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25 The Capital

 Lily and the rest managed to arrive safely into the capital with the aid of me who killed most enemies that tried to block our way. I managed to get the car to around 90% durability which is understandable due to the fact that the Gate Guardian earlier had almost wrecked it and if not for my hard work and with Lina's magic, this cart would be no longer intact and the quest will end in failure.

Before we can even enter the very main gate of the capital where the guards are doing the inspection, we can already see the very long line of caravans, carts and people in the gate asking for permission to enter. The cart was the last one in the line so I think it would take some time, still, seeing the amount of people trying to get in the Capital, makes me amazed to the fact that none these caravans are real people but only NPCs. Even though this is a common occurrence for me since I have already seen these sceneries in the past timeline, but it never failed to amaze me.

The inspection did not take too long. Some new people also line up behind us too so we are no longer the last people trying to enter the capital. It didn't take a few minutes before our turn for inspection is already here. The guards checked the inside of the cart and saw that bandits that I tied up earlier. The guard was surprised and I can really see in his face that he heightened his alertness towards us.

"Who are these tied up individuals?" the guard asked Lily.

"They are bandits that we have met while we are on our way to the capital. Our escort were the one who subdued them and since he doesn't want them to die, he refrained on killing them and decided to just bring them into the capital and hand them to the guards," Lily explained.

The guard was still unsure so he asked for backup that seems to be working on the bandit suppression board that posts wanted lists. When the latter arrived and checked the identities of the guys I tied up he grinned and nodded.

"Indeed, these guys are notorious bandits. They became a real pain from the caravans and other traveling merchants since they really loved to ambush and sometimes kill their targets for money. I even heard they kidnap women but I am not too sure about it. Good thing they are finally captured. We will be happy to take them away and let them work into the mines for 50 years," the guard said to Lily.

Then he looked at me and patted my shoulder.

"You have done a great deed kid, come to the barracks later for the reward. Since you have done a good job on capturing them, it would be inappropriate for us to not give a reward on you," the guard smiled and pulled the bandits tied up. I can see in the bandits faces the grim look on their faces and a few of them already lost their color and they are now pale.

After that small ruckus, we are allowed to enter the Capital at long last. As soon as my feet step beyond the gate, a notification appeared on my interface.

-Player Bladeheart have discovered Kingdom of Resurgia, The Capital.

[Announcement: You are the first player in the whole world to enter the Capital at the moment. Would you like to announce your achievement? Your deeds will be posted into the Hall of Fame.]


I pushed the decline button on my interface.

[Warning: If you decline, the Announcement would not occur and the Hall of Fame spot for your name will be void and null. Are you sure you want to proceed?]


I didn't hesitate and pushed the Yes button.

[Congratulations to you for becoming the First Player to enter the Capital. From here on out, the official game is going to start and many of the systems that are unavailable in the Beginner town will now be available. For your efforts, you are awarded 10 AP. Since you have not decided to announce your mighty arrival into the world, a unique title is unlocked!]

Eh? I was surprised! I did not expect to earn a title just by rejecting the announcement from occurring. It was certainly a surprise and since I did not earn this in the past, I didn't expect anything out on it.

[Famous Incognito]

Type: Unique Title

Effect: Your stats and other details that can be seen by other players would be hidden whenever a player tried to check your stats without your permission. Can be stacked with other title effects and the effects will remain even if the title is not equipped.

Note: You are insanely infamous! How did you do that?

I was surprised. A title to hide the information? Looks like I managed to snag a very handy title. Players will always managed to get some sort of artifact or item that allows them to check the info and stats of the user. Most of the time, they are in the possession of player killers that is why, having this title really saved my *ss this time. I would have nothing to worry about players trying to check my stats.

After entering the capital, Lily got off the cart and smiled as she approached me.

"You did a good job from protecting us! Although there was a snag earlier but it didn't really have much things done though so its alright. I have managed to get a good escort like you. If you are not our escort, maybe we are already a goner right now," Lily said.

"Ahahaha, its nothing really. I am even sure that there are other individuals who are stronger than me so I am quite flattered by your praise," I said to her.

"No, no, you did a good job so don't degrade yourself. Anyway, here is your reward. Although its only a small amount of money, I will throw in something else for your hard work."

Lily moved back to her cart and it seems she had already got her children to take out the necessary items that they will be rewarding me. She returned while carrying a piece of clothing and a sack of coins. The piece of clothing seems familiar but I don't see much of it yet so I am not sure.

"Here is your reward, boy. You earned it so don't be shy and take it!" Lily hands me the coins and the cloth.

-50 gold coins received.

-50 silver coins received.

-50 bronze coins received.

-Cape of Hiding received.

I tilted my head. No wonder this piece of clothing is familiar. It was because I have seen this item before. But I never owned it so I have no idea what is the stats of this item and at that time that I have seen this, it was being sold in an auction so I don't have any idea what are the effects and why it is called the cape of hiding.

[Cape of Hiding]

Type: Cape Equipment

Rarity: Very Rare

Equippable at: Level 15

Equippable by: All Classes


AGI: 10

INT: 10

Special: [Blessed in the Dark] - the wearer will gain +100 dark attribute to all of its attacks during Night Time. Can also make the user invisible as long as the user is stands still for 30 seconds on a dark area. The effect will be cancelled if the user steps into an illuminated area or if the user attacks or detected.

Info: A cape created by a talented craftsman that is created from the best materials that came from monsters who are the master of hiding. Blends you good in the dark.

Note: We work in the dark to serve the light, you get my gist of it right?

Durability: 1000/1000

Wow, no wonder it was sold in an expensive price in the past. This item is very useful to me! Who would have thought I would easily gain this item without difficulty? I bowed down at Lily and equipped the cape. It even comes with a hoodie and since it is not an armor type, it doesn't conflict on my current clothing right now.

"Thank you very much. I will take care of this gift."

"Hahaha, so polite. Don't mention it. Anyway, we will get going. Since Lina will be coming with you on your journey then I would be going without her. Take care of her though, young man! She tends to be clumsy but she is a good kid," Lily grinned while Lina pouted hearing the remark.

"Don't worry. I will help her become a strong warrior that can protect her family in the future."

"Heh, I will be expecting it. Well, see you and visit the tavern sometime if you are free!" Lily said and steered the horses to pull the cart away. The mission accomplished message from the quest appeared after that. I earned 2000 EXP but its currently small so it didn't really move my EXP bar much.

After bidding farewell, we decided to take the money in the barracks. It didn't take us long to get the money. I was able to get 500 gold coins as a reward. My eyes glittered on it, but I can't be greedy. I am not the only one who subdued the bandits anyway so why keep the reward solo? I divided the gold to Lina and Lina was surprised.

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"Master? What is this?" Lina asked.

"It's your share of reward. You helped me subdue the bandits so its okay to give you these," and I handed out the bag of money containing 250 gold.

"But these is a big amount of money! I can't accept it!" Lina insisted.

"Alright, since you insist, lets spend this on your equipment instead. Let's look for a blacksmith this time," I said to her.

Lina did not get to speak since she can't refute my words. I did want to look for a blacksmith since I need to reprocess the Rock Armor to let it be usable to me and not become a burden item. Besides, I have something else I want to get. And I know 'that' Blacksmith will do it.