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27 Blacksmith Almira

 Almira's action and words caused us to fall back out from her. She seemed to be in a foul mood after drinking several bottles of potions. Well, I would also be mad if someone else would let me drink the mana potion that taste like sh*t without my permission. But it was the quest so what can I do?

"Who the heck allowed to drink me this sh*tty liquid?! Gaah! I don't like the aftertaste!" Almira clutches her neck as she tried to vomit out the potion.


Lina and I were too speechless seeing her react like this. I can say her reaction is normal but it was just something that exceeded a bit.

Lina turned her face towards us two and glared at me who is currently holding the bottle of small health potion. Her wrath were instead faced towards me.

"I... I can explain!"


After a few seconds...I was left beaten black and blue with an HP of 1 in the bar. Lina whipped out a Health Potion to help me recover my health. The events were too fast that I can't even see what she did to me. All I remember is that she whipped out a hammer for forging and within the small timespan, I was beaten immediately that my HP almost fell to zero. She was "considerate" enough to leave a single HP in my health bar. I was too weak and hurt to move and if not for Lina, I would be a goner.

The potion that Lina has given me is small that is why it only replenished a small amount. However, that was enough for me to move properly. I healed myself using [Heal] before looking at Almira who is already calm and collected. But I can still sense the anger on her face.

"What are you still doing here?! Get out of here or I will beat you up again!" Almira pointed me the hammer she was holding.

I unconsciously made a step back but I did not continue doing so and stood still at her.

"I am sorry for letting you drink the foul tasting recovery potions without your knowledge but I did it so for the sake of you waking up. We found you unconscious at that time and we had no idea what to do except to let you drink potions. You still did not get any signs of waking up after drinking a few so I decided to give you more which allowed you to recover... and beat me up..." I explained but shook a bit on the latter part.

Almira was taken aback from my revelation and she retracted her hand that holds the hammer and sighed.

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"Ah, that must be me due to exhaustion. Well, you had my gratitude but I was still in a bad mood due to the taste of the potions you let me drink. Anyway, what brings you here? And how the heck did you know that this place is a blacksmith shop? As I can see, the front of the shop is missing of the signboard and I don't have any shelves of weapons to display most of them," Almira looked at me and Lina as she seemed to be trying to look at us with interest.

"I heard from one of the customers I made a quest with to recommend me in this place. He said that the place looked like the same villager buildings in the Capital, with only the exception of the flame carved on the upper part of the doorway," I explained to her though the person I got the quest who told me about Almira is clearly a lie because I already knew it in the past.

"Oh, a past customer might be the one who allowed you to go here. Anyways, thank you for doing so. In exchange, I will allow you to request me a single thing to forge or repair at the moment though this is just a single time. Next time, you need to pay," Almira said. As soon as she said that, the completion panel appeared in my view.

[Collapsed Blacksmith] quest completed!

Reward: Free One time service by Almira the Blacksmith.

I was surprised and happy at the same time. I prepared to waste my gold for Almira's service this time but I think to think I would get to ask Almira for a free service like this! I didn't hesitate and pull out in my inventory the [Rock Armor] out and handed it to Almira.

"In that case, can you help with me equip this armor without the penalty of minus agility?"

Almira's eyes glowed seeing the armor.

"Wow, a rare tier! And it is around an ancient age! This would help me in my art! Alright kid, you got me there, I would help you with that but in that case, I want you to hunt Rock Devils and gather 30 pieces of [Melting Coal] from them so that I can melt the armor a bit and refurnished the look of this armor. I will also reward you on that so don't worry about it."

[Melting Coal]

Type: Normal Quest

Info: The blacksmith Almira agreed to your request but you need to gather 30 pieces of Melting Coal that can be harvested from the Rock Devils on the vicinity of the Capital.


Melting Coal Collected: 0/30

Difficulty: Normal

Reward: Battle Maid Armor II

100 copper and 1000 Exp

Battle Maid Armor? Isn't this the armor that Lina is currently wearing? I was about to ask for an upgrade of the armor in a different service but who would have thought that by just entering a quest like this, I would get to have Lina get her armor upgraded and gain a small amount of money and Exp at the same time!

"If you managed to collect those things, I would be glad to upgrade your Battle Maid's armor for free too. What do you say? Wanna do it?" Almira asked.

I nodded and accepted the quest for her. Almira grinned and move towards the forging room.

"Now go and collect it before I change my mind, boy!" Almira said and disappears in the darkness of the room.