience which can slightly help me though only a little bit.

I almost cleared the whole field of minotaurs and their respawn rate is too slow, however, I have not seen the boss that I am looking for. I usually see the boss easily in the past timeline. Do I have to trigger something to allow the boss to appear here in the field? Then, before I can even scratch my head, I felt a strong tremor that caused me to almost get stumbled to the ground.

"That must be the big guy!

Walking a few more distance, the rumblings on the ground started to get stronger. This is only the sign that you are getting near the boss you are looking for. If the rumblings are almost enough to cause you to jump, then the boss is just nearby on your location. Readying the weapon, my eyes quickly scanned the surroundings for the boss. Anytime now, this monster will appear and will try tearing down the whole place once it spotted me. I can feel the rumblings getting near. Leona is still floating near me and all of a sudden, it shrieked and quickly flew to my back to hide. The enemy is spotted already. It's humongous frame blocked the whole sunlight which is already something I am used seeing.

A buffalo looking giant, a medium-sized ring on its nose and its hair is being tied down to a braided form. It wears armor but not a metal made one but leather made. It has two red horns protruding on its head with its red hair. Its big eyes is white and his every breath releases smoke every inhale and exhale like it was currently using a cigar. It's carrying a metal made spiked club that looks menacing and painful if it lands somewhere in your body. Although it's upper and lower body is covered with armor, it's feet is not. Only the hooves are left.

[Colossal Berserk Minotaur] Area Boss

Level 15

HP: 100,000/100,000

Type: Humanoid Giant, Beast

I grinned. It's finally here!

"[Basic Fireball]!"

I know that the spell is weak but it's to provoke the boss. I wanted to make sure that it will get its attention fully on me. The boss is a colossal monster, almost 9 to 10 feet. But even with its size, it's not something that cannot be killed, instead, in my opinion, it's pretty weak which makes it an enemy easily getting killed. Of course, I am not saying that any player can kill this with solo. Although it has low defenses, it has a tremendous attack power that can kill a level 20 in two hits. This guy is pretty neat in attack power which would prove to be a headache for those players who has small defense value in their characters.


The Colossal Berserk Minotaur roared and stomped its hooves to the ground before charging mindlessly to my direction. I already anticipated the attack and did a temporary barrier.

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"[Ice Prison]!"

After casting that, I rolled away and quickly give a repeated slash from the Versatile Weapon's Magic Sword form on its feet.




With my level higher than the boss, my attacks are much fatal. The Colossal Berserk Minotaur noticed me immediately causing it to raise the leg I was attacking and goes int the act of stomping me down. I rolled forward before attacking the other leg. The HP of the boss quickly fell half in a few minutes of the clash. Levels make the battle's tide go easier. Of course, I had to dodge the blows of the boss. Due to its size, it has a hard time striking me down that is quite quick and nimble whenever it attacks. One reason I decided to clear the whole place with the minotaurs is due to one of the special skills that the boss has.

The Colossal Berserk Minotaur put down its spiked club and roar loudly that it reverberated to the whole surroundings. The trees shook and the grasses sway. This is skill is called "[Call of the Wild]" which has an effect to call surrounding Minotaurs to do help him with it's bidding. This skill is rather dangerous if you didn't clear out the place. Unfortunately for the boss, the Minotaurs are all wiped out earlier so that skill is just useless.

The Colossal Berserk Minotaur looked around and scratched its head. How come no one arrives by my call? The boss once again roared loudly but not a single minotaur came. I grinned looking at the boss that is very helpless. While he was doing his skill earlier, I already attacked the boss repeatedly and reduced it's HP to 2000 HP. Only a few more attacks left and the boss will die.

Before the boss could activate its dying skill, I activated my Flaming Sword and strike the boss in a swift manner. And in the final attack, I changed my weapon into a spear and as the boss looked in my direction, his eyes greet the tip of my spear.