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24 Battle Maid Lina

 -Gate Guardian successfully killed!

-You have killed a Mini Boss! Awarding 10 AP!

-Got Crumbled Rock x10

-Got Golem Core x1

-Got Black Rock x2

-Got Rock Armor

-Got 500,000 Exp(Got 100,000 Exp for performing Instant Kill!)(Title Effects Activated, 600,000 Exp Received)

-Got 100 Swordsman SP, 100 Magician SP, 50 Ninja SP, 50 Paladin SP, 100 Cleric SP, 150 Magic Knight SP

-Congratulations! You have leveled up...


-Congratulations! You have leveled up from level 20 to 21!

-Got 10 AP (Additional 3 AP due to Title's Effects

-Got 10 SP

My eyes almost bulged out seeing the notifications! From level 10 to level 21! That is a huge leap I tell you that! Gaining that much experience is so big! Well, I killed it in solo and I have an exp double effect so I am not that surprised. But seeing how much AP I have gained caused me to get happy. 191 AP! I can finally raise a few of my stats into a new tier! I also gained 110 Free SP but its a bit small, but nah, I am not complaining. I also got an armor called Rock Armor but I was disappointed on its stats.

[Rock Armor]

Type: Armor Equipment

Rarity: Rare Tier

Equippable at level 15

Equippable by: All classes


END: 25

AGI -100

Info: An armor made by the toughest rocks in the world. It greatly enhances armor but greatly decreases AGI too much that anyone getting this won't dare to equip it.

Note: Try carrying a rock everyday in your body that weighed a few tons and you will also experience that feeling when wearing this.

If I equip this, I would be very slow which wouldn't help me at all. I groaned and just left it in my backpack. Despite the fact that it was the first Rare tier armor I got, its very bad due to it decreasing a stat ability.

I landed safely into the ground by jumping on falling rocks that came from the Gate Guardian and with great reflexes, I came out unharmed. These falling parts of the Gate Guardian can kill you if you are not careful that is why I am making sure that no debris will fall on my head.

After my safe landing, I did not waste time and checked to Lina and Lily on the cart. The cart was visibly shaken but not a single part of the place is broken though so I sighed in relief. Everyone inside the cart are visibly shaken, even the bandits were dizzy. But they are fine however.

"Are you all alright?" I asked them.

"Yeah, we are fine and did not sustain any damages thankfully. But we are shaken on the chase at the moment. We wanted to rest for a while though," Lily said as she rubbed the backs of her children.

Lina approached me and bowed down.

"I am sorry for interrupting the battle you did earlier! I just wanted to help but I never expected I would complicate matters! I apologize for my mistake!" Lina said.

I was taken aback though since I have not experienced an NPC apologize to me. But I am not an unreasonable guy. Since she apologized, I will accept it.

"No worries. Its not too bad and I am not angry about it. But I want you to remember that acting rashly can ruin everyone's plans like earlier, luckily to you, nothing serious happened. But next time, you need to discuss to everyone on your plan to avoid the anger of the others," I said seriously.

Lina did not raise her head yet and still bow herself down but this time, she had given an unexpected offer that I was about to do in the future once I earned a few amount of friendship points to her.

"Please teach me your ways! I will be willing to learn your methods!"

"Ah?" I am surprised. It took me a lot of time before I managed to snap out of it.

"Follow me? But I am not even that good in the fight. What can I possibly teach you though?" I looked at her in confusion. Its still so early and I have not gained any friendship points from her, how come she is now willing to become one of my follower?

"You might be a beginner right now, but I am sure you will become a great warrior one day. I hope you agree to my selfish request. I am willing to undergo intense training to gain favors for you! Please accept me as your disciple!"

As she said that, a panel appeared on my interface.

[Battle Maid Lina begs you to become her master. Accept her as a follower? Note: Her Friendship Points will drop to 0 if you decline." Will you accept her?"]

(Yes/ No)

I sighed but I smiled. This thing had made me satisfied since it saved me a lot of time working on her friendship points to trigger this part. Besides, Lina is one of the best follower I have in the past timeline so why not? I quickly clicked Yes.

-Congratulations! Battle Maid Lina is now your follower!

- As your follower, she will also gain the same amount of EXP your receive even not in battle. She will also benefit on the title effects currently active. Your exp is not divided to her so you can still enjoy the game.

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I nodded and closed the interface. I looked at her and smiled.

"Alright. Since you became my disciple, you will work hard to get better in your ability to fight. But I am not too strict. Just be sure that you can learn much on it."

"Yes master!" Lina smiled.

After that, I escorted them again for a few more while before we finally arrived to the capital. The capital where I can start and do all of the things the game is offering. I welcome myself in the capital.