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34 Green Spider Queen 1

 [Player has discovered Spider's Lair]

The air is pungent of unknown smell. The place is also full of cobwebs and bones on the ground. I am not surprised because the place is the natural territory of the spiders. Newbie players would have trouble grinding here because this place is crawling with spiders and they always have the chance to get inflicted in poison whenever they attack. I am aware of the danger but I am not worried because I already learned one of the skills of the Cleric that deals with special conditions like [Poison].


1st Tier

Cooldown: 60 seconds

Mana Cost: 150 MP

Info: Removes [Poison], [Paralysis], [Burn], [Blind], and [Sleep] Special Conditions. Level it up to remove more Special Conditions.

Note: If removing things like that in real life happens, hospitals might be no longer needed.

I agree with the note. And although the skill [Dispel] can already remove lots of Special Conditions, it's not yet the very limit of the skill. Once it's upgraded, I can remove more Special Conditions like [Petrify] and [Seal]. I don't need to remove most of those kinds in the early game so I am not in a rush to upgrade this skill though.

I did not bother walking too noisily in this place because I don't want the spiders to get attracted to my location which is pretty troublesome due to the abilities of the spiders to quickly horde a player in just a matter of seconds.

I made extra care of not stepping on any cobwebs because the spiders will also be triggered to rush to me if I did. My target is the Green Spider Queen which is an area boss. I don't want to waste too much energy if I am going to fight against an area boss in solo. I know the power of this monster so I am not going to take it lightly even if my level is higher than that monster since it should be an area boss of level 10. I saw a player in level 20 get killed by this monster.

Luckily, my footsteps are already silent and the monsters did not bother with my presence too much which is good for me. In no time, I already arrived on its lair.

[Warning: You are entering a dangerous place. Enter at your own risk. Danger Level: 2 STARS]

I disregard the warning and continue to walk forward the lair. Soon, the figure of the boss appeared on my vision.

"It's been a while, my queen."

The Green Spider Queen stood up and it revealed it's humongous stature. Its body is half woman on the head till it's waist and half spider in its bottom half which makes it a bit weird looking in my opinion. Although this monster has a humanoid upper body, unlike other humanoid monsters in the game, this one can't speak and has only a consciousness of a monster.

I draw out my weapon and ready myself for a strike. I scanned first its HP to make sure that this boss has the same HP in the past timeline.

[Green Spider Queen] Area Boss

Level 10

HP: 500,000/500,000

Attribute: Insect, Humanoid, Poison

I did not bother with whoever gets the first strike. I only care about the winner in the end. Seeing that I did not bother to go and give a strike, the Green Spider Queen shoots out its web towards me. The web shot out too slow for me that I can see it's trajectory. I rolled away and held my hand out and aimed it to the boss.

"[Basic Fireball]!"

After shooting out, I changed the Versatile Weapon into a gun and after the [Basic Fireball] shot out from my hands, I followed it with bullets from the gun.


The Green Spider Queen wailed in pain as my attacks hit its humongous body. It quickly followed an AOE attack. It started conjuring a cloud above its head. I recognized the attack immediately. It's the Acid Rain which inflicts continuous damage for 30 seconds and has a 70% chance of getting the [Poison] Special Condition.

"F*ck, it's already starting to show its power this early?!" but I did not panic.

I started running behind the boss to avoid the AOE attack that it's planning to cast. The main weakness of the boss' AOE's range is that it made the back of the boss safe from the attack. My problem is that it's going to keep on moving if it noticed someone is hiding on its butt.


The boss seems offended that I am hiding on its butt but I don't care. It's not even a proper woman if you look at it carefully. The boss started moving. Of course, I did not go idle and also followed the boss' butt without stopping.

After a minute of charging the huge dark clouds above its head, it stopped moving and released the Acid rain immediately. The surrounding area started melting. Since the boss is currently immobile while releasing the rain, I did not bother being nice.

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My whole body started getting red and my strength is climbing more and more but I also felt that my defense is dwindling thin too. Without wasting time, I change Versatile Weapon into an Ax.

Holding the ax with a strong grip, I swing it down to the butt of the boss.

-10,000! Critical!



My damage is greatly amplified with my Berserk State. Within a small timespan, I managed to chip off 100,000 HP on the boss. My Berserk State and my level made a lot of nice help for chipping the health of this boss. The boss did not remain in its immobile state and struck down the ground hard. Spikes started appearing on the ground and since I just move to the side when I notice the spikes starting to appear near my foot. But I underestimated the size of the spike and it managed to graze my arm causing me damage too.


-Inflicted [Poison]! You will lose 10 HP per second! Drink an Antidote!

That was almost AlL my HP! Due to my Berserk State, my attack might have increased a lot but it reduces my defenses a lot. So if I am not in Berserk State, I would not receive this much damage in the first place! Another strike and I am dead! What is more, I am inflicted with [Poison]!

"[Heal]! [Dispel]!"

My HP might have healed with 100 HP after the heal but it's not enough. I have to wait a minute and 30 seconds for the [Heal] skill to finish its cooldown. My Hp is not yet able to heal over time with 1HP because my training with it is not yet able to activate that buff. I have to deal with it for now and increase my chances of Healing 1HP per second.

The Berserk State did not last too long and after my Hp healed after casting [Heal], the time the [Berserk] ended arrived too. My Defense Value is back to normal again. The Green Spider Queen spat out poison in my direction. I don't want to bother dying this way and I might fail the quest if I died. Due to this, I decided to use my usual class which is the Magic Knight. Since I have been one almost all my life, the mastery of that class is normal.

The Green Spider Queen is seeing the critical levels of my HP so it decided to unleash its power harshly. It started shooting Poison out like a Gatling Gun. The way it shoots out poison is very fast that I have to sprint madly too.

"[Silent Sprint]! [Breathless Breathing]!"

I started running madly. I don't care if I have to dash around and drag the battle too long, as long as my HP doesn't hit zero, I have a chance.

"[Flaming Sword]!"

It's now or never. Kill it or die here.