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36 New Hatchling

 "[Your egg is starting to hatch. Please take the egg out and be ready for the hatchling to welcome the world.]"


The system made me surprised. I almost forgot that I have the egg with me. I was too preoccupied with everything concerning my mother. The egg I got from the Monster Trader, now that I think about it is something I already thought to be a weak monster pet. Since this did not happen in the past timeline, I don't expect anything. But a normal weak monster can be strong once it levels up.

I opened the Pet Interface and took out the egg incubator containing the egg with utmost care. One wrong move and this egg would never hatch. The egg is moving and seems to be ready to emerge out of its eggshell. I am not sure what monster hatch in this egg but if I remember right, egg gachas like this always give out a horse, pony or a dog. Though it looks weird for animals like horses and dogs to come out of an egg, it's what the Egg Gachas being designed. I have no idea with them because I never tried egg gachas. I just tried on a whim with it though.

After a few moments, the eggshell started to crack and glow which made me wonder in excitement. In lotteries, it's either you get a weak monster or get a very strong monster from this egg gacha. In a few moments, the egg fully cracked out and the creature inside emerged. It was a monster that looked like an eagle but with a lion's body. I checked the name of the creature that hatched and opened my eyes wide.

"Name: Not yet named

Species: Gryphon

Level: 0

Tier: Legendary

Status: Newborn(Happy)(Note: Newborns cannot fight yet. They can't earn exp too in Newborn state. They need to be 10 days old to get exp)


MP: 3000/3000


STR: 99

AGI: 99

DEX: 99

END: 99

INT: 99


Level 0: Air Wing: Conjures magical wings out of mana that summons gusts of wind. Enemies in a 100-meter radius get 1000-500 HP damage. The further the enemy is, the lesser the damage dealt. Cooldown: 10 minutes

Skills: Locked (Level 10)

Info: Gryphons are mystical creatures that soar the skies that said to be a creature with head, talons, and wings of an eagle with a lion's body. Riding on one of these creatures would make you one of the lucky people to ride on one.

Owner: Bladeheart

Did I just hit a jackpot this time?! A griffin?! Damn! Who would have thought I would get a pet, mount and flying mount all in one? This Gryphon is only available in taming and if I remember right, Gryphon is a level 100 Wild Boss that appears every Moonsoon Season in the game. I am in luck!

I opened the interface of renaming the pet and change it to Leona. My eyes fell into the stats and I did not expect that Leona's stats are all 99. Although pets' stats are not similar to players, as long as they have a large amount of numbers on each stats, it's very clear that they have strong stats. For Leona to have 99 stats without leveling yet, it's something only legendary pets can get.

According to the forums in the past, newborn pets need to be outside for 10 days straight and cannot be recalled yet unless they pass the 10-day mark. During that time period, they would either eat or sleep so don't expect them to fight so soon for you. Leona flaps her tiny wings and landed straight to my head and rubbed itself to my hair. From the looks of it, I am being imprinted as it's parent which is something most animals do to the first creature they saw first.

Although Leona can't help yet, I am already happy enough to get Leona. I had to train Leona to act as my personal mount and later, companions in battle. It would be a good thing to have a pet to watch your back whenever trouble arises. Leona looked like a small helpless chick to me but with her body of a lion, I am wondering if I call it a chick or a cub.


The hatching egg event went over so soon but I am not disappointed by the result. If I want to earn money as soon as possible, I need a companion that didn't care about money and Leona is perfect for that role because of her as an NPC and also because she is strong enough to help me beat bosses and gain money as soon as possible.

With the [Poison Sac] already in my possession, I only need to get the [Moss Shell] and [Nose Ring] to complete the quest. [Moss Shell] involves an underwater boss so I have to skip on that for now and I will have to deal with the latter one. [Nose Ring] which from the word itself, is an item that can be obtained by pulling the ring of the Minotaur's nose ring. Of course, this [Nose Ring] is something only bosses have. They don't get dropped from normal monsters so this item is something that you can only obtain from a boss.

After confirming everything, I departed from the place and continue my steps to go to the next boss.


[Player has discovered an area: Minotaur's Lane]

An expanse of green grass is sprawled out of the place and the greenery is something only the unpolluted Earth can replicate. Though the meadow looks beautiful, it doesn't mean it's peaceful. A quick look and you will see that the area is full of monsters that look like a humanoid bull.

[Lesser Minotaur]

Level 12

HP: 1000/1000

Attribute: Humanoid/ Beast

These monsters are much weaker than the spiders. They can only be equipped with crude stone hammers that can barely be used for attacking. Well, they are still the lesser minotaurs. There is a much bigger one.

[Greater Minotaur]

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Level 15

HP: 3000/3000

Attribute: Humanoid/ Beast

This time, these Minotaurs are much tougher than the lesser ones. They are also well equipped since they wear leather vests and equipped with Iron Hammers. They also wear helmets that make them look like Viking helmets. Still, they are not my target, although they have the Minotaur on their names, they are not the one I am looking for.

In the Spider's Lair, I can quickly avoid combat, here, you can't and will be spotted immediately. The Minotaurs might be burly but their eyes and ears are much more sensitive especially the hooves of these creatures. Only a few meters from them and they will immediately notice and attract their aggro. If I want to find the enemy I am looking for, clearing the whole Minotaur's Lane will be my only choice.