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28 Guild Token

 Its been 2 hours since me and Lina started hunting for [Melting Coal] but we only managed to collect 10 of them. We reached the point where we end up killing all of the Rock Devils in the surrounding and we lack targets to kill anymore.

"I am so tired..." Lina lazily sat down into a tree stump as she rested.

"You are not the only one, these [Melting Coals] are proven to be too hard to collect..." I lean into a tree and sighed.

This is the first time I got this quest and [Melting Coals] are indeed the drops of Rock Devils but for the heck, I never expected the drop rate of the [Melting Coals] are very low because I saw [Melting Coals] as useless materials so the usual type for me is to sell them straight to the blacksmiths. If I had known that the drop rate is way too low, I wouldn't bother collecting the amount.

I watched as I waited for the monsters to spawn again.

"Master! I think I got something!" Lina said to me as she is checking her inventory.

Players and Followers do not share inventory and they will act as your personal stash carrier since they have a lot of bag spaces than players. Inventory is always shared by the followers to the players and if they have to earn money, they can ask their master if the items in the inventory are something you want to sell. Of course, you can choose which of them are going to be sold in the market and those items you can keep. Its all in your doing. But it was a bit strange for Lina to call out for me when she found something. Usually, she will respond like this to me in the past timeline whenever we found something interesting.

I moved towards Lina and looked for what she is saying that she got. What she just got made me open my mouth with wide eyes. Holy sh*t! Is this a true item I am seeing? From what I can remember, the first of this kind was sold for 10,000 gold! Doesn't that mean it was a bit amount of money if I can sell this?

"Master, do you recognize what this is?" Lina asked.

"Yeah, of course! I can't believe we are the first people to get our hands on this item!" I said and checked its description to make sure it was the real deal.

[Guild Token]

Usage: Once

Effect: Creates a Guild. You need to register to the HQ first to establish your guild.

Info: A token randomly received from monsters. It was said to be an item that are said to be one of the best blessings the gods had given to man though we are unsure if that is the truth due to the fact that an appearance of this one would cause trouble wherever you go.

Note: This is made of real gold, I tell you!

System Note: This is the first Guild Token received in the game in the whole world. Using it will cause an activation to the creation of a guild. The first guild token will always be the first and cannot be replaced by any kind of Guild Token.

Price: ????

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This is one of the highly demanded item in the game. The Guild Token can be dropped randomly by monsters with only 1% chance of dropping from monsters which is very low. Once players appeared here, I would be really happy to sell this item. At least, I can earn money easily.

"Are we going to use it Master?" Lina asked.

"No, we are selling it later, let me hold on it at the moment. Besides, making a guild is not a priority of mine. It was not even included in my plans. So we will use this item to gain lots of gold later on. Are you okay with that Lina?" I asked.

"Oh, of course. I don't exactly mind at all!" Lina nodded.

I transferred the Guild Token into my inventory.

"Actually Master, that was not the only one of the guild tokens I got at the moment. There are three more guild tokens I noticed earlier in my inventory. Do you want to take them too?" Lina asked innocently.

I was taken aback by what she just said. WHAT DID SHE JUST SAY?!



The guild tokens were really not just amounting to one but four all in all! Who would have thought that I would be the first person to managed and get too many Guild Tokens in luck despite the fact that I have no intention in making a guild. Well, its not a problem because I can get rich for it. The reason I don't want to get into a guild is the fact that I had no intention on making one and second is that making one costs lots of resources and sharing materials and equipments for the guild is a hassle. What is worse, I really hate the fact that spies from other guilds infiltrate your guild just to make a sabotage in your guild which is troublesome for me. I would rather go solo than deal with that problems.

The only thing that I was confused is the fact that four consecutive guild tokens appeared so early. Just how did that happen anyway?

"Master! The Rock Devils had spawned already!" Lina said to me.

I nodded and pull out my sword that I immediately changed into a Hook and Chain. I am hunting for [Melting Coals] but all I got are a lot of Guild Tokens. I am not complaining though because a single one can be sold in the auction for many yen or gold if used properly. I wonder if there are more of those tokens here being dropped. I would be real happy to sell it for a hefty sum rather than using it. At least, money will be a secure one now.

The Rock Devils growled as their body is glowing red.

"Hey, bastards! Ready to rumble again?" I swung around my Hook and Chain around, ready to attack.

The Rock Devils did not really understand my taunt but in just that taunt, they mindlessly charge towards me.

"Lina! Sync with my movements! If I attack, go make a follow up! Got it?"

"Yes Master!"

"Alright! Turn them into coal and burn them to the furnace!"