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29 Blacksmithing

 "Ice Prison!"

As soon as the ice magic encased the Rock Devil, it immediately died and dropped a hook and chain weapon with the last [Melting Coal] that I needed to complete the quest of Almira.

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"Alright. Good work Lina. You can rest now. We managed to collect all of the materials we need. We shall go back to the Capital then," I said to Lina before putting the weapon and the [Melting Coal] into my inventory.

"Congratulations Master. Who would have thought that we would undergo a hellish job like this," Lina said as she picked up the other dropped items from the other Rock Devils that didn't drop the [Melting Coal].

"Yeah, the drop rate of the [Melting Coal] is unbelievably low. If I knew it, we would have purchased the Dropps Potion that can enhance the drop rate of anything for a fixed amount of time. Still, we don't need to cry over it now since we already got what we come here for," I shrugged it and chuckled.

We walked back to the Capital. While on the way, Lina and I strike a conversation while walking. It was strange though that I was having fun talking with Lina who was an NPC companion and not a real human than the people I teamed up in the past timeline. For me, the NPCs in this game are more human to me than real players.

With the conversation with Lina, we didn't realize that we have already arrived into the gate of the Capital. We only got aware when the voices of the NPCs echoes in the area selling this and that.

"Oh, we have already arrived? Our conversation is getting interesting I did not notice," I said to Lina. Lina also chuckled as she, also did not realized that we have already arrived in the gates.

We pass to the gates and saw the crowded streets full of NPCs. Of course, there are still no players here.

"Let me check your inventory first Lina. If we want to travel further and get stronger in the process, we need money. I will task you to sell the weapons and materials left on your inventory to the shops. Don't worry too much and sell them alright?"

"I understand Master," and she waited for me to finish what I am doing. There are some good weapons with decent stats so those weapons are being put inside my bag and the other weapons are all left to the inventory.

There are also material drops available and many of them are useful later on in the game once I managed to get the necessary recipes and the corresponding EX jobs. Of course, not all of them are useful so those items that can be useful, I took them with me while the others are all left in the inventory. After that, I handed back the inventory to Lina again.

"Alright, sell them then and go to the Blacksmith shop later alright?" I ordered Lina.

"As you command Master." Lina bowed down and headed to the nearest market and disappeared into the crowd.

Since Lina is currently on an errand by me, I headed to the Blacksmith shop alone. I know Almira would be pissed off because we took a lot of time to take all of the materials she need. I am just hoping that she wouldn't be enraged by my tardiness.

When I opened the door and saw Almira currently sipping tea in her table, I almost step back a bit. I knew Almira's temper and she is not someone easy to please and I hope she is not mad at me.

"You took your damn time, kid. Although I am a patient person, you shouldn't bother being so tardy in my presence because I don't like frequent tardiness. I prefer to be early so I hope you would also do that, got it? I will let your deed slide for now but the next time, I won't be merciful anymore. Got it boy? Good, now hand those [Melting Coals] I need over or you won't get the reward and the armor you had made me work with."

I shivered hearing her warning. Although I am a man, and had faced countless of monsters, Almira's rage is something else that I can't retaliate with. If she is someone to mess with, you won't be able to see the next sunrise again.

"I am sorry! It won't happen again!" I said and put out from my inventory all of the [Melting Coals] that I got.

"Mmm, you did a good job. Now where is your follower? This reward is not for you and is more fitted to your follower since she is a battle maid. You on the other hand is a man so I can't imagine you wearing a maid outfit, its a bit gross. The money can be given but the outfit would wait until she arrive," Almira said to me.

As soon as she finished saying that, Lina arrived in a very timely manner.

"Master I am back. We managed to earn 121 copper and 20 silver from all of the items that I sold,"Lina said before her focus shifted to Almira. Almira grinned and nodded.

"Mmm, this girl is quite early unlike her master. As soon as I was looking at you, you arrived immediately unlike your master who was just taking his precious time," Almira said as she clicked her tongue and shook her head. Of course, Lina had no idea what is going on with her.

"Master? What is going on?" Lina asked me with confusion.

"Umm, follow Almira first. Take the reward from the quest..."

Lina tilted her head before she nodded. Almira and Lina walked towards the changing room. I know that they will be taking a bit of time so I decided to look around the place. Although I have already done many things in this shop in the past timeline, I made a new one here again. I checked most of her weapons displayed in the weapon racks. These weapons are remarkable so I was not shocked to see most of the weapons existing in the racks are most Very Rare Tier weapons while only a few weapons are on the Rare Tier weapons. I did not even see which place has the Normal Tiered once. Most of them are higher tiered weapons.

I was browsing a bit more when I stumble into a book in the study table of Almira. I was sure there is no book in this table in the past so how come there is one here now? I swiped my hands into the book. I was surprised instead when I saw that an interface appeared on my vision and the book's effect.

[Beginner Guide to Blacksmithing Vol. 1]

Type: ExJob Book

Usage: When the user reads the book, the EX Job "Blacksmith" will be unlocked and you can start learning recipes about Blacksmithing.

Info: A book written by a very strong Blacksmith who sadly died after long age in the past. His techniques are a bit different but easy to follow. Anyone who practices the art of Blacksmithing will earn a bit of mastery when read.

Notes: Is this book still interesting?