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35 Green Spider Queen 2

 The boss is quite eager to kill me. It made a continuous strike by spitting out poison in bullet speed towards my direction. I am not tired enough to stop running but if this drags on, the boss will call its lackeys and I would need to kill them first before I can strike the queen.

Usually, I am not having trouble killing the Green Spider Queen in the past timeline. It was due to the fact that the lair is open for the public and any players can strike and kill this monster. Of course, I have participated in killing an Area Boss and most of the time, I can focus all my attacks on the boss without bothering with its attacks because there is always a tanker to deal with the damage and kite the boss around, giving the attacker chance to kill the boss without much problem. But since I am working alone, I had to deal with this monster alone. Besides, if I killed this monster with a companion or a player, I can't complete the quest.

Good thing, the boss stopped the attacks. But I know that it only has a small allowance. I had to take the chance and attack this guy and chip off the HP of this enemy as fast as possible.

"I hope you stay in place my queen, I can't properly take the measurements of your body if you keep on moving like this you know?" I said to the boss. Of course, the boss did not like what I said and stomped its long hairy legs of a spider.

Slashing hard, the boss managed to feel the heat of my sword and it growled in pain after I strike it out.


Since the Berserk State is already done, my damage fell abruptly causing me to only attack with 4,000 to 5,000 damage. But that is already plentiful to me. I don't mind having to kill this monster with this amount of damage every hit. But I also know that the boss won't be so kind enough to stay put and allow me to hit its body as much as I like without retaliating. The boss howled and stomped its hairy legs into the ground. It's about to use its spike skill that almost killed me in one shot!

"I won't let you! [Earth Fissure]!"

If the boss is using the ground to initiate an attack, I will also use the ground to stop the attack. And from my guess, the [Earth Fissure] is much stronger than the Spikes skill of the boss because the boss halted and its attacks were also interrupted. Did I managed to stun the boss? Anyway, I had to quickly attack this guy.

"[Shocking Lightning]! [Basic Fireball]!"

The attacks managed to hit the boss without a problem. I also noticed that the skill [Heal]'s cooldown is already over.


With that, my HP managed to reach back to 1000 which will be good enough to last as long as I don't get to be hit by any debuffs and any strong attacks with damage over time. I hate those kinds of things the most if they hit me hard.

The Green Spider Queen once again recovered and roared. I changed my weapon into a Hook and Chain. Since this weapon can allow me to pull myself towards the boss. It's like Pudge but in reverse style. I throw the weapon and attach it before I allowed myself to get carried away with the hook to close my gap with the boss. The boss did not get to react when I got close. With only a few centimeters on the boss, time to deal with this monster. I know this style is something I used against the Gate Guardian but if I want to finish this monster down, I had to kill this monster via this method.

I changed my weapon back to the Magic Sword and slide underneath the abdomen of the boss. According to the forums, the softest part of the Green Spider Queen is under its abdomen. Striking it would be really lethal and if you want to perform an instant kill, just strike this place and use your strongest skill.


With a cry, I stab the sword to the abdomen of the Green Spider Queen. Green liquid started pouring out of it's wound. I don't want to take a bath with a green liquid full of nasty guts of a monster. I am not that mad to do that. I made a sliding strike on its abdomen and caused a very big wound on it. I held my sword hard before casting the skill. But this time, I did not use the [Earth Fissure] skill. There are other ways to deal with damage to this boss. And since it almost killed me with one strike, I shall show this boss who is much cooler from the two of us.

"It's nice to meet you my queen, but I have matters to attend to. This is my gift for you, an Eternal Winter! [Ice Prison]!"

I made sure that the attack will be produced on the sword. As soon as I shouted the skill, the ice started to freeze the whole body of the boss. It's expression started to get contorted in pain before it became an affixed expression. It didn't take long before the announcement occurred.

-Green Spider Queen successfully killed.

- Poison Sac(Quest Item) obtained.

-Spider Eyes x8 obtained

-Poison Jaws x1 obtained.

-Spear of Acid obtained

-Got 2000 EXP(Additional 1000 EXP for Instant Kill)(Lower EXP gain due to the player having high level)(Title Effects activated, 3000 EXP acquired)

-Got 100 Magic Knight SP, 100 Magician SP, 100 Cleric SP, 100 Berserker SP, 100 Ninja SP, 100 Alchemist SP.

-Got 10 AP for killing an Area Boss

Another announcement appeared on my interface.

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"[You successfully killed an Area Boss! This is the first time the Area boss is killed in the whole world. Do you want to announce to the world your achievement? Your name will be recorded in our rankings! Declining will forfeit the announcement but will retain the rewards]


I have no intention to build up my public fame because I have a much better plan and besides, I don't want to attract attention while I was gathering money. I already know the downside of becoming famous and I have learned from that. I won't do it again. I pressed Decline.

"[You declined the public announcement. You will receive a Unique Title: Secret Hero! +100 Fame and +1000 Reputation to Resurgia's Capital's residents!]

Another secret title? I did not hear this one. Maybe because I did not manage to decline any kind of announcement similar to this in the past? Maybe so. What made me a bit elated is the +1000 reputation to Resurgia's Capital. This will allow me to get enough purchases cheap. I should just buy a few potions since I can't always predict all of the outcomes of the battle. If I ever run into trouble just like earlier, I might not be able to survive if I have no recovery items.

I was just organizing my bag when my interface once again opened.

"[Your egg is starting to hatch. Please take the egg out and be ready for the hatchling to welcome the world.]"