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26 The Blacksmith Has Fallen

 We wandered around the Capital. Apparently, this is the first time Lina visited this place. Although I have memorized all of the passages, quests that can be received and all hidden items in this area, I decided to take LIna around while moving to the Blacksmith that I know in the past. Lina was pretty grateful to me and her loyalty grew in a small amount which I was satisfied.

There are some things that seemed new to me but I think it was due to the fact that players had never touched this place yet and changes are still not present. And if those things that I noticed disappeared, then that means that the players had already hold on to the changes in the capital.

Lina was curious and points here and there on stores and other things, which is fun in pretty ways despite the very fact that I am accompanying an NPC in the game. However, despite that very fact, I ignored it and enjoyed it every second. I did not have the luxury to let Lina enjoy this much in my past life so at least in this lifetime, Lina can enjoy the world she was born in and take an adventure with me.

The Capital is huge but with having a fun and nice stroll on the streets, we did not realize that we are nearing our very destination of the blacksmith store itself. We stopped in front of the broken signage of a blacksmith shop. Many players disregard this place because of the fact that this place is similar to abandoned buildings in the game where not a single soul is present and you can only see garbage. The only thing is that this place is not that place because it is actually a shop of one of the best blacksmiths in the game, which can be on par with the other imperial blacksmiths and has the very chance to become one of the legendary blacksmiths given that she is given a good material and her laziness do not hit off easily.

"Is this the place you are talking about?" Lina asked. Looks like she noticed that it looks abandoned.

"Yeah, I heard that a blacksmith lives here, so lets try our luck here," I said to her.

"But it looks like it was abandoned..." Lina said and frowned.

I just smiled at her and knocked the door three times. To avoid angering any NPCs, you need to knock the door three times. And if they did not respond, you are free to go inside. That is the basic rule in this place. Offending the NPCs is not a good thing if you want to last for a few days in the capital before you offend more NPCs in the game.




"Umm, I think there isn't anyone here," Lina said to me.

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"Then lets get inside the door then," I said to her and pushed it open. Lina hesitated but she eventually followed me inside.

What made me surprised is that someone has fallen into the ground, face first without any case of moving at all.

'Master! Someone has collapsed!" Lina pointed immediately to the girl that I noticed.

I approached the woman and noticed that this girl has a red hair and she smells like coal. I did not notice the hair color of her hair because its dark but when I managed to see it clearly, it was actually the blacksmith that I was looking for and I can't be wrong with it because her appearance in the past timeline and her appearance today is very similar. The only thing is that I have not triggered this quest before. Before I can react though, a quest panel appeared to my interface.

[Collapsed Blacksmith]

Type: Hidden Quest

Info: After entering a seemingly abandoned place turned out to be a blacksmith shop and you find the very blacksmith of the shop collapsed in her store. Cure her by letting her drink 5 mana potions and 5 health potions.


Small Mana Potions: 0/5

Small Health Potions: 0/5

Difficulty: Very Easy

Recommended Levels: None

Rewards: ???

Woah, what timing. 5 small mana and health potions? What a coincidence! I still have them in my inventory! With a quick flick of my hand, a health potion appeared in my hand.

"Lina, get a cold and wet towel to wipe off into her forehead. She seems to be overheating," I ordered.

"Okay!" Lina did not hesitate and moved somewhere. Meanwhile, I moved the girl to face me rather than facing the floor. And I was not wrong indeed, the person that collapsed is indeed the blacksmith I was looking for, Almira. From the looks of it, she collapsed due to over exhaustion.

Lina returned carrying a basin of cold water and a wet towel soaked on the water. I opened the Small Health Potion's cap and tilted Almira's head up and supported her to drink the potion. Her lips were dry which seems like she had been like this for many hours or days if worse.

"Pass me the towel," I said to Lina in which she immediately did and passed me a wet and very cold towel.

With the towel, I wiped her sweat and her forehead. To cool her down to her normal temperature, that should be done. After a few wipe, I flicked my hands and a small mana potion bottle appeared on my hands. Just like the health potion, I opened the cap but I shake it a bit. Unlike the sweet taste of the Health Potion, Mana Potion tastes horrible. Many players prefer to turn off their taste function during potion drinking because of the fact that it really is a very bad taste that anyone will be having a hard time doing again.

However, since I am letting an NPC drink potion, to avoid the problem of bad aftertaste, I decided to use the Mana and Health Potion blend. To avoid the bad taste of the Mana Potion, first is to drink a health potion of any size. After that, drink a mana potion which is shaken a bit. Usually, this is done easily with those two but with the fact that I am dealing with 5 potions of each kind, I had to do it.

After letting the potion down on her throat, I flicked my fingers again and access another one of the Mana Potion and downed her with it. Lina shivered seeing me down the unconscious Almira with the sh*t tasting Mana Potion. From her expression, she had indeed drank a bottle of this in the past and from her expression, I think that she has no good memory on it. Not that I can blame her about it.

I can see a reaction already in Almira's face but that is actually not enough. I flicked my hands and access the Health Potion again. Letting her drink all mana potions in one go would really leave a very bad after taste in her mouth which I want to avoid at all cost. I let her down the whole bottle in her mouth before I wiped her with the wet towel again. Her temperature is returning back to normal but she hasn't regained her consciousness.

I flicked my hand again and this time, its another mana potion. I opened it and let her down the bottle's contents again without pausing. Even me disgust a bit on this. Mana Potions taste so bad so how the heck did this quest is triggered and I did not even know that Almira was like this. I sighed and pulled out the remaining bottles of Mana Potion and Health potion and downed her all of the Mana Potion in her mouth before I poured all of the other Health potions on her mouth.

When the last potion was consumed by her, she suddenly opened her eyes and she gave out a furious look on her face.

"F*ck, who allowed me to eat sh*t?!"