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33 Headquarters

 I arrived in front of the Headquarters. This Headquarters is the Main Branch in the Resurgia Continent and one of the largest Headquarters in the game. The Headquarters Building is much bigger and grander than the castle of the Capital itself which makes this place the Castle of Capital since the main castle pales in comparison to the Headquarters.

The Headquarters is the place in the game that would get crowded as soon as players managed to reach the Capital which would be soon. And if I want to continue my plan and earn money as soon as possible, I had to take my chances here immediately. This place exists for the sake of Adventurers and Heroes alike to form their alliances, subjugate monsters, and making guilds. This place is the sole place that those transactions occur, which includes the opening of Dungeons.

Dungeons are similar to the dungeons in online games in RPG games in computers where there are mobs and treasures inside. Strategy and teamwork are usually necessary and as always, dungeons are the place where bosses are staying. Unlike field bosses that spawn for limited time or events time only, Dungeon bosses always appear on the very end of the dungeon. Beating the boss yields money and treasure which many players wanted to have.

The Headquarters is not crowded at the moment because the players are not yet able to pass through the Gate Guardian yet. Only NPC warriors looking for quests to fulfill are there for now which is a bit nice pace of change compared to what I always see in the past timeline where conflict and chaos are always present. I am already aware of which NPC is handling the quests to open the Dungeons.

Walking in the counters, I approached a girl wearing the blue and white blouse uniform of Female Headquarters worker and a beret of white and blue is sitting on the counter and currently reading papers and stuff. She has glasses in her eyes and her hair is currently braided on both sides which makes her look like the typical counter nerd girl. This girl is the one handling the dungeon quests, Simona.

"Umm, excuse me," I sat down the chair opposite to the counter and grab her attention by speaking first.

"Oh, someone is here. What can I help you with?" Simona asked.

"I want to look for Simona. I heard she is the one who should I call if I want to ask for passes for the dungeon," I said to make her get to introduce herself.

"Well, you are looking at the one and only Simona of the headquarters. It's true that I am the one you need to find if you want to get a pass to unlock and enter the dungeons. However, we are strict here and we don't allow guys like you to partake in solo ventures unless you are in a team. Where are your party members? I need a total of three guys to tally up and make the pass," Simona quickly mentioned the party members in which I don't have.


"Pardon?" Simona looked at me with a bit shocked looked on her face while adjusting her glasses and leaning a bit to hear what I am saying.

"I said I have no party members. I am planning to go on solo."

When Simona heard that, she was taken aback and did not know what to do. She tapped her finger on the counter before she once again started speaking.

"I can't allow to release a pass on you. This matter is dangerous."

"You didn't even ask which dungeon I am planning to register with pass anyway."

"I don't need to. It's a clear rule and we can't easily disobey it. We don't want precious lives to disappear just because we allowed to give a pass to someone who is not capable or just utterly full of themselves. We want to avoid casualty in the minimum so please, if you want to access the quest of getting the pass, then, please find another set of party members."

"I don't need them and I don't plan to go with party members. I can handle it alone."


"Issue me a quest which allows me to get the pass for the Cave of Purgatory. I can handle myself I will show you."

Simona did not expect me to say those words. Well, I already made a move to hastily trigger the quest because I don't want to waste time anymore. Simona sighed.

"You were a hasty individual you know that? Well, I have no choice. If you want to get the pass even in solo then I will issue this quest to you. Don't blame me if you undergo a troublesome situation alright?" Simona warned before a panel of quest appeared in my interface.

"Proving Strength"

Type: Hidden Quest

Info: Simona gave you a chance to get a pass for a dungeon despite going in solo which should be against the rules of the Headquarters. However, due to your unyielding spirit, she gave up and assigned you to a battle that gives you the right to obtain a pass. Of course, it's not that simple. Obtain the Moss Shell of Moss-Island Turtle, Poison Sac of the Green Spider Queen and Nose Ring from the Berserk Minotaur. Do this in solo and avoid asking help even with NPCs.


Moss Shell obtained: 0/1

Poison Sac obtained: 0/1

Nose Ring obtained: 0/1

Restriction: Must be on Solo. Getting help of any sort would result in Quest Failure. Buying the material would also result in Quest Failure.

Difficulty: Very Hard

Level Requirement: ???

Rewards: ???

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Do you want to accept the quest? This quest cannot be triggered again if you decline or failed on it.


Looks like the rumors in the past were right. You can still get a pass even in solo and the quest for that is one heck of a hard one but with also ridiculous rewards if you really did manage to complete it. Also, the three monster targets are also my targets. These monsters are field Bosses!

Unlike Dungeon Bosses, Field Bosses are one of the hardest to get the chance of killing. It's not because it's hard to kill but due to the rarity of times you can encounter it alive. Most of the time, once a player spotted the boss in the field, the others would also swarm and kill the monster causing it to be a bit rare if you see one.

The quest is very hard too, but since I am still the only person in the Capital, I can get the materials no problem. However, my only enemy this time is time itself. If I want to get the materials without being overtaken from other players who might manage to get in the Capital vicinity, I have to hurry and deal with enemies as soon as possible. I clicked yes and nodded.

"I will be back after gathering the materials," before I walk away.

Simona was left on her counter still a bit stunned on what I am currently going to do.